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old-world-map-copy2Hello! Welcome to the POV Resources page. If you’re here, it’s because you purchased my Point of View Marketing eBook, or attended one of my POV or POV Lab programs.

I’m including some links here to that relate to the content of this eBook and the workshops. I hope you find them useful!


Point of View eBook cover

The Point of View Marketing eBook

In case you’ve lost your file, click HERE for your POV eBook.

If you haven’t read your POV eBook yet, or if it’s time to revisit it, I encourage you to download the eBook file to your favourite reading device, or even to send the file to your local print shop to get it printed and coil bound if you’re more likely to sit and read a paper book.

povmarketing_coverThe Point of View Marketing Workbook

This is a companion workbook to go with the eBook, please try it, use it, let me know if you have questions or feedback!

Click HERE for your POV workbook.

My POV Marketing Overview Video

Click HERE for link or watch below:

POV Facebook Group

I’ve made a public POV Facebook Group that you can follow or check in on periodically. I’ll add links to relevant POV-related content as I come upon them. Click HERE to find the group.

POV Interviews

I’ve done a few interviews about these POV marketing ideas and am happy to share them with you here.

  • Transcript – Interview with Maggie Ostara: Click HERE to read/download.
  • Audio – Interview with Lois Kelly: click HERE to listen/download.
  • Audio – Interview with Simone Peer: click HERE to listen/download.
  • Video – Interview with Natalie Kent: click HERE to watch.
  • Video – Interview with Karen McMullen: click HERE to watch.

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