Niching for Hippies 2013 Cohort

Alexandra Weinberger
I’m a doula based in Toronto. My background is in politics and social activism so I know very little about the ins and outs of being in business for myself and of marketing my services, however I’m open to learning!
I’ve been in business for myself since last fall. It was slow starting out initially, but work is starting to pick up. I’m doing this program to learn more about niching and marketing to hopefully continue growing my business and get more of the type of clients and doula work that I would like (and enough to sustain me financially).
Amber Armstrong
I am an unemployed (by choice), ex health care worker who is working on the completion of a 288 sq.ft. Cabin/house in Halkirk, AB.  My husband Andy does most of the building…I design with my background in Permaculture.   I am currently taking a Naturalist Training Course through home study.  I love it.  Nature is the soil of my soul.  I am an introvert who becomes an extrovert in safe situations.  These are classified as places where similar minds meet to discuss important issues, topics, passions.  I have spent the past three years learning who I am, what I love, what I hate, and where I belong.  I am closer to the idea, but still question the sincerity of my “conclusions”.
I am wanting to use our 80 acre parcel of prairie land to teach about nature, patterning, gardening, wilderness survival, and more.  I wish to teach children, as I believe that deep roots in nature can grow a connection to nature that is profound.  They can teach their parents, and together we can all do our part to enrich the earth.
Andrea Rivas
Hola! My name is Andrea. Technically I don’t have a business yet, but I am working on seriously up-ping my Yoga career. 🙂 I’m half Mexican half Filipina and lived all my life in Manila, Philippines till I graduated from University (Forest Products Engineering, eg. TREES!) back in 2005. Then I went on vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico…and I haven’t been home since. 🙂 I have a 2year+8moon old daughter, Ananta Malaya, and I graduated from a Yoga Alliance registered school in June of 2012.

 I’m reaaaally into stretching :), Nature-tripping, good music/food/conversations, and even better company (Conscious Humans in the Universe…hello!). I also have a thing for the 13-moon calendar, and my business idea involves mixing what I know (and I still have A LOT to study) into what I call “Natural Time Yoga.” I don’t think it exists yet…but I haven’t really checked 🙂
Anne Cavazos
Greetings everyone! I’m very excited about this program and looking forward to meeting you all. Some of my background: I worked as a geologist and project manager for environmental firms for almost 20 years.  In 2008 I decided to study sustainability consulting and in 2009 I formed a non-profit called Sustainable San Ramon  I want to transition to sustainability consulting but am having trouble deciding on who would need these services and how to set it apart from my non-profit.
Serving as president of SSR I am involved in almost every aspect of the organization. For income, I have thought about helping businesses but so many clients are already doing this. I would like to help the city but they have a budget crunch and are not hiring. Working with individuals would be another option that I’m interested in.  Also I really try to practice what I preach but still have work to do on my personal sustainability.  I also practice holistic yoga and have a deep spiritual desire to help people and planet.
I also am married to my DH for over 20 years and have 2 boys ages 10 and 13 and 3 rescue cats.  I want to integrate everything I’m doing and have to live a sustainable life as well.

Art Charlton
My name is Art and I ran my own business – ProSPEAK – for 18 years where I booked keynote speakers into conferences across North America. In addition I have contracted w. a non – profit agency in Victoria called Business Victoria where we help folks start their own businesses. I’ve dealt with over 2,000 clients over the past 13 years. My strengths are facilitating workshops (Market Research, Marketing, Time Management, Business Planning) and in 1 on 1 mentoring. I’ve observed that often the  two major stumbling blocks for start ups are: dealing with the “financials” and understanding and taking action on the “marketing piece.” I know from working with Tad that his approach to marketing can make a huge contribution for those who are struggling with their businesses. Looking forward to working with you all. 🙂
Autumn Estrella Brighid
Autumn Estrella Brighid is a coach, trainer, and speaker who emphasizes the transformative power of self-compassion.  Her interests (+ tools in her “boat”) include ecology, permaculture, nonviolent communication (nvc), ayurveda, yoga, energy healing, NLP, and waldorf education.  She has previously tried the niches of “NVC enthusiasts” and “medicine women,” but struggled to see success in them.  Her longer-term vision includes becoming a certified ayurvedic practitioner, professional herbalist, and perhaps a midwife, which makes her think that choosing a niche somewhere in wellness matches her underlying sense of purpose. It’s the connection between body, emotions, mind, and spirit that gets her really engaged with life and supporting her clients. She’s looking forward to finding a niche that aligns her deeper sense of purpose, what she has to offer now, and the people who will benefit from it.

