poster review: taming the lioness

I saw this poster the other day at one of my favourite cafe’s in Edmonton – Noorish (where I bring my lap top and sit and do work for hours and hours).

There are a few things I really like about this poster below, but the main thing is the title.

Taming the Lioness.

What a name!

Here’s why: Sabrina uses a powerful, evocative metaphor to sum up a woman’s experience with her hormones. The feeling out of control and wanting to ‘tame’ it. Feeling unreasonably fierce at times and not knowing why. At least that’s what I get from it.

What’s not clear to me is who this workshop is for. Is it for younger or older women? What are the precise problems it addresses? What’s the result it offers? The rest of the poster talks more about the boat than I wish it did. But if you can pick a strong image and metaphor like this to speak to the experience of your clients you’ll have their interest and draw them in. Pick the metaphor and then tie it directly back to their lived experience. This poster could get her so many more clients if she would do that.

It’s also not immediately clear if this is one workshop or a series of workshops.

The core of marketing is about clarity. The confused mind says no.


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