Crystal Clear: Five Simple & Proven Ways to Describe What You Do So That People Get it (Even if it Seems Hopeless)



Over the years, I have heard the following sentiment from a good chunk of my clients. “How the f#@* do I articulate what I do?!” Is this you? After you tell someone (who you genuinely think you could help) what you do they often say things like, “wow. that’s really interesting . . . say . . . I’ve got to get some punch . . .” You can tell that, the more you talk about what you do, the more you lose them. When you’re talking with someone you know you could help, you can just tell that they aren’t “getting it.” You have a strong sense that they way you’re describing what you do now (in person or in your marketing materials) isn’t as strong, compelling or clear as it could be.


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But you have no idea how else to do it.

And you have no idea because what you do is genuinely difficult to sum up into a nifty catchphrase (and you’ve likely tried a lot of different ways). It might feel like, “well, I either have to say it in 5 words or 5000 words” but you can’t find the middle ground. And it is so frustrating to try approach after approach in describing what you do only to have it fall short again and again.

To make matters worse . . . You hate the idea of crafting a scripted ‘elevator pitch’ you need to memorize.

If this sounds like you . . . there’s hope!

As you work through this 52 page workbook, I predict you’ll begin to feel oceans of blessed relief pouring over you as the words come together and you begin to breathe again knowing that, next time you are faced with this question – you will have a clear and compelling answer.

The answers you come up with will serve you equally well in person, in a brochure, on your website or in live talks.


In this ebook, you will . . .

  • learn the core hidden reason that most people struggle with describing what they do (you’ll get it immediately)
  • get two cookie cutter tactics to articulating what you do that work for 90% of my clients (even when they’ve felt stuck around this for years)
  • learn three additional attention grabbing approaches to getting people’s interest
  • see where your business fits in the Industry/Fit Quadrant (and therefore the exact approach you need to take)
  • learn the five core ingredients to articulating difficult to describe things (even when they’ve seemed impossible)
  • be struck by the simplicity of 14 real life examples of people using these cookie cutter formulas to describe what they do
  • learn the power of finding your “core metaphor” in your business
  • read 40 crystal clear micro examples of crystal clear niches (and see how much easier a clear niche makes it for you to describe what you do)
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