Beth Lenco
Well. I’m 42. Living in Hubbards Nova Scotia. I am a painter and a shamanic practitioner. Trained at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, among other places. I have a few major life projects on the go. I paint abstract art, as well as more detailed spiritually focused paintings by commission. I teach classes on creativity for artists. I also see clients and students for shamanic healing and training. I have a strong fondness for clients who have trouble earthing themselves and who also have difficulties with the paranormal or mythological.  I also create local stone and flower essences. And I read tarot. I play music and run, practice yoga and weight lift for fun and exercise. I am a nature fanatic. I also love food, wine, motorcycles, and swearing. Can I say that? I am 100% devoted to my dogs.
Brian Skerrett
Trainer/coach/business consultant;  in business since 1975; semi-retired but still want to continue; have energy and ideas and determined to work on ways to make my contribution; money secondary. Interests include social justice, the environment and climate change concerns,  psychology, meditation, business, leadership, music, especially jazz, blues, old rock, world politics,
my Welsh Springer Spaniel, learning just about anything, history, spirituality, Haiti, my grandson, family. I am a widower since last April; still reeling from that loss but gradually adjusting. I started an Employee Assistance Program in 1979 and sold it 20 years later after it was international in scope–Canada, U.S. and Mexico.  Ran my training/coaching/consulting practice at same time as EAP and continued it after EAP was sold.

Carla Golden
I am a mom-preneur on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina,USA writing about nutrition for those who wish to use food as a medium for spiritual growth, a relaxation massage therapist in private practice specializing in therapeutic essential oils, and an advocate for alternative healthcare through my national online holistic healthcare practitioner directory. My life & schedule are completely flexible to accommodate my first loves: husband, child, pets and home. You are invited to visit my world of entrepreneurial passion through this online door:

Catherine Oleksiw
I am recreating myself.  Laid off in July 2012.  Decided to take advantage of my luck (?) and strike out on my own.  Still struggling with What I want to offer to clients.  Have been in education research and evaluation for most of my career.  The most meaningful work for me was not conducting research/evaluation but providing technical assistance to help others do their own evaluations.  I usually ended up coaching folks on feeling better about their current role or other issues that went way beyond evaluation design.  Have a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology.  I loved the learning; have always been a student of some sort. Have a passion for education and for others having access to education if they want it.  I want to coach people on setting education and related career goals and then finding their way through the academic, bureaucratic, and political quagmire of higher education.  I know how unpredictable that journey can be.  My education and career path was far from linear.  My heart rests in the context of learning and using it to develop the talents and gifts that God gave each of us.  There’s a spiritual aspect to all of this for me, too.  Not sure how to frame it for my “tribe” wherever they be.  Will learn from others here, I hope.

Chelsea Coghill
Truly meaningful results can occur when we work on ourselves in concert from the outside-in and from the inside-out. I have come from being overweight, depressed, anxious, on meds and avoiding to waking up and learning that I am FAR more powerful than I had allowed myself to be. I have since released over 120 lbs, lived abroad, completed a Bsc in Psychology and now teach group fitness classes and yoga. What is even more meaningful is watching how my influence has had significant impacts in the lives of others. It is my purpose to serve and support others in waking up and creating the results that truly brings meaning to their lives – lets start with the physical body being the foundation that houses the mind and soul!
I help women gain more confidence, strength and a more loving relationship with their body by supporting their commitment to a serious upgrade in self care. I do this by leading Creation Circles, which are facilitated Mastermind groups – a great way to have accountable support and access to the wealth of expertise, inspiration and resources that the group provides.
Claudia Neely
Hippie chick Claudia Neely is an artist, poet, and spiritual counselor, working locally in SW Pennsylvania, as well as online.  Using totems, avatars, religious symbols and archetypes, Claudia helps adults of all ages and abilities explore and grow into a more authentic sexuality, including healthier and more meaningful relationships.  Combining her work in fiber arts, her decades of work in Rape Crisis counseling and sexuality healing, her ordination as a Unitarian Universalist minister and her decade of helping children, teens and adults on the autism spectrum, Claudia blends art, spirituality, concrete behavioral objectives and outside-the-box fun to widen the possibilities for all peoples to create their own relationships and sexual lives.  And above all, she promotes play and learning as both healing and a fundamental human right.
Dabney Alix
Hi everyone! I live in Oakland, CA and am in the first year of my business as a healer and spiritual mentor.  I practice a variety of energy healing modalities, intuitive guidance and life coaching.  I am beginning to hone in a niche and currently am a total generalist and excited for some extra guidance.  I have a background in Health Science and at one point wanted to become a naturopathic doctor.  I love the intersection of science, spirituality and the super “woo-woo” which I love to make more digestable to folks who are interested in consciousness and personal development.  My favorite people to work with are the natural healers in their early to mid twenties who are grappling with being sensitive and different and wondering if they might be crazy.  (This was me at one time).  I am a Reiki Master and host monthly Reiki shares and teach classes as well.  Not really know what I wanted to do, I decided I’d just have fun doing what I love which is to talk about the energetics of Manifestation–  even though I had some success with enrollment here, it is a really difficult niche (if you can call it one).  I could also be called an artist, a runner, a fiance, a foodie and of course, a hippie.

