Point of View Videos

Daniel Foor on five assumptions of ancestor work



Louis CK shares his point of view on comedy (NSFW and not suitable for everyone).


Bryan Cranston shares his advice for actors.


A video about the impact of point of view in photography


A video about the design principles underlying Permaculture


A comedian talks about his point of view on ‘political correctness’ in comedy


Let me tell you my whole philosophy around niching and break down my Seven Step process in this 17 minute video below so you can make sure this program really is a fit for you and that my approach makes sense to you. This video is one that I recorded a year ago and sent secretly to my colleagues to share what I’d come up with in terms of niching. I’d never intended for it to be shared publicly when I recorded it. But I think it’s as clear a summary of my process as I’m likely to record and it’s got some amazing jokes at the end of it (if I do say so myself).


Years ago, I had a 75 minute Skype video conversation with Michael Margolis of getstoried.com. Our conversation somehow wove together the notions of niche, point of view and story telling (and me talking about a sex workshop I went to and all sorts of unintentional innuendo).


James Roche tells a powerful anecdotal story to help you think about your market. Powerful use of story and metaphor to convey a point.

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