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  • The Basics Package


    The Basics Package is designed for service providers who are just starting out and don’t have the foggiest idea where to even begin with their marketing (and who, likely, have very mixed feelings about this marketing business.) By the end of working through this material, you’ll have a very clear sense of how you can market in a way that feels good for you and for your ideal clients.

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  • The Clarity Package


    The Clarity Package is designed for service providers who are beginning to realize that nobody really gets what they do and who are starting to understand that “the confused mind says ‘no’.” This is the reality. If people are fuzzy about what you do, they won’t buy from you. Understanding is first base on a baseball diamond. It’s step one in a longer journey. Unless people are clear about what you’re up to, it will be very difficult for them to justify spending money. And, if you’re not clear about what you’re about (what you do, how you do it, and for whom you do it) then it will be almost impossible to craft any meaningful sort of marketing strategy.

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  • The Deep Trust Package


    The Deep Trust Package is designed for service providers who want to know what it takes to build a genuine, deep well of trust with their existing clients. It’s also those who are still “checking them out” at a distance. There are no “tricks” or “stealth tactics” here.

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  • The How to Tour Package


    The How to Tour Package is designed for you if you have a workshop or two that you lead and you want to take on the road. It’s not a bad idea. Unless you live in a big city like London, Toronto, or New York it can be hard to get enough people out to your workshops. You can max out the market quicker than you’d think. Everyone who might go to your workshop has already gone. If you live in a small town, that’s a reality. You might be able to do that workshop once or twice a year but not more. It’s not you. It’s just a population issue.

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  • The Workshops Package


    The Workshops Package is designed for those who are looking at workshops as their major source of revenue for the coming years. One can’t separate the successful marketing of workshops from the thorny questions of niche and point of view. These eBooks will put you in very good stead to make sure your workshops have the focus and clarity needed to draw the right people to them.

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