Nine Qualities of a Good Hub

Once you’ve identified the niche you want to attract, it’s probably a good idea to ask yourself, “Where do they already spend time, money or attention? What are the events, groups, businesses that they already trust? Who are the individuals they respect?” After all, if you can align yourself with those groups – those hubs – well, you’ve made your life much easier.

But what makes a good hub in your niche’s network?

9 things . . .

1. credibility: they are trusted and respected by your niche, they are influential to the life, work, opinions and practices of your niche (e.g. maybe they’re pushing the envelope, on the cutting edge and an industry leader or maybe they’re committed to the basics etc).

2. reach: they have a large sphere of influence and reach a lot of people within your niche

3. list: already established, well organized and set up communication mechanisms through which they are regularly in touch with your niche (e.g. email list, mailing list, blog etc).

4. mutual respect: you already know them and they trust you, you have an authentic relationship with them, you genuinely respect them and already endorse their work to your clients and friends, you’re a really big fan of theirs

5. cooperative: they are open to endorsing quality things to their list, they’re excited to partner and collaborate

6. active relationship with niche: your niche already spends a good deal of money, time and attention on or with them

7. shared vision: you share a common vision and set of values

8. fresh: you haven’t maxed out this relationship already (e.g. maybe they’ve already endorsed you to everyone they can think of)

9. service: they’re passionate about meeting the needs of your niche

NOTE: You may have to create your OWN hub if none exists and be a host for your community.


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