Debbie Loshbough
I began as a part-time massage therapist and burnt out fairly quickly.  I always hung on to my I.T. job.  After all, it paid well and I was good at it.  I went to a Louse Hay conference for my 50th birthday, and ‘accidentally’ ended up in Dr. Darren Weissman’s seminar, knowing nothing about him or his work.  I had a profound experience and knew this is what I was supposed to be doing.  I call this the most powerful work nobody’s ever heard of, and I’m not sure why nobody’s ever heard of it – he is a Hay House author, and has a show on Hay House radio.   I have recently taken ‘the leap’ into a full time healing practice.  While my appointment book is far from full, I know I must stand in my truth as a healing practitioner.  My consciousness has shifted so much, I almost cannot go back to I.T.  I have helped many people with many issues (works for everything – sound familiar?) and was featured twice in Dr. Weissman’s  second book.    I have facilitated profound healing work.  I am deeply compassionate and great when in ‘healer mode’.  I love to take on tough cases, people with strange illnesses, or those who have been unable to get help from the medical community or other resources.  I am very passionate about what I do.
When I read the 22 myths it was like reading my own story.  My biggest issue is being socially awkward, shy, and feeling like talking to people about this is ‘selling’.  I hate selling, and I hate to be sold to, so I will be delighted to learn how to just talk to people. Additionally, I have an extremely difficult time understanding how/why I should limit a technique that is so powerfully unlimited.  But you have convinced me that I must.  Reading is not my best learning mode.  My best learning comes from hearing and experiencing, so I am greatly looking forward to the calls, even though I know there is a lot to read behind all of it. Very excited.

Debbie Lynangale
After fifteen years working overseas and in the U.S. as a Foreign Service Officer (diplomat), I went back to graduate school and refocused my attention on training, social justice and working with conflict.  Building on those studies, a couple years ago, my partner and I began the slow process of developing a business to pursue our interest in social change by building collaborations – helping groups and individuals develop good processes for effectively working together.  But it’s been slow going, and I’m increasingly clear that this issue of a niche is one that I/we need to address if the business is going to be viable.
I’m originally from Arizona and New Mexico, I’ve moved around a lot, and am currently building my home ties to Wendell, a small town in western Massachusetts.  My office is in a yurt, where we’ve been fortunate to have some cozy workshops looking out over the state forest that surrounds us.  I enjoy live music and theater, dancing, hiking, cooking and traveling, and, together with my partner, participate in several local activist campaigns and community groups.
Elio Scudieri
Chevalisa and Elio will be taking the course together in service of our new business, Relationship Ecology, which offers a new paradigm in how couples get counseling. The basic gist is: a couple will get counsel from both a male and female counselor at the same time, while being witnessed by other couples. Couples will alternate in and out of the “hot seat”. Our goal is to break the isolation barrier, and help couples form supportive networks with each other.
The two of us live in Santa Cruz, CA and have been collaboratively seeing couples for nearly 3 years.
Erica Kubanek
Hi! I am a newly minted naturopathic doctor and I have just opened my practice in Calgary, Alberta. As a native Albertan I wasn’t sure that coming back from Vancouver, where I trained, was what I wanted to do. But here I am. I am practicing in an established clinic where I have a mentor and a contemporary with whom I really like working. I feel like I am ready to launch into this fantastic form of medicine.
After a quick month with my shingle out and my door open, I feel like I am… not sure who should come see me, why they should come see me, what I have to offer them and how to get them to come see me. And so… no one has come to see me. Surprise!
After so much love and time and sweat and tears and money put into my education it seems crazy that I don’t have a clear vision. But I don’t. And at the same time, I am so excited to be here, with my doors open at long last. I am also so totally motivated to get clear and to get busy and have fun doing it. So thats a little about me.

