Niching For Hippies – October/November 2013



Riitta Veijalainen

riitta (at) viheri (dot) com

I am and have always been a seeker…a seeker for answers to life’s questions. I’ve tried and done many things in my life professionally, experienced a lot of turmoil, disappointments and change…only to find that my calling is to help others to find their own answers to their questions, so that they can better navigate in their own lives. I do that by offering my integrative coaching services to spiritually oriented people who are willing to embark on a journey of deep exploration of their inner world.

I live in Finland, am a soon 49 years young (lol) mother of 3 fabulous kids – who have been a constant source of challenges and life lessons for me. 2 of them have already spread their wings, live on their own, and challenge me a little less and somewhat differently nowadays 🙂 I’ve been married 3 times, and was widowed a little over a year ago…lost the love of my life (who, btw, was a US citizen) to a rapidly progressing cancer… And last but not the least: I have a “weird” sense of humor. That’s probably what has kept me going through life’s turmoils…and also the reason why I like Tad so much… 😉


Hannah Tomsic

tangokranj (at) yahoo (dot) com

At the moment, I want to make the biggest difference in the world by being a fully present mommy to my 1-year-old daughter. Being a single mom, though, and having a spirit that never stops learning, I want to grow from my recent profession of teaching tango into the coaching field. I’m already coaching a small group of self-employed mothers with heart-inspired businesses, but would also like to draw on my personal experience of a burnout that made me change from working for a major financial organization to leading a responsible life of healing, dancing and encouraging people.


Tracy Beckes

tracy (at) tracybeckes (dot) com


Christine Sprague

christinelsprague (at) gmail (dot) come

Licensed Professional Counselor – private practice for one and a half years. Worked four years in community mental health and community corrections as a therapist. 

Served in the Peace Corps from 2009 – 2011 in Suriname, South America, with my spouse. 

Undergrad in Health Care Administration and Gerontology. Managed nursing homes and assisted living centers for frail elderly for 12 years. Then did a 5 year stint as a project manager with Xerox’s color printer division before getting my master’s in counseling in 2006.


Janette Dalgliesh

janette (at) sweetreliefcoaching (dot) com

I’m the Sweet Relief Coach. I take cutting edge brain science and deliberate creation and make practical everyday tools to enable smart but frustrated people create the life they want. My current focus is on helping resolve “stuck” thoughts and emotions that have previously been resistant to change, with my Vibration Rehab program. I’m also writing an ebook exploring the role of the brain as the mechanism by which the Law of Attraction (LOA) works for humans. I’m a fan of energy work, and a science geek. I’m also a gifted numerologist and I’m learning astrology – both from an LOA perspective.

My fans (I have some!) say what they love about me is my capacity to believe in them when they can’t see it; my clarity of thought and intuition; my compassion; my sense of humour and how I engage their ability to laugh; and the very way I translate arcane material into plain English (both esoteric and science-based). An astrologer would say I walk the dual path of practical task-master Saturn and ineffable dreamy Neptune.

Can anyone else spot why I want help with my niching????!!!!! 😉


KellyKelly Miller

kellyamiller1980 (at) gmail (dot) com

I’m Kelly and live in the North West of England. I’m 33 and work full time in local government. I’m developing my own business and can’t wait to get started with this programme. I am a coach and training to be a retreat coach. I won’t be able to make all of the calls as I teach a meditation class at the same time but I will listen in straight away and I will be active in the groups.


Gail Reed

gail (at) gailreed (dot) com






tinaTina Cunningham

tinanz (at) gmail (dot) com

While I am Canadian born and raised, I lived in New Zealand and Australia for the past seventeen years. I traveled extensively attending educational and health seminars in many countries, where I discovered my keen interest in pursuing a career in natural health. I am a qualified Ayurvedic Medicine (a natural health care system of ancient Indian origin) practitioner, and completed my Masters Degree of Public Health at the University of Queensland. I am a teacher of nutrition based on Ayurvedic principles and my own personal experiences. With my recent experience, of my daughter of seven months being diagnosed with cancer.

