Point of View Marketing: Online Program (Spring Semester)

Learn The Mechanics Of Building Trust, The Architecture of Ethical Marketing & How To Promote Without Pitching, Pushing or Pressuring A Single Damned Anybody

Spring Semester of the Marketing for Hippies Membership Four Semester Year 

April – June, 2024 


The Calls:

Live, Q&A Calls: There are seven live, Q&A calls with Tad on Tuesdays: April 9th, 16th & 30th, May 14th & 28th, June 11th & 25th (also see the semester’s flow chart below).

There are two options for each of these calls, to allow for people in different timezones to attend. The options are: 10am-12pm + 6pm-8pm PACIFIC (convert to your local time here)

Recordings: there will be replay recordings of these calls made available to participants for review.

NOTE: You should expect to spend 2-3 hours preparing for the first call, and 2-3 hours per week on homework and prep for the next week.

Study Halls: There are Study Halls throughout the program on Thursdays where you can log in and work alongside other participants on the tasks at hand. April 25th, May 9th & 23rd, June 6th & 20th (also see the semester’s flow chart below). The Study Halls are: 2-3am + 10-11am PACIFIC (convert to your local time here).

PODS: Tad will also be encouraging you to find/create self-directed study PODS and will talk about how this works in the orientation call.  

All this is designed to make sure you have the time to get the work done along with the support you need – no more lonely-preneures!

The final call of the program is a Deep Dive that digs into everything you’ve done together and wraps up the semester, and it is three hours in duration. 


Cost: $300 USD 

(three monthly payments of $100 USD) 


The spring semester of the Marketing for Hippies membership is kicking off on April 9th with a three-month focus on Point of View (POV) Marketing.

It’s all about how to get more (and better) clients without pitching or pressure (and how to do that in an ethical way that genuinely feels good to all involved).

How do we do this?

And is this even possible?

I say it is.

And it’s simpler than it sounds. 

Here’s the basic idea: We don’t make the case for them to buy from us. We make the case for our approach instead. We don’t sell the course. We make a case for the concept behind it. 

After all, if they don’t buy your diagnosis, they won’t buy your prescription. In this way, marketing becomes a pressure-free, educational art. I say this not only feels better but, in the long-term, is the only thing that really works. 

The pushy stuff wins today but it loses tomorrow.

I call this approach Point of View (POV) Marketing.

This Could Be A Perfect Fit If You:

  • You’re curious about what POV marketing is and want to learn more.
  • Resonate with the idea of ethical marketing.
  • Have strong opinions about your work and the nature of the problems your clients face (even if you have a hard time articulating them or are scared to share them) or…
  • Are willing to focus on a particular niche for three months (with no need to change anything on your website at all) and hone your opinions about it (with no pressure to ever share them publicly).
  • Are ready and willing to spend at least three to five hours at week for three months working on your POV.
  • You are friendly, coachable and willing to receive candid feedback.
  • Have at least one piece of strong hippie street cred 😉

Semester Quick Overview Outline:

Tuesday, April 9th

Week One: Call

Orientation & Your Message

10am-12pm + 6pm-8pm PACIFIC

Tuesday, April 9th

Tuesday, April 16th

Week Two: Call

Topic: The Three Cases

10am-12pm + 6pm-8pm PACIFIC

Tuesday, April 16th

Tuesday, April 23rd & Thursday, April 25th

Week Three:
Pods & Study Hall

Tuesday, April 23rd & Thursday, April 25th

Tuesday, April 30th

Week Four: Call

Topic: Maps

10am-12pm + 6pm-8pm PACIFIC

Tuesday, April 30th

Tuesday May 7th & Thursday May 9th

Week Five:
Pods & Study Hall

Tuesday May 7th & Thursday May 9th

Tuesday, May 14th

Week Six: Call

Topic: Compass & Core Principles

10am-12pm + 6pm-8pm PACIFIC

Tuesday, May 14th

Tuesday, May 21st & Thursday, May 23rd

Week Seven:
Pods & Study Hall

Tuesday, May 21st & Thursday, May 23rd

Tuesday, May 28th

Week Eight: Call

Topic: Making Your Case

10am-12pm + 6pm-8pm PACIFIC

Tuesday, May 28th

Tuesday, June 4th & Thursday, June 6th

Week Nine:
Pods & Study Hall

Tuesday, June 4th & Thursday, June 6th

Tuesday, June 11th

Week Ten: Call

Topic: The Five Levels

10am-12pm + 6pm-8pm PACIFIC

Tuesday, June 11th

Tuesday, June 18th & Thursday, June 20th

Week Eleven:
Pods & Study Hall

Tuesday, June 18th & Thursday, June 20th

Tuesday, June 25th

Week Twelve: Call

Deep Dive And Wrap Up

10am-1pm + 6pm-9pm PACIFIC

(NOTE: The deep dive call is three hours long, the other calls are all two hours)

Tuesday, June 25th

Semester Outline

Note: for most of these weeks, there will be one or two hours of grounding materials to dig into – usually in the form of a webinar to watch. It’s not required but you will get profoundly more from the calls if you watch them. I will be leading the calls as if you had watched them. 