Evonne Smuders
I’ve always considered myself a Jill of many skills. My insatiable love of learning has lead me down many career paths in my life. The careers that have been the greatest teachers have been the ones that touch the real meat of life.  Midwife, artist, mother and grandmother. Now as I enter the third phase of my life I have chosen a new road to travel….. Permaculture. As I delve into the depths of the practice I’m seeing a path being laid out for me. It’s the connection between women, the earth and the spiritual awakening that happens when we open to the wisdom of nature.  Don’t get me wrong, I can talk solar panels all day, but what really lights my hair on fire is seeing women explore that deep nature connection.

Frances Savage
Hi, I’m in transition right now having just resigned from my job as an RN to create work that I love.  I’ve been a nurse for 17 years.  I was a massage therapist for 20 years and now want to create a life coaching business.   I live in Santa Fe, NM.  I moved here from Virginia Beach, VA 4 years ago.

Geneviève Côté
Mom of 3, Clinical herbalistt starting my practice and trying to figure out my niche! I know I want to help people with agoraphobia and panic disorder but not exclusively, I am also passionate about teaching diy people how to make their own home remedies and how to used medicinal plants food and lifestyle to improve their health.

Irene Dzerowicz
I am a Holistic Nutritionist who specializes in educating the masses about the value of nutrient dense eating for anti aging and vitality. I am also a Health Coach and Wellness Consultant who works with clients in the Not Profit Sector. As I value the importance of good nutrition, I also value exercise as being the other half of the picture to healthy, vibrant living and am in the completion stages of adding Personal Training to my repertoire.

Jacquelyn Schroeder
Two ways my life is expressed:
One is Staging Homes for Sale, inspired by my success with occupying higher-end homes that have lagged behind on the market and accelerating their sale schedule (came about by my needing affordable housing while practicing my trade as an artist).
Two is Facilitating Client (art therapy, autistic, home schoolers, private schools art programs, etc.) encounters with art making in a safe and successful process primarily with Improvisational Painting to Music.
Jacquelyn Faulkner Schroeder Acrylics ~ Art Quilt ~ Mixed Media
Outside its material and cultural context, Jacquelyn’s artwork maintains a strength and relevancy of its own. From stitched wall hangings (either quilted or stretched and framed), acrylics painted in an improvisational mode while in the presence of live music, to an unrelated variety of dimensional stabile or kinetic explorations in mixed media, her work reveals a boundless appetite for exploration of form and subject coupled with a personal and time-honored commitment to craft.
Complex surfaces of acrylic paint, or dismantled and altered fabrics,  interact with bold imagery, unexpected combinations of color and value, burning and tearing, machine- and hand-stitched line-work, exploration of form, and a narrowing of focus on the image, as if by cropping — these are the tools of her trade.
Content flows into this artist’s work from the process of improvisation… silence, physical movement, and the trusting of intuition. In evidence, after the fact of creation, is that her work is primarily informed by an intimate relationship with the natural world, spirituality, and body movement. It is the result of trust in improvisation that points her work in  directions of innovation.
What is next? Intrigued by the notion of creating new references for process, based on the natural processes of staining, fracturing, and erosion found in nature, she aspires to capture and communicate the essence of abstraction  that is evident in nature as a result of these processes.

Joshua Krilov
From the age of 13 I thought I wanted to become a filmmaker. I read endless books, went to film school, made some short films, went to festivals, worked on productions and had a good amount of success. I then realized I was a terrible director and wanted to become better.  So I took a level one improvisation class to help me understand what actors went though. I was hooked and my life changed. I did all the levels, started teaching, worked my way up to artistic director of the largest theater in Austin, and performed at festivals all over. Something wasn’t right. I realized that all of my improv classes were more like personal growth seminars. I’ve been studying that sort of stuff for over 15 years. So I decided to pursue life coaching.
Now, I’m a certified life coach and have a handful of private one on one clients and work at a destination spa where I teach wellness classes and have private one on one sessions with guests. And a couple times a week I run the challenge course. No place for coaching like 40 feet in the air standing on a wire.
I stepped down as artistic director but I still teach and perform improv every week. I also was involved with a program that turns 3rd graders’ original stories into a performance for the kids. So fun.
I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

Joy Caffrey
Hello Tad and community members,  I am Joy Caffrey from Fayetteville AR.  As a recent empty nester, I am ready to dive more deeply into my calling and make myself more visible and serve a wider circle. Creativity, joy, and compassion move through me with ease, intensity and grace. I am delighted to engage with you over the next six weeks. Here is a more formal info.
Joy Caffrey, is a healer, yoga teacher and artist. She has been offering private healing sessions for 20 years. She holds her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and is a graduate (1995) of Living Lessons a 2 year Energy Medicine Program.
Joy’s gifts as a healer are in her ability to read the energetic language of the body, track the origin of emotional defenses, and reveal the innate wisdom stored within each person. She helps her clients move information from their subconscious into consciousness. This frees them from emotional defenses and empowers them to respond to their own needs. Joy uses hands-on techniques and toning as a means of accessing information and as a catalyst for movement within the energy field. This work is done with deep respect for the individual. Each session offers an opportunity for the client to connect with their whole being, experience unconditional love and open more deeply to self love. She teaches workshops on such topics as Dissolving Dysfunctional Power Cords, Tools for Personal Empowerment, The Power of Toning, Understanding the Human Energy Field and more.

