Niching Clinic Live Workshop Recording



This 80 minute webinar was recorded live in August, 2023. 

In this video you will get an overview of what it takes to niche; the six elements of your niche, the difference between the Artist vs. Entrepreneurial ways of niching, the three criteria of a solid target market, the ‘Perfect Moment’ exercise, and more…

But perhaps more importantly you’ll see me live in action coaching people.

You’ll hear a variety of business and niches as I help them connect the dots and get the clarity they need to be closer to their niche(s).


Why do I price my work in USD? Read about that choice HERE.

Most people don’t really understand niching. That goes for most of my marketing colleagues. People get stuck in their niching process because they don’t even know the mistakes they’re making. For the past decade I’ve been working with hundreds of people like you from around the world in helping them to figure out what their niche is. This webinar is the culmination of those efforts.  

In this 80 minute recording you will learn:

  • My unique definition of niching

  • The Two Biggest Sticking Points in niching.

  • The Three Key Criteria for a profitable niche

  • The Six Elements of Your Niche

  • The difference between the Artist vs. Entrepreneurial ways of niching.

  • The Three Core Elements that come together in creating any lasting niche

  • The Five Levels of An Ideal Client

  • The ‘Perfect Moment‘ Exercise

  • The Journey – Island A & B

  • The difference between being explicit vs. exclusive.

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