  • WEEK ONE: Orientation & Your Message – In this week, you’ll be welcomed into the Membership, shown where the resources and supports you’ll need for this semester are as well as taking the first step at crafting a rough draft, a seed version, of your whole point of view distilled down into one, single sentence.
  • WEEK TWO: The Three Cases – In this week, you’ll learn about and work on your Diagnosis (Dx), Prognosis (Px) and Prescription (Rx) which answer the three core questions your clients have when they come to you in pain: 1) What’s happening? (Dx) 2) What’s likely? (Px) 3) What’s needed? (Rx). 
  • WEEK THREE: Pods & Study Hall – Use this time to meet with your self-directed pods and/or attend the Thursday Study Hall.
  • WEEK FOUR: Maps – In this week, you’ll be drawing out some visual representations (think pyramids or Venn diagrams) of the elements you believe are most important for people to deal with or have in order to get the results they’re looking for. 
  • WEEK FIVE: Pods & Study Hall – Use this time to meet with your self-directed pods and/or attend the Thursday Study Hall.
  • WEEK SIX: Compass & Core Principles – In this week, you’ll be explicitly articulating and sequencing the core beliefs, assumptions and premises upon which your offerings are based. 
  • WEEK SEVEN: Pods & Study Hall – Use this time to meet with your self-directed pods and/or attend the Thursday Study Hall.
  • WEEK EIGHT: Making Your Case – In this week, you’ll be learning how to use your Point of View in your marketing in a credibility building way that actually helps you get clients. 
  • WEEK NINE: Pods & Study Hall – Use this time to meet with your self-directed pods and/or attend the Thursday Study Hall.
  • WEEK TEN: The Five Levels – In this week, we’ll go five fathoms deep in your point of view. Everything up until this week will be focused on level #1 – the Individual. But then you’ll go into #2 – the Interpersonal, #3 – the Institutional, #4 – the Intergenerational, #5 – the Infinite.
  • WEEK ELEVEN: Pods & Study Hall – Use this time to meet with your self-directed pods and/or attend the Thursday Study Hall.
  • WEEK TWELVE: Deep Dive & Wrap Up – In this week, we’ll be taking a string and tying up all the wildflowers of creativity from this semester into a bouquet you can offer up to your followers over and over again. Please note that this call will be three hours instead of the usual two hours.

In This Semester You Will:

  • Have the chance to map out your own POV like never have before (and get feedback from the group).
  • Get direct, candid and supportive feedback on your POV from other members. 
  • Have a chance to ask me your toughest questions on POV and how to translate the theory into your business. 

This Is Likely Not A Fit For You If You:

If you’re wanting real, personal, in-depth handholding you might want to check out a Puttering Session

This program is not one-on-one coaching. 

You may get some direct feedback from me but likely not much. It’s not that kind of program. 

It’s a three-month, mind-expanding introduction into what POV Marketing is, what the elements are, how it works and helping you understand how it can work in your situation. 

This is a three-month chance for you to set aside time to really hone in and focus on this work (that you may have been intending to do for a long time) and finally do it. 

Three Compelling Reasons To Sign Up:

Reason #1: Incredibly affordable.

When I ran this workshop for the public, it was only $300 USD for 30-days, which is incredibly affordable. I now require participants to join my Membership for at least the duration of the Program they’re joining. This means that this program is even MORE affordable, because my Membership is $300 USD for three months not $300 USD for 30-days.


Reason #2: The whole damned library of my content neatly organized. 

All of my videos, articles, eBooks, webinars and courses are in the Membership (all included for the price of admission).

You’ll also get access to other videos, pulled out from our weekly membership coaching calls there too that you’ll never find on YouTube.

You’ll find my content organized by industry so you can find what’s most relevant to you.


Reason #3: A distraction free and highly supportive infrastructure. 

We use Mighty Networks as our platform and so the only notifications you’ll get (which you can control as you like) will be related to growing your business not sweet cat memes from your high school friend. You’ll have a platform where you can ask questions of other participants and members and get needed help

I hope you’ll consider joining me for this semester. 

