The Point of View 30 Day Challenge

“Make more progress in honing your unique, compelling and deep trust-building Point of View in 30-Days than most do in 30 years.”

And, if it doesn’t work for you, I will refund every penny, plus give you $100 out of my own pocket as my way of thanking you for taking the risk and trying.


WHEN: May 17th – June 14th

(five, weekly, 90-minute calls every Tuesday at 1pm MT – May 17th, 24th, 31st, June 7th & 14th)

COST: $200

Why do you do your work they way you do it?

And, if you’ve been itching to change it up, why?

Underneath everything you do and don’t do in your business is a reason and that reason is your point of view.

Few understand this and, frankly, almost everyone dramatically underestimates it.

How did I stumble across this?

It happened years ago at a workshop.

I was teaching the class about the notion of the journey from Island A to Island B. It’s core metaphor that I’ve used for years ever since hearing it from the good Bill Baren. 

“Imagine,” I said to them. “That your ideal clients are on Island A where they are struggling with some problem or symptoms they don’t like. They want to get to Island B where there is a result they are craving. Your business is like a boat that can get them from one island to the other.”

The point of the metaphor was, “Don’t just talk about your boat. Talk about the journey you are taking people on.”

But, as I stood there looking at the drawing I made, it occurred to me that something important was missing. What this metaphor didn’t account for was everything that was under the water: the rocks, the reefs, the tides. It also didn’t account for pirates, sea monsters and time of year.

It struck me that, as captains of our boats, it’s our job to know about those things and to have some kind of opinion about and strategy for how to deal with them. Those things need to be accounted for in the way we go about the journey.

Around that same time, I read a brilliant book by Lois Kelly called Beyond Buzz where she went in-depth into something I’d never heard anyone else speaking of in the world of marketing: point of view.

If you’ve been following my work for any amount of time, then you’ve heard me talk about this.

In my estimation, Point of View is the missing piece in most modern marketing. It’s underestimated, undiscussed, ignored and yet, incredibly powerful.

When I say “point of view,” I mean: your perspective, philosophy, take on thing, approach, cosmology, system, world-view, core principles, voice, values, map, compass, and route.

Your niche is central to relevance, whereas your point of view is absolutely central to trust and credibility.

Aside from niche, point of view is the missing element in 90% of the businesses I come across. 

I’ve been talking and thinking about this for a long time but only recently have I taken the time to really laser in on my exact thoughts about it.

The result of that thinking is this 30-Day Point of View Challenge.

Here are the basics: you will participate in five, 90-minute calls over 30 days. During each call, you will be guided and supported, through hands-on exercises, to articulate and hone your unique point of view. 

Let’s step back to the metaphor or the two islands: Your point of view the map you use to get from one island to the other. It’s the compass you use. It’s the route you plot.

These three things: map, compass, route.

Why Does Point of View Matter?

Think of best sellers like The Four Agreements, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People or Loving What Is.

What do they all have in common? A clear point of view.

Think of enduring perspectives on health and healing like the medicine wheel, the Chinese meridian system and five elements or the chakra system.

What do they all have in common? A clear point of view.

Think of the work you do and what got you into it. My guess is that it was a clear perspective you resonated with that made sense of your world and your struggles. 