Through my experience my key objective is to help support people who are going through cancer or as in my case a parent of a young child with cancer. With my natural health background it was a very challenging time for me to be stuck in a system of conventional methods when all I wanted to do was leave and treat my daughter with unconventional medicine. I have a story I would love to share with others and let them know that even in the allopathic system there are ways and means to thrive, discover wellness and maintain joy in a very illness orientated system. The personal journey has shed new insights to health, lifestyle and nutrition; my baby girl is now a very happy healthy sixteen month old and cancer free.


Sandra headshotSandra Wayne

 leeslw1960 (at) gmail (dot) com

I am a 52 year old who two years ago got outsourced from my job and decided to travel the road of starting my own business. I looked at a lot of different areas and decided that the best route would be to start a busy around my skills of office and facilities management over 20 years. I got a website, designed an info. product and went exactly no where. At this point I have put that pretty much into stasis because I know in the heart that is a big piece of the puzzle missing around the work and the value I want to express through my business.

The other big part of my life is that I am a caretaker and have been since the age of five. I know somewhere is the work and the value that I can best add to the world and I believe this course will help me find it.


Jo Birns

 jo (at) jobirns (dot) com 

Jo Birns is a Licensed Acupuncturist with advanced training in 5 Element Style and Japanese Acupuncture.

She brings an incredible attunement to the physical body honed with years of training and practice in Bodywork, (Orthopedic Shiatsu, Chinese Tuina Massage, Swedish, and Polarity), and with 15 years of dance training.

She also holds advanced certification in Luminous Body Energy Medicine, a subtle- body practice which effectively unwinds past trauma and incomplete emotional processes stored in the body and its energetic layers.

She is deeply committed to supporting her patient’s healing so they can blossom fully and better support their loved ones, families, communities and ecosystems.


Niels Corfield

ediblecities (at) gmail (dot) com

Niels Corfield has been studying sustainable agriculture since 2005, did his first permaculture design course with the Earth Activist Training group in 2006, and has been working to develop a range of very practical skills ever since. In particular Niels specialises in forest gardening, polycultures, mushroom technology and propagation methods as well as researching and designing composting, irrigation and rain water harvesting systems. He runs Cobden Road Permaculture Project, has designed and implemented a permaculture design for the gardens at Cornerstone Housing co-op where he lives and runs a specialist permaculture plant nursery. Niels runs regular workdays, plant skills and applied permaculture training sessions across Leeds, since 2007. He is passionate about forest gardening and edible landscapes.

He has been running a sustainable environmental business (Edible Cities) since 2007. Offering services, plants and materials to the community and domestic sector.


JanisJanis Rosen

janisrosen (at) shaw (dot) ca

My skills, talents and abilities lie in the areas of personal, metaphysical and spiritual growth and transformation. My tools are working with the subconscious using hypnosis and other right brain techniques to help people change patterns, beliefs, and transform limiting internal narratives, counselling to help people deal with the past and coaching to help people create the future they desire.

For the past 30 years I’ve worked with individuals, couples and groups and have my own practice. In the 90’s I trained as facilitator and worked with organizations in Strategic Planning. That was a big transition from working with individuals to working with organizations. I created a company with two other women called Creative Life Institute. I began to write and present my own workshops, still to this day. Once a year we offered individuals a week of self-created workshops designed for people explore their creativity and inspire them to live their dreams. My partners did much of the marketing and I did much of the creative. (Marketing scared me and they were really good at it, so I managed to successfully avoid it back then.)

I began a new transition and transformation about 3 years ago. I felt unhappy with my business and stifled for a number of years but didn’t know what to do about it. I took Tad’s Marketing for Hippies workshop and that changed everything and opened up for me a new direction and new creativity. My self-image changed by seeing myself as a creative entrepreneur. I started to look new ways I could use the wisdom I have, and find new forms for my work including creating more of an online presence, learning social media, etc. I began to develop my work as a coach, and developed a program on transformational weight loss called Growing Bigger on the Inside. (I am still scared of marketing, but taking it step by step 🙂


LeeLee Miller

coachleemiller (at) gmail (dot) com

Owner, designer, everything-er at Pink Bubble Gum Websites. Love it….but want to keep focused on what brings me joy. Seemed to get pulled in many directions and want to keep centered on making the main thing, the main thing.

