POV Marketing Online Lab

The Secret To Marketing Without Pitching Or Pressure:

If They Don't Buy Your Diagnosis, They Won't Buy Your Prescription

A Day-Long, Hands-On, Online Lab Where You Will Apply The Principles And Practices of Point Of View Marketing To Your Business 

Saturday, March 18, 2023

9am – 5pm PST

COST: $200 USD 

(Free To Those In My Membership & Who Join My Six Week POV Program)

+ Four Content-Rich Webinars (Recordings Provided If You Can’t Make It)

I invite you to think of a real problem you have in your life right now. One of the doozies.

Maybe it’s a health issue.

Maybe it’s a relationship struggle.

Maybe it’s some money trouble.

Maybe it’s a deep spiritual or emotional struggle.

Imagine you go to a workshop. Imagine it’s on that exact topic and promising you help in the place you’re struggling the most.

And then imagine this: the workshop is terrible

You think the content is nonsense at best and harmful at worst. But the pitch is so smooth and the package they’re offering is really well thought out and constructed. You have to admire how well they did the offer.

So what … you still don’t buy.

Now, imagine you go to a workshop on the same topic and the content blows your mind. It helps you see a real problem you have in your life differently and in a new and hopeful way. It makes so much sense. It gives you the pieces of context that you didn’t even know you were missing. You give a standing ovation at the end while wiping away tears of relief. 

And then? 

The pitch is a shambling, awkward mess. It’s unredeemable. It’s no good.

So what … you will probably still ask them if you can buy.

So, let me start off opinionated, provocative and inflammatory:

Pitching is bullshit.

Overcoming objections is bullshit.

Trying to “get the sale” and “go for the close” is bullshit. 

People spend thousands of dollars learning how to do these things and it is, at best, squandered and misdirected energy and at worst? 

Well, I’ve already said … 

My guess is that we agree on that. But what do we do instead? 

If we’re not making the case for them to buy from us (and I don’t think we should) then what are we doing?

Here’s the core premise.

If they don’t buy the concept, they won’t sign up for your course.

To say that another way: If they don’t believe the premise, they won’t believe your promise.

To say it yet another way: If they can’t make a case for your point of view, no “pitch” will suffice for your packages.

If you’ve been following my work for any amount of time, then you’ve heard me talk about the importance of point of view in marketing.

When I say “point of view,” I mean: your perspective, philosophy, take on things, approach, cosmology, system, world-view, core principles, voice, values, map, compass, and route.

Your niche is central to relevance, whereas your point of view is absolutely central to trust and credibility.

Aside from niche, point of view is the missing, foundational element in 90% of the businesses I come across. 

Think of best sellers like The Four Agreements, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, or Loving What Is.

What do they all have in common? A clear point of view (plus stories).

Think of enduring perspectives on health and healing like the medicine wheel, the Chinese meridian system and five elements or the chakra system.

What do they all have in common? A clear point of view.

Think of the work you do and what got you into it. 

My guess is that it was a clear perspective you resonated with that made sense of your world and your struggles. 

Bottom line: The clearer your perspective, the more potent your marketing will be to attract your ideal clients and actively repel people who aren’t a good fit for you. 

A clear point of view will enable you to feel more confident in your business and craft better offers for your clients. 

A clear point of view is the basis for every piece of content you will ever create.

But a clear point of view doesn’t just happen.

To say it backwards: 

The confused mind says “no.” 

If people don’t understand how you can help them solve their problems or get them the results they’re craving (and why this approach is better for them) – they won’t buy.

The confused mind says “no.”

If they don’t understand the approach you take to making your products (and why it’s better for them), they won’t buy.

As personal branding expert Jessica Zweig said once, “Content is no longer king. Clarity is king.” 

People spend so much time honing their “pitch” and skills in “overcoming objections.” And that’s all useless. The need to pitch hard and overcome objections comes, in large part, from having never clearly articulated their point of view.

How do you hone your Point of View?

This daylong, online lab is a fine place to start. 

