The POV Lab

30 Days. Five Calls. Twelve People. Significant progress in articulating your unique, compelling and trust-building Point of View

If it doesn’t work for you, I will refund every penny, plus give you $100 out of my own pocket as my way of thanking you for taking the risk and giving this program a try.


WHEN: June 14th – July 12th, 2017

(five, weekly 90-minute calls on Wednesdays June 14th, 21st, 28th, July 5th, and 12th at 1pm MT, local time in Alberta, Canada)

COST: $400 USD (with monthly payment plan available)


I’m excited to announce The Point of View Lab (aka POV Lab).
This is a thirty-day program designed for those drawn to articulating their POV more deeply and those who want a space to get candid feedback from myself and peers who are already steeped in some more articulated understanding of what point of view marketing is about.
It’s thirty days to work intensively with your point of view.
It will help you:

  • make more progress in honing and articulating your POV in thirty days than you might have in a year
  • better integrate your POV into your website writing (home page text, about page, program or sales pages etc)
  • get candid feedback from you and other participants about how clearly you’re communicating your POV

This POV Lab is an accelerator.
There are only twelve spots in total.
There are five weekly calls.
It’s $400 (and a monthly payment plan is available – see below).
I hope you’ll consider joining.



“I am so on fire now about my new creations.”

“I enjoyed this course so much.  I think one of Tad’s greatest gifts is to help tease out people’s brilliance by encouraging them to put their genius into clear words and concepts that make sense.  The container that Tad creates in the POV lab is a cauldron of creativity that will pay dividends in the clarity that results.  The community was awesome. The course structure provides a lovely flow. And the coaching is brilliant.
Articulating your POV is really an excavation of the self. The journey of finding clarity was vulnerable and exciting . . . and the result is that my business is now more aligned, more ME then ever before.
After almost 2 years of living like a monk and diving deeply inwards, I had a lot to share, but nothing concrete to show for it. I couldn’t describe clearly what it is that I do, what I’d learned and how it could benefit a client. By doing the work of clarifying my POV I have been able to create new offerings that I love, a more coherent website and well-articulated blogs, articles that draw people into my world.
Even better, I am so on fire now about my new creations. I would never have come up with this powerful new course-content and perspective without having that constant pressing presence inquiring and guiding me to go further, further, further into clarity. Tad is persistent, unwavering, kind and brilliant. What a blessing. I highly recommend the POV lab.” – Karen McMullen, karenamcmullen.com



it is our point of view that people will resonate with, not our product or fancy copy.”

“We hired Tad for a day of coaching to help us dial in our unique Point of View for our work at the Great eCourse Adventure. The amount of clarity that came from that session is still rippling through our business. As creators and entrepreneurs, it is our point of view that people will resonate with, not our product or fancy copy. So if you’re waffling in uncertainty around your POV, then definitely follow Tad’s guidance. The process makes it super easy, creative and fun to flush out what it is you believe and stand for, and why that matters. With that being communicated at the forefront of your business, the right people will resonate and be excited to work with you.” – Brad Morris and Andy Freist, thegreatecourseadventure.com


This could be a perfect fit if you:

  • are a spiritually and politically progressive service providers (e.g. holistic practitioners, life coaches and permaculture folks). This has application to those who make physical goods and retail but the program isn’t tailored that way.
  • resonate with this whole point of view business and are curious and committed to honing yours.
  • have got the time. You’re able to spend about two hours reading the Point of View ebook, 90-minutes each week on the calls plus, at least, two hours per week on top of that to do homework.
  • are on Facebook (this is where all of the conversations and activities will be happening).
  • have a strong sense of who it is you’re trying to reach, then this program is a very natural and necessary next step. If you already have a strong sense of who is on Island A (a concept articulated in my POV book and program) – what they’re struggling with and what they’re craving, then having a clear map, a reliable compass and a carefully plotted routed is the inevitable next phase of your process.
  • don’t have a sense of who it is you’re trying to reach, then honing your point of view can be a surprisingly effective back door into that. As you hone your point of view and start speaking it out loud, you may find that certain people start to resonate with it and move towards you. And those people are, very likely, your ideal clients. This is a longer road to profit than if you already know who you’re trying to reach but it will still get you there.
  • have a clear sense of the core issues with which you’re trying to help people.
  • have read my book The Niching Nest (as the concept of point of view is nested inside of the process of defining your niche).
  • IMPORTANT: are ready and willing to do read the Point of View Marketing eBook before the program begins and watch a 70-minute video on the subject. This is crucial.


NatalieKent“Hands down the best body of work on marketing I have ever read or been taught.”

“Absolutely brilliant. Hands down the best body of work on marketing I have ever read or been taught. I truly believe Tad’s point of view model can create ease and effectiveness of marketing for small to big business because it’s deeply rooted in establishing a genuine, rock solid need for products and services, before even entertaining the thought of marketing them. To take it a step further… Imagine an economy that was based on the servicing of genuine needs? I believe we’d be left with offerings of true integrity, abolishing superfluous products and unnecessary transactions altogether. I’m excited by the prospect and I’m now exploring point of view in all aspects of my business from product creation to copyrighting to marketing strategy.” – Natalie Kent, sacredbusiness.com.au



“This work guided me to find my true voice”

“The real value in discovering my POV was to really learn who I am on a deeper level. I had created a persona that I thought my clients were looking to find, but it wasn’t me. This work guided me to find my true voice and stop trying to be a pleaser.” – Lisa Akers, lisaakers.com


This is likely not a fit for you if you:

  • if you’re stuck in the idea that people should trust you “just because,” this is not for you.
  • if you’re committed to the idea that what you do is too ephemeral and intuitive to really every map out or tie down.
  • you’re going to miss a lot of classes. The vast majority of the feedback happens right before, during and after the calls. These calls are not focused on presenting content. They are work meetings. I’ll be asking your to read and comment on other people’s work and giving you direct feedback myself. If you are wanting more focused direct feedback on your POV and making all the calls feels challenging I would recommend getting my Point of View Marketing eBook and workbook and signing up for either a Puttering Session or a GoogleDoc Session.

