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I’ve had my membership going for a couple of years now and I have four kick-ass semesters where we work through some of the key aspects of your business. 

But there’s something even more important that informs all of those aspects; it’s vital but often elusive for many of us. 

We’re often just too close to see it…and we really need to be clear on this so that when we talk, people know if we are speaking to them.

It’s so important that for the last 2 years in my membership we have weekly calls all year long on this topic. I thought it was time we rolled up our sleeves and dug a little bit deeper and got a little bit clearer on this topic of Niching!

Why is niching so hard? 

There are so many reasons but, in the end, the question isn’t so helpful.

Here’s a better question: 

Why am I holding a nest-like basket in the photo above? Because the word ‘niche’ comes from the old French verb ‘nicher’ which means ‘to make a nest’. Your niche is the place you belong in the community. It’s the role you are known for.

Here’s a better question still: 

how can you clarify your niche?

The answers to that are easy: 1) get candid feedback and direction from a niching expert on what you’ve got 2) take time to reflect on that feedback. 

And during the year you will get A LOT of feedback, from me, from other members, and you’ll be encouraged to get feedback from your friends and clients. ***I’m not sure how you’re setting this up exactly*** are you letting them come in for a month or 3 or?


Monthly on the first Wednesday at 10 AM & 6 PM Pacifid

 The Calls:

Content: Content is covered in 90-minute videos to be watched before attending your live calls each week.

Live, Q&A Calls: There are twelve, ninety-minute, live, Q&A calls with Tad throughout.

(Two calls each Tuesday at 10-11:30am + 6-7:30pm Pacific during the program. This means that every Tuesday you get two chances to get your questions answered, one in my morning call, and one in my evening call. It’s designed so that folks in all time zones can attend at least one call per Tuesday, but you’re welcome to attend both if you wish).

Call Dates: 

March 6th, April 3rd, May 1st, June 5th, ***July 3rd??***, August 7th, Sept 4th, Oct 2nd, Nov 6, Dec 4th



Cost: $300 USD

This Could Be A Perfect Fit If You:

  • You already understand that niching matters.
  • You’d like my honest feedback on what you’ve got.
  • You’re willing to show up with your niche summed up into 280 characters to be reviewed. 


Here's What You Get:


We kicked off this semester with four POV Webinars on March 6-9th and an online lab. The recordings of these will be available and woven into your course content.


MONDAYS (2am-10am PST) – NICHING PRACTICE CALLS: Nothing will keep you struggling with articulating your POV more than trying to be everything to everybody. Once a week, you can gather with other members, and do a small exercise on your niche to take a step towards greater clarity. These are at 2am and 10am PST every Monday.


Note: You will need to dig into the content before the live calls but we’ll explain all of this in detail on the first call. 

There will be two live calls each Tuesday, 90 minutes each, hosted by myself for the first six weeks. They will be at 10am and 6pm Pacific Time. 

TUESDAYS (3pm PST) – COMMUNITY COLLABORATION CALLS: Feeling too close to your POV and want some external perspective? Join with other members to coach each other through the tough spots. 

WEDNESDAYS (9am PST) – COPY CLINIC: Got some POV nuggets you’re wanting to polish? The copy clinic can help you hone the wording on your write up about it to make sure it’s as clear and compelling as possible. 

THURSDAYS (2am & 10am PST) – STUDY HALL: From April 6th, you will have twelve weeks of POV focused Study Hall Sessions. They happen every Thursday at 2am and 10am Pacific Time. These calls will help you integrate and implement the content from the live calls and beyond. 

FRIDAY (12pm PST) – WEEKLY LIVE Q&A CALL WITH TAD: Every week, you get an hour long call with Tad to ask him for help on anything, POV related or not.

To visually sum it up, you’ve got your calls from this Semester’s program plus the following…

You'll Also Get...

DEEP DIVE INTEGRATION CALL: At the end of this semester, you’ll get to attend a three-hour session focused on you actually doing the work and getting direct feedback from myself and your fellow members. It’s us tying the bow on the bouquet of all the work we’ve done together. This semester’s Deep Dive will be on June 30th, 2023 from 8am-11am PST. 

BONUS CONTENT: There is an incredible amount of bonus material on this topic divided as neatly as we could. 

TWO EBOOKS: You’ll get a copy of my eBook Point of View Marketing and Don’t Market Yourself. Market Your Message. This material is the result of a decade of work and research, and thousands of dollars in filming, editing, designing and transcribing to get it “just right.”

In This Semester You Will:

  • Have the chance to map out your own POV like never have before (and get feedback from the group).
  • Get direct, candid and supportive feedback on your POV from other members. 
  • Have a chance to ask me your toughest questions on POV and how to translate the theory into your business. 

This Is Likely Not A Fit For You If You:


Three Compelling Reasons To Sign Up:

Reason #1: Incredibly affordable.

When I ran this workshop for the public, it was only $300 USD for 30-days, which is incredibly affordable. This year, I require participants to join my Pro Membership for at least the duration of the Program they’re joining. This means that this program is even MORE affordable, because my Membership is $300 USD for three months not $300 USD for 30-days.


Reason #2: The whole damned library of my content neatly organized. 

All of my videos, articles, eBooks and courses are in the Membership (all included for the price of admission). What’s in there? You can get a sense of the topics by digging into my Membership Guide.

You’ll also get access to other videos, pulled out from our weekly membership coaching calls there too that you’ll never find on YouTube.

You’ll find my content organized by industry so you can find what’s most relevant to you.


Reason #3: A distraction free and highly supportive infrastructure. 

We use Mighty Networks as our platform and so the only notifications you’ll get (which you can control as you like) will be related to growing your business not sweet cat memes from your high school friend. You’ll have a platform where you can ask questions of other participants and members and get needed help

Any questions?

Stay human,


PS Make sure you confirm time zones for the dates of the calls. 

PPS If, at any point, for any reason, you want to drop out of the Membership, you’re welcome to go with no hassles or hard feelings. There’s no minimum time commitment.

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