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This 90 minute webinar was recorded live in October, 2023.  

Perhaps you’re a Therapist, Financial Advisor, Wedding Planner, Personal Trainer,  Career Coach, Massage Therapist, Body-worker, Herbalist, Shamanic Practitioner, Life-Coach, Meditation Teacher, etc. and you’ve found yourself asking that question.

Or maybe – like many – after years of frustration you secretly say it more like, “How the F#@* do I describe what I do??!!”

In this webinar you will learn the secrets to describing what you do in a way that has people going: “Oh, NOW I get it!”


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Note: This call is of most use to service providers not product makers.

For the past fifteen years, I’ve travelled around North America working with green, conscious, holistic and community-minded entrepreneurs.

And, I’ve discovered that this problem is actually pretty easy to solve.

Surprisingly easy.

Of everything I offer to my clients – this piece is often the one they rave about the most – and one of the pieces I seem to be best at teaching.

One of the most consistent phrases I hear at the workshops is, “Oh! NOW I get what you do!” from one participant to another as they work away in small groups with one another. I hear that again and again, workshop after workshop, almost without fail.

An important note: these folks had already introduced themselves at the beginning of the workshop and everyone nodded as if they got it.

They were being polite.

Most people we speak to are just being polite.

Most people will never tell you that your description of what you do is unclear.

They will smile, nod, get another drink, and leave that evening with no idea of what you do.

They will read your ad – have no idea what it’s about – and turn the page. This is vital to get. Most service providing entrepreneurs have no idea how many potential clients they’re losing because their marketing is “fuzzy.”

Before your marketing can become powerful and irresistible it must become crystal clear.

Because the issue with articulating what we do isn’t really about ‘how” we communicate it. 

It’s 99% about what we’re communicating. 

Most entrepreneurs do not have a clear niche. Most entrepreneurs haven’t really wrestled with this in any meaningful way because it feels easier to avoid.

What you’ll be learning during this call are some artful ways to communicate a clear niche. And, by clear niche, I don’t mean 100% clear. I mean 70% or above.

This call is not a replacement for the deeper, more strategic and soul-searching questions around what your niche is, but this call will give you an understanding of what a clear niche sounds like, help you buff up whatever clarity you do have (and it’s likely more than you think you have) and also help you make progress towards a more solid and sustainable niche by encouraging you to wrestle and experiment with it.

If you’re struggling with your niche, this webinar is a great step on the journey.

To hone the point: The articulation of what we do is not hard. Identifying, discovering or deciding on what we do? That’s the hard part. 

So, this webinar isn’t a solution to the hard part but it will lay out the easy part.

And, knowing the easy part can make the hard part easier to uncover. Having the scaffolding of the words you need to say can show you which words to look for. 

And that is immensely helpful.

It’s good to know what’s missing from the formulation.

In This 90-Minute Webinar, You Will Get:

  • The most common blunders made by holistic practitioners everywhere when trying to articulate what they do.
  • A cookie-cutter, five-step template that 90% of the people I work with are able to use with great success
  • How the core building blocks of how you articulate what you do provide the secrets to finding and attracting new clients (and how you’re utterly lost without them).

    By the end of this webinar, I predict you’ll begin to feel oceans of blessed relief pouring over you as the words come together and you begin to breathe again knowing that, next time you are faced with the question “what do you do?” you will have a clear and compelling answer. The answers you come up with will serve you equally well in person, in a brochure, on your website, or in live talks.
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