The Niching Spiral Teleseminar

WHEN: Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

1-2:30pm MT (local time in Alberta, Canada)



nautlius shell niching spiralWhy is Niching So Hard?

This 90-minute teleseminar helps conscious entrepreneurs start to answer that question and figure out their niches.

My name is Tad Hargrave and for the past decade I’ve been working with hundreds of people like you from around the world in helping them to figure out what their niche is. This teleseminar is the culmination of those efforts. 

Ever since I began helping people with their marketing, it became apparent how important this idea of figuring out one’s niche was.

The story of where this workshop came from . . .

This is an issue that isn’t urgent, but it is importantAnd so it’s easy to ignore in favour of things which are urgent and important (genuine crises that must be handled) and those things which are urgent but not important (drama).

The first eBook I ever created was about niching. I didn’t want to create it, but I truly couldn’t find anything out there that made sense to me. And back then, I had very few colleagues to compare notes with.

Over the years things have truly developed, and now I find myself with the great pleasure of enjoying many colleagues. And, the great confirmation of having them all echo the sentiment that figuring out one’s niche matters. So much. In most of my colleagues’ business related courses – niching is the first issue addressed, above all others.

And yet, it felt as though something were missing. Or a bit off track.

I remember leading one of my early workshops in Seattle, and asking people to pick a niche for their business. In my mind, it made sense. You need a niche to successfully market so . . .  just pick one. I was, of course, greeted by many a deer-in-the-headlights look, and some incredible resistance.

For many, it felt like banging their heads against a brick wall. I heard more than one person say, “I’ve already tried niching and it didn’t work.”

They were deeply discouraged. And I didn’t blame them. They were lost in the woods alone with no map and no support. They were out of ideas not only on what their niche might be but how to even approach the issue.

Those who weren’t discouraged yet, were terrified of it. After all, niching means we need to narrow our focus, make choices, and stop trying to appeal to everyone. For many reasons, obvious and otherwise, this leaves many entrepreneurs in a cold sweat.

If they got past their fear, they were immediately in the overwhelm of, “Where do I even start?”

And I began to wonder if the whole way we were approaching helping people find their niche itself might actually be wrong.

How could it be that the journey of niching, for so many entrepreneurs, began in terror, moved to overwhelm and ended in discouragement?

What if the problem was not that people were inherently resistant to it or needed to “get over their fears about niching,” but that the way we were teaching it and the processes we were using was actually creating that very resistance.

The more I sat with it, the more I decided that the way myself and many of my colleagues had been approaching marketing was wrong.

And, out of that experience was borne The Niching Spiral was born.

During the teleseminar you’ll:

  • learn a seven step, refreshing, sustainable and common sense approach to figuring out your best niche
  • get real time, meaningful feedback on your niche
  • learn why it’s crucial to understand the different between the Artist’s and Entrepreneur’s approach to niching
  • learn the two biggest places you can get stuck in your niche
  • learn the three core elements that come together in creating any lasting niche
  • learn the three key criteria for a profitable niche
  • learn the eight most important criteria to find a niche that is a fit for you

The Niching Spiral Teleseminar
The Niching Spiral Teleseminar
Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017
1pm-2:30pm MT

(please note: fee is listed in USD)
Price: $25.00

The Niching Spiral Teleseminar + The Niching Nest eBook=SAVE $10
The Niching Spiral Teleseminar + The Niching Nest eBook = SAVE $10
Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017
1pm-2:30pm MT

PLUS: the Niching Nest eBook

(please note: fee is listed in USD)
Price: $35.00

The Niching Spiral Teleseminar + The Niching Nest eBook + Private Coaching=SAVE $140
The Niching Spiral Teleseminar + The Niching Nest eBook + Private Coaching = SAVE $140
Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017
1pm-2:30pm MT

PLUS: the Niching Nest eBook

PLUS: One-on-one coaching with Tad Hargrave (one hour)

(please note: fee is listed in USD)
Price: $225.00

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