Examples of Great Headshot Photos

Ingrid Crynz
Michael Talbott Kelly

Let me give you some before and after examples of good and bad photos with explanations from my pal and genius photographer in Toronto, Donna Santos. To the right is an example of a great photo. It’s of my friend Ingrid Crynz. This is how good you want your photo to be. To the left is that of Vancouver therapist Michael Talbott Kelly. These photos are great.

For years I had a picture up on my website. And I had clients actively finding ways to tell me how much they hated it. Like inserting it awkwardly into conversations. But I felt a bit helpless. I had amateur friends take photos here and there but nothing ever really felt ‘right’ for me.

Until I met Donna.

As soon as my new photos went up on facebook I started getting attention. I got lots of ‘oooohs’ and ‘aaahhhs’. So when I hosted one of these Headshot Days my clients were already sold. They loved my new photos so much. Including every photo on this website.

“When first saw Tad’s before photo (left) I felt he had a question mark on his face, the confidence is not there and it doesn’t reflect the ‘expert’ that he says he is. After spending just a few minutes with Tad,  I realized that we needed to capture his wits, confidence and his sense of humor. His groundedness made him a magnet to all types of people so I wanted to keep that as the central theme of our photo shoot. I also wanted this photo to speak to his clients, so from lighting, wardrobe and set-up, I kept it minimal that conveys openness. I think the after photo really captures Tad as the person and as the marketing expert for the hippies.” -Donna Santos


Jaime Almond
“Jaime’s photo on the left is not that bad but it also is not good enough to justify her classic traits, beauty and brains. Instead of hiding behind a computer, pulled away in this dimly photo, I made Jaime come out and face the world in full confidence and with no hesitation. Her expressive eyes now speak more directly to her audience – reassuring and worthy of trust.” Donna Santos

And here are some more examples of what a great photo looks like . . .

A Sample of Donna Santos’ Work

Check out Donna Santos’ website for more examples and maybe to get a photo session if you’re in Toronto.

And if you want a refresher on why a good photo matters click here.


Do you know of someone with a great headshot? Let me know! I’d love to add it here and give them some free publicity.



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