Kellie Adkins
Kellie is a mommy, a writer, yoga educator, + holistic health coach juggling her many passions from a ridiculously small town in Central Florida{she’s the one wearing the leopard print leggings}. The founder of Wisdom Method Wellness + the Wisdom Method School of Yoga, Kellie leads teacher trainings + retreats nationwide + wellness coaching via phone or Skype. If you happen to be in Florida’s Bible Belt look her up for some irreverent jokes, a cup of tea, some kick-asana Vinyasa Flow yoga or a deeply restorative Yin practice. When she’s not writing or chasing her toddler or balancing on her hands, you’ll find her knitting sweaters she’ll be able to wear for exactly one day a year.

Kenton Zerbin
I am a teacher by vocation and a permaculturist. I recently went to Australia to do and learn as much permaculture as I could. In those amazing 8 months I did a 10 week internship with Geoff Lawton and came to confirm that my calling was in teaching permaculture and being a catalyst for positive change in the world. Im now back in Canada and I’m finding my “niches.” I am keen to take this course to empower myself, to empower others, to empower themselves.
Other then my story above, I can say I’m a passionate, social and energetic guy. I love the idea of re-skilling, connecting in with and building community, bartering with others for needs and yields and just good old company!

Kirsty Norton
Hi there, I’m Kirsty, the Yoga Geek, I have a yoga blog where I share interesting and inspiring content for yoga passionistas. It started as a passion but now I’d like to make it much more helpful and useful for people and I want to create more of an online program for people wanting to improve their lives. However I need to get clear on exactly what I’m offering and how I’m going to do it so thought this course would be a great way to get clear.

Kristen Engelman
Hi Everyone!
My vocational path has been varied: journalism, television, film, psychology, marketing, makeup artist, natural skin/makeup rep and Mom.  In my forties. . .I’ve discovered how they all fit together (Thank you Jesus! I thought I was crazy for a while).  At my core, I’m a journalist who wants to use multi-media to educate and motivate people to take care of their bodies, minds and souls while enjoying/protecting/respecting this gorgeous planet we live on! Although this sounds quite serious:  I infuse all of my projects with  beauty,a soft heart and lots and lots of humor otherwise they will never get done.
Right now, I’m an educator/consumer advocate helping health-conscious women  to buy the healthiest, non-toxic products for their home/family.  As a natural foods broker, I help holistic personal care brands connect with women and their families.
I live in Chicago but I’m a true Californian.  I look forward to returning someday soon.  I love yoga, hiking, surfing, travel, shopping, decorating, organic farmers, and being a mom. Cheers to you all!
Lesia Zablockij
I currently work fulltime but in my “out of office” hours, I teach Myers Briggs, assist people with grief recovery as well as help people who are stuck in some area of their life so they get clear on what they want and figure out how to get it. I know I don’t like to see people in pain to the point where they are lost and don’t see any value in themselves. I have been told more than once that I have saved someone’s life. What I think I do is provide a safe place for people to open up and explore, feel the pain they need to and move forward. I think I shine a light so they can see what is and always has been there and help them remember (or at least that’s what I try to do).

Lola Fayemi
I’ve been a Life Coach for over 5 years, Mum of a 3 year old boy and Programme Manager for an organisation that offers life coaching to young people in prison. I stepped out of my business last year and decided to focus on learning more about the marketing piece. Niching seems to elude me and I decided I would focus on getting this right this year, so here I am…

Maria  Quintana-Pilling
My name is Maria Quintana-Pilling and I am a certified holistic nutrition consultant and natural chef, specializing in women’s health & digestive issues.  I  received my nutrition training from Bauman College in Berkeley, CA and the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, AZ. 

My interest in nutrition and health began when, in the span of 2 years, my fibroids grew exponentially.  I went from having a few pea-sized tumors to having a full fruit basket.  My uterus grew to the size of a 5-month pregnancy.  That set me on a fantastic journey. What I discovered is that food is a very powerful medicine.  The simple act of eating can heal, rejuvenate and protect you. 