What Will a Clear Point of View Do For You? It Will…

  • make your marketing more potent so that you’re able to attract your ideal clients and actively repel people who aren’t a good fit for you. A clear point of view doesn’t guarantee you’ll be loved. It just makes strong feeling more likely and strong feelings are your friend.
  • enable you to feel more confident in your business
  • enable your clients to feel much clearer about the possibilities and limitations of achieving their goals (and if it seems more possible they are more likely to spend more money)
  • help you craft better offers for your clients (offers that have a coherence inside themselves and with your other offers so everything fits together). Your offers will be more solid and less free-styling (winging it with no system or thought-out approach is a major reason people end up feeling like a fraud).
  • be the basis for every piece of content you will ever create. Again, this brings a cohesion and integrity to your content. It no longer seems sporadic and all over the place. It all fits together. This means people will trust you more. This means it’s easier for them to talk about you and what you do.
  • put your existing clients at ease and allow them to relax knowing they are in good hands. This means they spend more money and rave about you to their friends.
  • make your offers more credible, down-to-earth, trustworthy and believable. This is huge. A point of view allows you to back up the claims you’ve made with  thoughtful and well laid out approach.
  • take the pressure out of your marketing. Marketing feels bad because it’s usually about trying to convince people to say ‘yes’ to the product or service you’re selling. Point of view marketing is totally different. It’s just you sharing the way you see things. People who like your perspective lean in (and you can make a good, low risk offer to them) or they lean out (and you bless and release them). Easy.

But a clear point of view doesn’t just happen.

It has to be cultivated and crafted with as much care as you would take in helping your finest client.

This 30 Day Challenge is a fine place to start.

In this 30 Day Challenge you will:

  • learn what point of view is in a business context and why it matters
  • learn more about three core elements of point of view (map, compass and route) and how they apply to your business
  • have the chance to map out your own point of view like never have before


“Sometimes, one of the tricky things with marketing is how to weave everything together into a coherent whole, so that everything is aligned, and not only makes sense in our Customer’s head, but also appeals and feels right to their heart. As well as being one of the best marketing guys I have ever discovered, very knowledgeable, supportive and approachable . . . Tad Hargrave is super brilliant at showing you how to navigate both the mind and heart, to ensure that that they both join together at the end of your marketing process. The map, the route, the process, the principles, the metaphor, the vision . . . he helps you to weave it altogether so that it makes total sense . . . and the end result, your business shifts into a totally different space and focus.” – Brian Parsons


“I was having a really hard time with my niche statement for one aspect of my business. Tad pointed out it may be a point of view thang . . . and just from an hour and a half call I feel closer than I have in years to understanding what I have to offer, and how to have others understand it. An unfolding . . . ” – Natalie Forrest


This could be a perfect fit if you:

  • are a spiritually and politically progressive service providers (e.g. holistic practitioners, life coaches and permaculture folks). This has application to those who make physical goods and retail but the program isn’t tailored that way.
  • resonate with this whole point of view business and are curious and committed to honing yours.
  • have got the time. You’re able to spend about two hours reading the Point of View ebook, 90 minutes each week on the calls plus, at least, two hours per week on top of that to do homework.
  • are on Facebook (this is where all of the conversations and activities will be happening).
  • have a strong sense of who it is you’re trying to reach, then this program is a very natural and necessary next step. If you already have a strong sense of who is on Island A, what they’re struggling with and what they’re craving, then having a clear map, reliable compass and carefully plotted routed in the inevitable next phase of your process.
  • don’t have a sense of who it is you’re trying to reach, then honing your Point of View can be a surprisingly effective back door into that. As you hone your Point of View and start speaking it out loud, you may find that certain people start to resonate with it and move towards you. And those people are, very likely, your ideal clients. This is a longer road to profit than if you already know who you’re trying to reach but it will still get you there.
  • have a clear sense of the core issues with which you’re trying to help people.
  • have read my book The Niching Nest (as Point of View is nested inside of the process of defining your niche).

This is likely not a fit for you if you:

  • if you’re stuck in the idea that people should trust you “just because,” this is not for you.
  • if you’re committed to the idea that what you do is too ephemeral and intuitive to really every map out or tie down.

Six Reasons to Sign Up:

Reason #1 – Grounding Materials: You will also get the Point of View ebook ($40) and my Don’t Market Yourself. Market Your Message ebook ($20) as well.

Reason #2 – Weekly Calls: Weekly calls will go from 12:00pm – 1:30pm PST/3:00pm – 4:30pm EST every Tuesday from May 17th  – June 14th (five, weekly, 90-minute calls every Tuesday at 1pm MT – May 17th, 24th, 31st, June 7th & 14th)

***Make sure you double check the time zone to make sure you’re able to make the calls***

The calls will be recorded. 