Live a mobile life with my hubby of 30 years — we live full time in our motorhome with our yellow lab. We’re in our senior years and still cranking at living our dreams.


MelissaMelissa Wright

melissa (at) tropic (dot) org (dot) uk

Trying to push a circle into a square hole is how my working life has felt up until the time I began training to be a Life Coach in late 2011. Being a fun loving free spirit who lived on the beach in Greece for several years without a care in the world, it was hard coming back to ‘civilisation’ to do Uni. However I fell in love with my subject area of Linguistics, as I have always been fascinated by how people interact with each other. Fast forward several years with 8 years of study and a fancy-free year of teaching in Italy, I have now been lecturing in ‘communication’ for 7+ years at Uni. However, this work has never felt right for me. It’s basically a suffocating office job.

Branching into coaching in 2011 was like a breath of fresh air. I suddenly felt like I’d found the reason I was put on this Earth. I was able to bring all of my being to coaching and see the wonderful openings and connections that people experienced. I seem to carry some kind of energy which facilitates people coming home to themselves and opening up in a true and authentic way. And coaching could let that breathe and percolate out into the world in a new and beautiful way. I’m ready and hungry to let this really fly now and find its way!

Right now, I am still in my Uni job – just dropped to four days a week. My coaching business is not really up and running as I recently had a year of sick leave after a bike accident at the time of doing the last part of my coaching training and was going to set the business flying. I’ve just met the man of my dreams/my fiance, who has the home for my heart and the home for my feet out in Morocco. So I am planning on moving there next year and running retreats (in our beautifully basic place by the sea!) as well as doing my coaching stuff online. I’m ready to work out what I am offering, to who, how, why, where and when! 🙂 Exciting times!


IoannaMatsouli_isIoanna Matsouli

matsouli (dot) ioanna (at) gmail (dot) com

Born in Greece, my curious nature and sensitivities have led me to experiencing changing environments adapting to multicultural challenges the true Renaissance-Soul style. Quasi-quadrilingual, I have lived and worked in Greece, England, France and Brazil. I hold a Ph.D. in Physics from Warwick University in the UK and the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in France. In Grenoble, I shifted careers to technical marketing and worked as product manager for networked audio startup Digigram as well as for semiconductor giants ST Microelectronics and e2v. Over the years, I have launched and failed various activities and am currently struggling with my actual (ad)venture. I also read and met various contemporary philosophers and spiritual teachers and have become passionate about personal and collective transformation initiatives and their effect on our culture. In the last couple of years I has been accompanying and guiding people with professional reinventions via my coaching practice Accompagnement Evolutif. I have recently launched the blog Coworking Intelligence exploring the intersection between creativity, learning and collaboration.

Based in Annecy-France, you can also find me on Linkedin in/ioannamatsouli, Twitter @IoannaMatsouli and Pinterest.


markMark Leruste

mark (d0t) leruste (at) gmail (dot) com

Hi! I’m Mark, born and raised in Fontainebleau, France, but currently living in London, England, and working as a full time men’s health charity worker while trying to launch my coaching business for budding social entrepreneurs on the side. In fact I’ve been juggling a double life for the past four years now (I was previously co-running an online tailoring suit company for men from 2009-2011) but I still haven’t made the big jump to self-employment. Really excited to finally be part of Tad’s great work! 


trishaTrisha Rockwell

trisha (at) trisharockwell (dot) com

I am a nature lover and leading retreats in the outdoors is my passion. I’ve always felt like a bit of an outsider in a very small conservative Christian community. People often tell me that they feel like they’ve known me forever and I like that. I have failed financially many times before. I am ready to do some deeper work through the niching program to find my focus. I have two kids who are watching everything I do and my biggest hope is that they will learn to courageously become their truest self.


Jim Dalling

jim.dalling (at) gmail (dot) com


I am an artist and creative coach. I create masks, workshops and performances that are intimate, personal and magical. I can help you create aesthetic experiences and exchanges that bring you in contact with yourself and others in the here and now.