Today my goal is to empower women to take control of their health by taking a look at the things that are within their control — their diet & lifestyle.    I will help them decode the messages that their body is sending them.  Together we will explore ways to incorporate healthful foods and ways to eliminate the stressors that are impact health.  I will work with each woman to find the right balance of where they are today and where they want to be.

Prior to embarking on this journey, I was a financial professional for 17 years.  I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana and my MBA from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business.

Marilyn Edwards
I’m Marilyn. I am an intuitive and have been in the alternative healing field for 19 years. Before that I was a boat captain and an artist. I live in Florida on my little “ranch” plot with my 4 kitties and a peacock! I love Nature and enjoy being outside and would really like to finish my tree house and live in it! I am just returning to work after spending  6 months mostly flat on my back from an injury. I find myself now with a deep appreciation and gratitude for the ability to walk.
I  help people overcome their biggest fears and stuck places so they can see the real beauty inside that they are here to express. I have a lot of knowledge and have helped a lot of people but I still can’t really describe what I do!  I only just got the sentence about “helping people with their biggest fears” from reading Tad’s info so far and looking at the niche contest. 🙂 I also enjoy working with plants and developed a line of aromatherapy. I love working with flower essences and herbs too. Plants talk to me. I listen. 🙂
Because I have a lot of interests and have studied many things it has been hard for me to pinpoint my niche. I am really looking forward to some help with this. It feels to me as if we are working on defining a new paradigm of living (as well as a niche) and it’s important work we will be doing with Tad in this class. I am looking forward to learning from Tad and all of you.
Marion Langford
I’ve always been passionate about work – how it defines us and confines us!   The first third of my career was working to help people achieve the unique dignity of having work.    I worked in funded programs (both locally and provincially) designed to help people find work and develop their basic literacy and life skills to find and/or keep work.   The second third of my career, I became fascinated by how to make workplaces more humane, respectful, and functional for human effort and creativity, so followed my nose into organizational development and leadership training  (while working as a manager in a large complex, corporate environment.)   In the third third of my career, I embarked on creating my own work as an independent solopreneur when I voluntarily left the security of my big organizational job, and launched my own company as a coach (career and management) and a facilitator and consultant with mostly, not-for-profit and government groups.
I’m facing my next evolution (my fourth third?  Ummm…well, you know what I mean).   I’m better at knowing my “boats” than I am my peeps…and I’ve been better at doing what I’ve been asked to do, than I’ve been at declaring my true work.  Time for that to change, and I look forward to sharing my own journey and that of everyone else in this amazing group.
And by the way, this picture IS of me, pre-cancer and pre-chemo.  I have yet to have a decent picture of me with my new, very curly, shorter hair.  Someone OUGHT to write a book for us post-chemo people about how to handle the dramatic changes in our appearance during self-employment… for now, let me just say, a New Picture of me will be under development during this course!
Dr. Mark Zlochin
Well, I’m a former programmer (though some say there is no such a thing as “former” programmers), with PhD in Computer Science, and a “hi-tech drop-out”.
For the last 8 years or so I have been leading various workshops in the “consciousness” and “personal productivity” areas – starting with yoga and rebirthing and, more recently, life-coaching, time management and EFT as major focuses. A lot of “boats”, as you can see, yet very fuzzy about the “islands”…
Here are the links to two of my sites (there are in Hebrew, but I think Google Translate can do wonders nowadays):
The first one is more of a general blog around the central theme of creating flow in life. The second one is dedicated to a certain “boat” – a method I’ve developed called M-Focusing – a fusion of EFT and Focusing techniques, for working with “negative” emotions and limiting patterns/beliefs. What else…
Yes. how I heard about all this – it was through Mark Silver whose Momentum course I’ve taken recently (which by the way made it painfully clear to me how fuzzy I am about my niche).

Mary Choo
I am originally trained as  an Occupational Therapist and Registered Nurse and over the  last thirty years have also explored and trained in a range of natural energy therapies in particular acupuncture, kinesiology, flower essences and theta healing. I now use these skills as a transformational counsellor to help people shift limiting beliefs that are blocking them from creating the life they would love .My work is part of the paradigm shift that we are all experiencing. I use my skills and kinesiology to help people tune in to and get guidance from their bodies own intuitive wisdom and hearts knowing. My work enables people to see that they are truly creators of their world and what appears in their relationships and life situation outside of them is actually being created at an inner level inside themselves from their  subconscious feelings, and beliefs about what is possible in their lives. I  describe myself as a facilitator not a teacher as I  feel people do not need a teacher as we all have the answers to our life’s challenges inside us Working in this way empowers people to trust themselves and makes changes in their lives without being fearful of other people’s judgement and criticism. I am currently writing a self-help book about this process and how people can use it to help themselves.