In This Online Lab You Will:

  • Have plenty of time to actually do the work on creating a very rough draft on the three, core levels of your point of view. This day will have very little theory (that’ll be in your grounding materials) and plenty of time for application.
  • Get feedback on all of this and be inspired by the work of other participants.
  • Have the chance to ask me anything you want (I’ll get to as many questions as I can).
  • Get to watch me do a Point of View Marketing hot seat or two (maybe even with you).
  • Understand where you’re strong and where you’re weak on this matter. 
  • Come to know more about Point Of View Marketing than 99% of your colleagues. This is absolutely unknown to most entrepreneurs, marketing, sales, and copywriting coaches I meet.  If you watch the webinars too, you’ll easily be in the top 1% of savvy on this. 
  • Plant seeds and get momentum. This content will move from theory to practice. You’ll have plenty of gems you can polish later. 

Who Am I?

Hi there, My name is Tad Hargrave and I run Marketing for Hippies. 

For the past twenty years or so, I’ve helped my clients find ways to market their businesses that were both ethical (felt good) and effective (actually worked).

Point of View Marketing is one of the most important discoveries I have made over the past two decades. 

It is a way to market without the need for pitching, hard-selling or high-pressure. 

I’m so excited to share the best of what I’ve learned with you here.

You can learn more about me here.

Grounding Materials

Our day together will be hands on with very little time to get into the theory of it. 

But the theory and big picture matter. 

And so, included in this offer, you’ll be getting access to the following four webinars, to help you wrap your head around what Point of View Marketing is and why it matters so much and how you can use it. 

You might want to go into them before our time together or after, I’ll leave that up to you but your participation in the day won’t hinge on your familiarity with the content. 

You are welcome to attend these four, 90-minute webinars live before the day-long lab. There will be some time for Q&A at the end. The replays of these four live webinars will be available by March 15th (before the day-long lab) if you were not able to make it.

March 6th @ 8am – 9:30am PST – Day One

March 7th @ 8am PST – 9:30am – Day Two

March 8th @ 8am PST – 9:30am – Day Three

March 9th @ 8am PST – 9:30am – Day Four

What This POV Lab Is Not:

This day is not a complete solution designed to solve your POV woes and bring absolute clarity (I have a six week program to go deeper and even that can only scratch the surface).

This is something I’ve worked with clients on for years.

Articulating your point of view takes time (especially if you’ve been in business for a while).

My Two Asks Of You:

Ask #1: Watch the two videos below before the Online Lab. If you do sign up, please watch the two videos and, ideally, the Point of View Marketing webinars before you attend. But at least the couple at the bottom.

You’ll get more out of it if you do. 

If you don’t, it’s not the end of the world but, collectively, it will be a more valuable experience if you’re already familiar with the material. 

Ask #2: Bring pen and paper. You may be doing some drawing during our time together. 

Why Sign Up Now?

I only do this once a year. Also, I might never do this particular event live again. I’m recording it so that I can create a DIY product that I can sell on my site. 

That’s all.

Stay human,


p.s. Still not sure? Give these three videos a watch.

p.p.s. Still not sure? I don’t blame you. Check out this YouTube playlist (yellow button below) to see plenty of real-life examples of me working with folks around their POV:

“I felt excited and inspired...”

This was phenomenal! The lead in with the webinars laid a foundation to jump into this workshop. It was an excellent mix of theoretical review, independent reflection guided by questions, great use of time, small group feedback, and big room conversations and feedback from Tad. I felt excited and inspired, yet also got some really great POV stuff down on paper. Huge success!!!

Andra Dediu, andradediu.com

"Tad has a way of making marketing human."

I have years of corporate marketing experience, but got so much out of this POV workshop. Tad has a way of making marketing human. It’s about getting to know ourselves and what we believe to see if we can find people out there who align with us. I just joined his community and am really exciting about diving into some conversations and hearing more from Tad. He is a breath of fresh air in a world with way too much static.”

Tracey Miller, Founder, Women’s Wellness Exchange and Adventures Within,  womenswellnessxchange.com

"I spent more than $10,000 in marketing trainings last year, and what I'm getting from Tad is at the same level of quality."

I spent more than $10,000 in marketing trainings last year, and what I’m getting from Tad and his team is at the same level of quality, and more appropriate for my stage of business and niche.  Tad is brilliant, down to earth, rooted in human-ness which all helps me feel excited and aligned in embracing the marketing of my business.  Thank you, Tad and everyone in his crew.

Bill Hershey, lifestreambusiness.com

"I feel more inspired and excited about the next iterations of my offers than I have in a long time!"

The POV work is non-negotiable work for anyone else who’s all over the map word with simple structures – the Map – Compass – Route is making it much easier for me to articulate all of my messaging. I feel more inspired and excited about the next iterations of my offers than I have in a long time! Thank you so much for this very deep, needed dive, Tad!”