Four Reasons to Sign Up:
Reason #1 – Weekly Q&A Calls: Weekly calls will go from 11am-12:30pm MT (local time in Alberta, Canada) on Wednesdays June 14th, 21st, 28th, July 5th, and 12th ***Make sure you double check the time zone to make sure you’re able to make the calls***
The calls will be recorded. 
Reason #2 – Private Facebook Group: Our work will be shared and reviewed in a private Facebook group where you will have a chance to post your work to be reviewed by myself and your cohort and to have a chance to be inspired by the work of others. 
Reason #3 – Incredibly Affordable: At $400, this program is remarkably affordable. I am charging so little for this first time because I need testimonials, case-studies and candid feedback to make it better. Again, you can also pay $100/month for four months.
Reason #4 – Not Sure When I’ll Do It Again: My year is filling up and I’m not sure when I will have the space to run this program again. 
Cost: $400 (scroll down for payment options)



“his approach is a win-win for all”

“What I appreciate most about Tad’s workshops is his level of integrity and accountability in all of his business practices. I came away with a solid understanding that my POV drives my business and naturally attracts the right participants to my events. I walked away with a well crafted compass – set of principles – for my business. A few core statements that will act as anchors for my business practice  and  help shape decisions around content, business models, branding moving forward. The time we fleshed out a concise ‘Route’ from Island A to Island B was also invaluable. I always appreciate Tad’s POV on tricky business subjects and trust that his approach is a win win for all.” – Marci Churchill, marcichurchill.com


“just from an hour and a half call I feel closer than I have in years to understanding what I have to offer, and how to have others understand it”

“I was having a really hard time with my niche statement for one aspect of my business. Tad pointed out it may be a point of view thang . . . and just from an hour and a half call I feel closer than I have in years to understanding what I have to offer, and how to have others understand it. An unfolding . . . ” – Natalie Forrest


My Better-Than-Risk-Free Guarantee to You:
I get that there are a lot of programs out there. I get that this is an investment of time and money for you.
So here’s my promise to you: You will make at least $100 of profit from participating in this course.
Well, my hope is that by the end of the program you’ll sit back and look a your newly articulated point of view and be impressed with the progress you’ve made. If you do your part, if you attend all five calls and do your homework and you don’t feel that the program was, at the very least, worth the money you paid and the time you invested, I will refund not only what you paid but also $100 out of my own pocket.
And, on the sad occasion that I fail you in this and you don’t feel that the program was, at the very least, worth the money you paid and time you invested, I will refund not only what you paid but also $100 out of my own pocket. Of course, this is a good faith gesture that assumes you have done your part by attending all five calls and doing your homework.
If you don’t complete the program because it’s not for you, I will refund your money in full with no questions asked, no funny business and no hard feelings.



“I highly recommend this program”

“This was a highly valuable ‘point of view’ workshop filled with so many golden nuggets that I will continue to unpack in the days to come! Tad has put in SO much time, energy and focus on understanding marketing from the mainstream approach to the dynamic, evolutionary edge. I really benefited from his rich perspective and encouragement to dig deeper and gather the rich resources I already have within me and my businesses. I highly recommend this program if you want to learn how to articulate why you do what you do in the way you do it and share THAT with your ideal clients in a way that feels authentic and good.” – Christy Greenwood, christygreenwood.ca


catering crew_0

“I can see that I can be completely transparent and open, true to myself and get results.”

“I feel so much clearer about how to articulate my services and my approach. I remember that in past workshops you had mentioned that marketing did not have to be a ‘slimy’ experience, but I don’t think that had completely landed with me. Now, with this POV approach, I can see that I can be completely transparent and open, true to myself and get results. That it is even preferable to approach it that way. That is GOLD to me. I have always hated the idea and the reality of having to do marketing as part of my business ventures!” – Martine Paul, martinepaulin.ca


Why do I feel confident in offering this?
I’ve run all of my day-long and weekend workshops on a pay what you can basis for over a decade where the onus was 100% on me to deliver value if I wanted to get paid. I’ve offered this guarantee on many of my virtual programs. So, this isn’t a new idea for me.
You can sign up here:
p.s. Remember, there are only 12 spaces for the first run of this program and I’m not sure when I’ll be running it again.


Brian Glastonbury 500p x 500p

“he helps you to weave it altogether so that it makes total sense”

“Sometimes, one of the tricky things with marketing is how to weave everything together into a coherent whole, so that everything is aligned, and not only makes sense in our Customer’s head, but also appeals and feels right to their heart. As well as being one of the best marketing guys I have ever discovered, very knowledgeable, supportive and approachable . . . Tad Hargrave is super brilliant at showing you how to navigate both the mind and heart, to ensure that that they both join together at the end of your marketing process. The map, the route, the process, the principles, the metaphor, the vision . . . he helps you to weave it altogether so that it makes total sense . . . and the end result, your business shifts into a totally different space and focus.”  – Brian Parsons



“Working with Tad was a wonderful experience!”

The POV lab helped me consider and articulate what I do in ways I never would have done otherwise, and am so glad I did! Having a clear POV has made it much easier to communicate my message and create content. I see now how I was struggling before I put the time and energy into exploring it. Getting in touch with my unique point of view has led to feeling more grounded and confident in my work, and in love with my business.” – Emily Samat


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