Megan Chaskey
Megan Chaskey, born in New Mexico and resident on the east end of Long Island, NY (with her husband, an organic farmer and poet, and their three children) is a yoga and yoga therapies teacher, spiritual coach, healing practitioner, poet and musician who has been teaching for over twenty years. She became certified in yoga in 2000, the same year she started teaching yoga and meditation at Ross High School in East Hampton, NY, and has been teaching yoga to adults and children as well as music and writing in various venues ever since. Further certified in Naam Yoga and Harmonyum Healing in 2005, she continually deepens her study of Divine Spiritual Wisdom and Universal Kabbalah. Her healing treatment sessions offer a varied repertoire that includes Harmonyum, Naam Yoga Therapy, meditation therapy, and energy medicine techniques. A professional musician, she plays flute and sings, and has just released two Sacred Music CDs for meditation, relaxation, healing and yoga. As well, she is an award-winning poet with several special, limited editions, the most recent title being Voice, and poems published in several anthologies.

Michael Craig
It took me 5 years to like olives. I had heard that if you just keep eating olives, that one day, the table would turn, page would flip, and then it happened. After 5 awkward years, I started liking them. So, there is some persistence in my story; some dedication. Pushing through, despite the roadblocks. I studied Film and Outdoor Education in University. And chose teaching. For the last 20 years, I have taught a leadership program where high school students learn how the Earth works, and mentor kids in ways to live lightly on the planet. It was my perfect job. I took semester sabaticals to travel to South America, South-East Asia, and India. And then Mary-Kate and I had 3  kids, and everything changed. And we started to think of ways we could work closer to home, with more flexible schedules, so that I could spend more time with the kids. And then we started coming up with ideas for projects, like instant backyard chickens, and turning our backyard into an urban farm. And then our brains exploded, and we came up with more ideas. So I started working with an illustrator on a children’s book about the Planet. And I started to consult with teachers at a local hair salon school on how to teach — very cool. Hair or the Earth. Good teaching works for both. And now I’ve re-discovered film and video, and am jumping at opportunities to interview people, and get their stories out. So I’m interested in teaching, writing, making films & coaching people to follow their dreams. And that’s why I need some Tad niche poking. With olives.

Nicole Ehart

Hello All, I currently work as a generalist mental health therapist (past 9 years).  I escaped corporate world 9 years ago, after working in corporate Marketing for 10 years, last place a cube dweller at General Motors.  My ‘hippie’ side is my love of holistic health and nature, which I incorporate into my work with therapy clients by educating on many drug-free, natural, earth loving mental health options.  My additional hippie side is riding in the woods on mountain bike trails and I also love a good hike and feeling grounded by my feet stomps in the dirt.  I’m in this group to define my niche and become a non-generalist.  I additionally am a bit of an artist at heart and see the world through this angle, enjoying various artistic things, including expressive writing and poetry.  Finally, I love humor and will often laugh at my own jokes, even when no one else is laughing., so sorry, if I do this in the forum.  Please know at the moments when you don’t find me funny, I’ll be off in a corner laughing at myself. 🙂  Looking forward to working together on our niches and businesses.  All the Best, Nicole.
Paula Lugar
I retired in June of 2011 from a school district where I worked in early childhood special education for 22 years. I completed training as a special needs life coach before retirement. I have worked since 1974 as an occupational therapist primarily with young children experiencing developmental disabilities and their families. I love working with families to help them see their children as capable little people. My husband has a chronic progressive illness called pulmonary hypertension. He was diagnosed in 2001 and they expected him to live 2-3 years. He is still alive well past his “expiration date” and after having a ruptured appendix that was managed without surgery. He runs on oxygen and IV medications that we mix every other day. Life can be cloudy, but we have more sunny days than cloudy days.My niche is my ability to assess needs and intervene to make a change immediately while working for long term changes.  People tell me that my work is the best they have had. I aspire to create change in special education one child and family at a time.  I want to support the creation of enriched environments for children with special needs. Special education tends to create impoverished environments that magnify  disabilities and negatively impact self-esteem. I also work with people to help them get better health care by understanding the health care system, asking good questions, stating their needs clearly, and managing their medical information so others can speak for them if necessary. I am certified in permaculture design and apply permaculture principles of less work and greater results to my work with clients. It is a great system to take out of the soil and integrate into service systems in general.
Petró Kohut
I am an Australian with Ukrainian roots living in Spain, maried to a beautiful Brasilian Italian named Habiba. We live in the countryside on the island of Mallorca. I have been a bodyworker for 15 years and the last 5 as a Rolfer practicing Structural Integration. I love my work. I get the unique opportunity to take people from a place where they have pain or discomfort to a place of fluidity and ease.  This work goes further than only changing their personal connection to the space around them and to their own bodies, when a person changes their posture, they can be a different person. They take hold of mannerisms or postures that previously were not available to them. This is the most rewarding part of my work.
Mallorca is an amazing mediterranean island. So beautiful and with such a diverse population.  Many ex-patriots from all over the world and a large Mallorquian and Spanish population (the Mallorquians don`t really consider themselves Spanish). My clientele initial 8 years ago were the ex-pats. Now I treat many more Spanish and Mallorquian people.  My change came when I realised that the spanish live here as if it is “life”, whilst the ex-pats live here as if it were a holiday. As my work has evolved from massage from Rolfing and with Rolfing their is a protocol of 10 or more sessions in a series, I find the Spanish clientele much more consistent.