Marina Francis, MarinaFrancis.com

"I came out of it with a lot more knowledge, and more importantly, first drafts..."

“Great workshop. I was new-ish to the POV world and I came out of it with a lot more knowledge, and more importantly, first drafts and ideas on how to move forward. I liked the practical aspect of it, meeting the other participants and hearing their feedback, and taking in the hot-seat parts of the workshop as well.”

Susan Czyzo, groundedphysiotherapy.ca

"...in one afternoon, it all came together BOOM BOOM BOOM."

Tad’s entire process is one of a kind. I always leave his events knowing SO MUCH more then I did before hand. For example, I had been working on an idea for over 2 months before the POV seminar – in one afternoon, it all came together BOOM BOOM BOOM. So damn valuable. Thank you so much!” 

Carlie Rioux, theacaye.com

"It was really straightforward and satisfying..."

Tad laid out his Point Of View and invited us to work on laying out ours. It was really straightforward and satisfying to write something up for each of the different elements: map, compass, and route.

I feel like he delivered on his aim of giving us a kind of sourdough starter culture for our POV marketing. Lots more work to do to grow it into something but it feels very doable.”

Malcolm Ocean, malcolmocean.com

"If there were a Nobel Prize for Marketing, Tad would win it hands down."

If there were a Nobel Prize for Marketing, Tad would win it hands down. He teaches a Point of View Marketing approach that is quite unique, super helpful, highly effective and feels so good!

Diana Dentinger, yourlifeyourwayacademy.com

"...full of incredible content, transformational insights, plenty of hand on exercises..."

“The Labs were full of incredible content, transformational insights, plenty of hand on exercises and best of all break out rooms where we get to share what we write and hear others POV, win win situation for everyone. Advancing rapidly in understanding my map, route, compass and POV. Highly recommended.”

Alicia Vedio

"Finally I found what I needed to feel complete in the relationship with marketing for what I do in the world!"

“Finally I found what I needed to feel complete in the relationship with marketing for what I do in the world! Now I have key tools and concepts to organize the fundamentals of my marketing into a structure I am fond of and I can build upon to be seen by those I love to have in my life. Very grateful for Tad, his work and especially this POV workshop and the MfH community!”

Andrea Petrut, andreapetrut.ca

"It's helping me gain even more clarity..."

“The POV Lab is an  excellent workshop because Tad further explains POV, yet also allows for time to work on your own elements of POV and get feedback in small groups. This time for implementation and time together where we share our own ideas, plus also give feedback to others, is invaluable. It’s helping me gain even more clarity and also how to continue to implement what he teaches beyond the workshop. Getting feedback from those in my group gave me tangible ideas that I will be able to use.”

Jeannette Hill, JeannetteHill.com

"Thank you for clearly following your values... so that I can hone mine"

I’ve followed your work for years, Tad. You, your style, values and POV all resonate with me.

Today at the POV workshop, I realized that NOW that I’m 3+ yrs into my truest heart work, I am ready to market (and let me be clear how I’ve avoided doing so for decades!).

I finally have a business with clients I love and care about, and I come to it each day now clear that I have more to give.  Today’s workshop with you met me at the right moment.

Thank you for clearly following your values and putting so much free stuff out there so that I can hone mine. Very grateful for your work in the world.

Sherri Cannon, sherricannon.com

"Take this workshop, it will revolutionize your marketing."

Take this workshop, it will revolutionize your marketing. I am so much more clear, excellent feedback from Tad, the interactive breakout sessions were invaluable. Thorough.”

Patricia Snow

"...authentic, emerging, and powerful marketing..."

If you’d like to craft your own authentic, emerging, and powerful marketing, join TAD and his POV marketing. With all the pieces he prepared with love, it is a joy to learn and DIY!”

Lucie Marcoux, rhessentiel.com

"Very insightful, and helpful Lab."

Very insightful, and helpful Lab. And very well facilitated, and structured.”

Somatosofia, Somatosofia.com

"I have a better sense of where I'm going with my niche and POV after this session."

Tad’s POV worklab was amazing! I gained so much clarity by doing the exercises and then sharing them with other participants, as well as seeing Tad work through the exercises with other people in the hot seats. I have a better sense of where I’m going with my niche and POV after this session.”

Carolina Padilla

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