I lead workshops for actors, artists, youth, caring professionals and educators alike.

As a drama and education consultant, I strive to scaffold activities that empower people and build teams. My innovative approach includes collaborative participant focused curriculum planning, theme based custom workshops and a holistic vision for the arc of a course.

In educator centred workshops I focus on non verbal / non literary approaches to drama building that integrate curriculum based learning expectations while providing a fun forum to experiment with alternative modes of deriving performances.

A graduate of both Dalhousie University and The Dell Arte International School of Physical Theatre, I am currently training to be a psychotherapist at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto. I have also trained with Canadian physical theatre legends Primus Theatre and in Paris with Philppe Gaulier. From 2005 to 2011, I have been mentored by and worked with internationally acclaimed performer, mask maker and writer Rob Faust. I have also appeared in theatres and festivals across Canada, and in New York, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco.


I am a clown / artist / mask maker / storyteller / Gestalt psychotherapy student.

For me, being a clown is deeply rooted in my spirituality. In my world, levity is the force of the irrational. It exists but it can’t be measure by science. Levity is the prime mover, the great expander, the root of all resilience, of evolution, creation and the source of all awe. My creation myth begins with the Big Bang. The big bang in fact, was the first joke and the origin of universal levity.

My grandfather was my hero. He was a woodcutter, a mighty man. When I was in the 12th grade, I watched as cancer drained the life from this giant of a man. As he was dying, he came to see me perform a school play. I was a clown character. He laughed and laughed. After the performance for just a moment a brief while, it seemed as though my grandfather’s life was restored. He had color back in his skin. He beamed as he pumped my hand up and down and told me how proud he was of me. That’s how I remember him. Healthy. Glowing. Laughter healed him for just a moment.

Fast forward 18 years. Settled in Toronto, married with two kids, I was moderately happy in my little career, making masks, shaping surfboards, working as an arts educator (leading workshops focused on personal development) performing here and there – earning a bit of money – not that much, but enough, when my wife – the love of my life and the main breadwinner in our home – was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic breast cancer.

You can read more about that stuff here. This starts pretty late in the story.

And here if you like. This is a post I wrote about my experience.

Good news: Laura’s been no evidence of disease for two years now and her doctors expect her to be around for a long time… Again, the details are all in her blog.


I had to do something. So I went to see my therapist. He suggested that given my creativity and my dedication to personal growth, I might make an excellent psychotherapist. So I signed up at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto. I’m in my 3rd year of a 4 year programme. It’s a great place. Now I’m creating workshops using mask and clowning that build teams, foster empathy, energize creativity, give people a chance to try new ways of being in the world, boost moral and turn organizational structures on their heads.

Now I need to find people to sell this stuff to and make money doing it. Money isn’t the only thing for me at all, but I’d like to make an assload of it doing something important that I love with and for good people so I can provide a comfortable living for my family.

Oh and I want to go surfing.


emilyEmily McMason

emily (at) evolvingparents (dot) com

I am the daughter of a pediatrician and an English major, and I inherited the sciences and arts in equal measure.

Who I am is how I coach.

I love drawing imagery and metaphor for clients just as I love helping them see the living systems dynamics of their family.

I recognize that personhood & parenthood are entwined, and coaching one is incomplete without acknowledging and addressing the other.

How did I arrive at coaching? It started with the stars. The sense of awe and wonder – of the numinous- that lead me to study astrophysics as an undergraduate at Wellesley College. Then I wanted to share that awe with others- so I went to Harvard University and earned a Master’s in Education and became a high school physics teacher.

While at Harvard I met my love. We later married. Then had our son. My teaching stopped as we struggled through four and a half years of our son’s chronic illness before finding the right diagnosis. Then I had our daughter.

After the experiences of our early parenting journey, I wanted to switch sides – supporting and educating the parenting side of families. So, because everyone always wants more student loans, I went back to school and earned a graduate-level certification in parent coaching from Seattle Pacific University.

And here I am.

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