POV 30-Day Program

POV 30-Day Program

Hello! Thanks so much for joining the Point of View 30-Day Program from Aug. 4-Sept 1, 2021.
Please take a few minutes to review this resources page.
Be sure to watch this video (below) before the workshop starts.
I also encourage you to add the call details to your calendar now.

My POV Marketing Overview Video:

More videos on POV Theory.

Point of View Marketing Case Studies.

The Point of View Marketing eBook:

In case you’ve lost your file, click HERE for your POV eBook.
POV Marketing is the subtle, underestimated and credibility-building power of articulating why you do what you do the way you do it.

If you haven’t read your POV eBook yet, or if it’s time to revisit it, I encourage you to download the eBook file to your favourite reading device, or even to send the file to your local print shop to get it printed and coil bound if you’re more likely to sit and read a paper book.
It will benefit your experience of this workshop immensely if you can read through this eBook before the 30-Day Program begins. 

The Point of View Marketing Workbook:

This is a companion workbook (in GoogleDoc form for ease of use) to go with the eBook, please try it, use it, let me know if you have questions or feedback! 
Click HERE for your POV workbook.

You can save a copy of the workbook (the one that’s now a google doc) on your own google drive and put your answers directly in the document.
  1. Select Make a copy under File. Choose a location on your drive (you might create a folder for the course on your desktop for example)
  2. Give it a distinct name (I add my initials to the end of the file name).
  3. You can add/edit/delete your responses right in the document. I can share it with my buddy or mastermind as I like. This is terrific, and I plan to use this kinda thing with my clients going forward.

Don’t Market Yourself. Market Your Message eBook:

Click HERE for your eBook.
If you have a business, you are going to be known for something. It’s inevitable. The question is this: will you be known for the right things and will your reputation bring you the kinds of clients you want?
It might take you a while to find your message. And, in the process, you’ll likely come to find that, even though your business may be guided by one particular overall message, that it contains many messages nested within it like eggs in a bird’s nest, or treasure in a treasure chest. Or maybe it’s more that your core message is a tapestry seen from a distance but, as you get closer you can see the individual threads.
In this eBook you will:
– read many examples of real-world messages from businesses
– learn about the six kinds of messages
– be guided in exercises to identify your own message
– learn five ways you can apply your message that will build trust and credibility between you and your clients

POV 30-Day Group Call Recordings:

Call #1: Wed., Aug. 4, 2021: https://youtu.be/aMmQFAavtB8 
Call #2: Wed., Aug. 11, 2021: https://youtu.be/WPWcuS955Uk
Call #3: Wed., Aug. 18, 2021: https://youtu.be/MDdKulY6ADQ
Call #4: Wed., Aug. 25, 2021: https://youtu.be/2FNNrgI1Lcs 
Call #5: Wed., Sept. 1, 2021: https://youtu.be/LaJXxYPHIT0 

50% off Code:

The code is: POV50
This code is good during the program for any of Tad’s products HERE. Use the “add to cart” button and enter the coupon code in the shopping cart.

The coupon is good to use until September 8, 2021, one week after the program finishes.

Need Help?
Email Susan, Tad’s assistant: admin@marketingforhippies.com

POV Interviews:

I’ve done a few interviews about these POV marketing ideas and am happy to share them with you here.

Transcript – Interview with Maggie Ostara: Click HERE to read/download.

Audio – Interview with Lois Kelly: click HERE to download or listen.

Audio – Interview with Simone Peer: click HERE to download or listen.

Video – Interview with Natalie Kent: click HERE to watch.

Video – Interview with Karen McMullen: click HERE to watch.


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