Stay human,


PS Make sure you confirm time zones for the dates of the calls. 

PPS If, at any point, for any reason, you want to drop out of the Membership, you’re welcome to go with no hassles or hard feelings. There’s no minimum time commitment.


Q: Is joining The Point of View Semester the same as joining The Membership?

A: Basically, yes. And many in the membership won’t be joining in on
the Semester calls. But The Point of View Marketing happens within The Membership. So you get the POV + The Membership for the same price.

Q: What is the cancellation policy? Should I decide not to go beyond 3 months, what notice must I provide to you?

A: Zero notice. You pay on a month to month basis. Come and go as you wish. 

Q: I’m considering joining this program but unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to attend 3 out of 6 live calls. Is it still worth signing up?

Well, I don’t know. I’d have to leave that to you. The calls are designed to be hands on and doing things. We use zoom rooms often and so you couldn’t have those conversations on the calls you miss. You would get the recordings soon after the calls. I suppose it depends on how you work. There are, of course, also the Friday calls with me (open group coaching – from 11:30am – 1pm PST) where you can get questions answered. You could have some of the conversations with your Meantime Pod of 4-5 others (if you decide to join one).


"This was the missing piece for me and has helped me clarify my niche as well."

I’m so grateful I joined when I did. This was the missing piece for me and has helped me clarify my niche as well.

Having questions, guidance, resources and examples to support my own exploration and the space to explore, to get frustrated, to figure it out, to give it a break, all the things.

Petra Vega, createmorepossibilities.com

"Finally developed a message that resonates with me."

More clients! New friends! Connected with my first hub through someone I met here! Also revised a number of webpages to reflect more POV material, which is so comfortable for me.

Finally developed a message that resonates with me, “You’re probably intuitive, but do not realize the full extent of what it is and how it can serve you and others.” It was good to go into more depths about the work done at the center, although there was no struggle to find the words, which was a great comfort and confirmation of what I have been doing. Developed an intro workshop and will start presenting those in June. And, although I know this is the next semester, I felt empowered to start developing a membership site, which is moving along nicely with the whole team taking part in its creation. (did not realize we had 22 workshops already in place!) Overall, I feel more confident about marketing.

Susan Gale, placeoflight.net

"...the end result, your business shifts into a totally different space and focus.

“Sometimes, one of the tricky things with marketing is how to weave everything together into a coherent whole, so that everything is aligned, and not only makes sense in our Customer’s head, but also appeals and feels right to their heart. As well as being one of the best marketing guys I have ever discovered, very knowledgeable, supportive and approachable … Tad Hargrave is super brilliant at showing you how to navigate both the mind and heart, to ensure that that they both join together at the end of your marketing process. The map, the route, the process, the principles, the metaphor, the vision … he helps you to weave it altogether so that it makes total sense … and the end result, your business shifts into a totally different space and focus.” 

Brian Parsons

Spoken words of love about POV Semester Program:

More words of love about POV Semester Program:

“Biggest win is getting together a pod that’s such an excellent fit. Having the same small, curated group that I meet with regularly has enabled me to go SO MUCH DEEPER when exploring my POV ❤️”


“I’ve presented about 4 out of the “5 levels” as it relates to systemic oppression, but never thought about applying it to my marketing conversations! That blew my mind. Combining it with the 3 cases exploded my brain, in the best way. You’re a genius Tad. So glad to have you in my corner.”


““Secretholder” marketing almost feels bait-and-switchy at this point, after seeing this way.”


“Maps have given me so much more clarity from scribbled doodles to very clear images. Feel very confident and assertive about voicing my point of view because I’m so passionate about it and now have lots of evidence to support my PoV.”


Built website from scratch in 2 weeks because PoV was so clear. Got first bookings for intro workshop and new series of classes. Feels like new doors are opening because my message is so clear.”


“I learned that I can articulate my POV and I do have one that is clear. It also helped me to be able to feel more confident about it and just to start putting stuff out there with clarity, instead of trying to refine it all until it is ready.  It also was so helpful for me to look at the levels, which made me realize that in defining those that then my individual level becomes clearer.” 


“A win was that I learned how to use Canva! Where I created my map and have gotten feedback that it is a strong image.”


“I’m totally embracing my hippiness in this message… PoV has helped me feel okay about being a misfit and to be confident to go against the mainstream. This work (amongst lots of other things) has helped me feel more confident about stepping closer to my authentic self and speaking out about what I believe.”

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