In addition to this, I will check in on the Facebook group every Monday during the program from 1-4pm to see how things are going and answer any questions posted.

Call #1: The Map & The Metaphor

In Call One, you will define the basics of your niche and the loose boundaries of the work that you do. This shouldn’t be confused for a deep program into honing your niche (which I recommend) but it will help you polish up whatever is there. Once we have that, you’ll explore the best metaphors you can use to describe the work that you do. For example, I use the metaphor of someone being stuck on Island A and wanting to get to Island B. That’s a Core Metaphor with which I work. You’ll be supported to explore your own.

Call #2: The Compass

In Call Two, you will have a chance to define and refine the core principles that underwrite and guide all of your work. You’ll be amazed as you finally get down on paper the ideas, values and core beliefs that have guided your work all along.

Call #3: The Route

In Call Three, you’ll have a chance to articulate the generic system, approach and protocol you are recommending. You’ll have a chance to give form and sequence to what you’re offering and be amazed at how quickly this turns into ideas for profit-producing programs and packages you could create to help your clients more powerfully.

Call #4: The Message

In Call Four, you’ll be supported in honing your Point of View down into a series of tighly-packed, meaning-rich, easy to understand statements. This process is the string that ties together to bouquet of the first three calls.

Call #5: Q & A

In Call Five, space will be made to answer any of the questions you might have.

Reason #3 – Private Facebook Group: Our work will be shared and reviewed in a private Facebook group where you will have a chance to post your work to be reviewed by myself and your cohort and to have a chance to be inspired by the work of others. 

Reason #4 – It’s The First One: The first time I do any program, I spend more time on it than subsequent times. Part of that is to make sure the technical issues are all handled but, also, because I’m still learning how to teach the material and so I need to check in on homework more diligently than I might in future iterations to make sure that I am communicating the exercises well. And, it’s important to me that you have a successful experience and get value from this program because this first program is where the bulwark of my testimonials are going to come from. If this program goes well, then it means I will make more money in the next program. If it goes poorly, then I get refund request and no testimonials. So, it’s in my selfish interest to spend extra time to make sure this is as good as possible in such an early version of this program.

Reason #5 – Incredibly Affordable: At $200, this program is remarkably affordable. I am charging so little for this first time because I need testimonials, case studies and candid feedback to make it better. 

Reason #6 – Not Sure When I’ll Do It Again: My year is filling up and I’m not sure when I will have the space to run this program again. It might not be until the end of the year. 

Cost: $200

My Better-Than-Risk-Free Guarantee to You:

I get that there are a lot of programs out there. I get that this is an investment of time and money for you.

So here’s my promise to you: You will make at least $100 of profit from participating in this course.


Well, my hope is that, by the end of the program, you’ll sit back and look a your newly articulated point of view and feel utterly confident that, once you’ve got it honed and implemented, it will make you at least $100 more in income.result in If you do your part, if you attend all five calls and do your homework and you don’t feel that the program was, at the very least, worth the money you paid and time you invested, I will refund not only what you paid but also $100 out of my own pocket.

And, on the sad occasion that I fail you in this and you don’t feel that the program was, at the very least, worth the money you paid and time you invested, I will refund not only what you paid but also $100 out of my own pocket. Of course, this is a good faith gesture that assumes you have done your part by attending all five calls and doing your homework.

If you don’t complete the program because it’s not for you, I will refund your money in full with no questions asked, no funny business and no hard feelings.

Why do I feel confident in offering this?

I’ve run all of my day-long and weekend workshops on a pay what you can basis for over a decade where the onus was 100% on me to deliver value if I wanted to get paid. I’ve offered this guarantee on many of my virtual programs. So, this isn’t a new idea for me.

You can sign up here:

Point of View 30 Day Challenge
Point of View 30 Day Challenge

Available Qty: 27
Price: $200.00

p.s. Remember, there are only 50 spaces for the first run of this program and I’m not sure when I’ll be running it again.