Richard Doggett
I’m an Acupuncturist, I’m based in Cornwall at the most south western tip of the uk, literally! I’ve been practicing for about 6 years now, and I’m pretty fed up with not having a really busy practice.. I’m new to the whole niche idea, but the things I’ve heard you say Tad have made so much sense.. I already feel that I am getting clearer about who I would like to be working with, and what it is about them that I am drawn to.
I got into Acupuncture after having psychotherapy, and being helped so much in my life by someone’s careful, considered and committed help. Having therapy, with someone like that was so important to me that it made me want to offer something similar to other people struggling with difficult internal problems. The thing is I’ve not really known this.. I knew I wanted to work with people, but not clearly why or who. Its great then to encounter this course so that I can hopefully develop this more.

Schuyler Kaye
Hi, I’m Schuyler Kaye. I partner with people striving to fulfill their purpose by teaching them how to get recognized, be memorable, and inspire others to join their story. I’ve been in personal branding since I decided being a short, fat, nerdy high schooler wasn’t the way to start college. My graduate work at Stanford University taught me how to apply social media with introspection, partnering with a crew, and storytelling to create my branding program. In 2010, I started T4Execs, and have been on a mission to add to my crew one client, one blog subscriber, and one partner at a time. I love to travel, dance, play guitar, and eat more green chile than is generally advisable. To learn how to apply Story Branding on Purpose to YOUR brand, visit my blog.
Simon Berkowitz
I have spent the last 15 or so years working in complementary therapy doing Acupuncture, Craniosacral Therapy, Hypnosis and a whole other bunch of methods. Over the last five years I have been feeling increasingly frustrated and have been looking to change direction.

 What has always inspired me throughout my career so far is that mysterious moment when the change actually takes place. It has almost seemed as if all the work involved in the treatment (whatever it might be) is really about creating the conditions for that shift to happen.
As I began to focus on this more, I realised that this is what I have been interested in my whole life. Looking back I can see that the search for this has been the prime motivator for all of the trainings that I have undertaken, even though I wasn’t consciously aware of it at the time. As a child I was fascinated by magic. The way this shift happens is, for me, real magic.
About 5 years ago I started actively studying the different factors that make a real and consistent contribution to this shift happening. Then 18 months ago I started training with a teacher whose method of working with dreams (and the waking state) provided the perfect next step for all the work I had been doing.
Now I am at a place where for the first time in a long time I am really excited about where my work is going to take me. The method has a very wide range of applications but I am realising that to take it forward in the way I would like to I really need to find one solid niche to start from. Over to you, Tad!

Stacy Goldring
I provide consulting & Coaching Services for individuals, leaders & organizations longing to move from wound-driven to purpose-driven platforms and lives, with far more ethical, profitable and enjoyable practices, companies and lifestyles. I’m all about supporting those who want to devote themselves to living their highest purpose at a just right level of prosperity and freedom.
Personally, I have burned down and re-invented myself more time than I can count. I could fund a small country with all of the money I’ve paid out for training and transformation. And, I’ve learned a lot of cool stuff and even implemented some of it.
I grew up in New York, live in Northern California and am twice divorced, three times married, with 3 adult children and 2 bonus children and grandchildren. I am a compulsive learner and sharer who sees possibilities which lie at the core of people, deep in their hearts and minds but are somehow blocked from view or implementation. I’ve got a passion for clarity, focus and inspired action, and ending those inner battles so focus and energy can be released into the world instead of tied up in knots inside.
And, I’m a closet science nerd, a recovering researcher, a big goof, my own best audience, love beautiful photos, children, animals, chocolate and wise sayings. I tend to do 10 things at once. I am usually in need of a super implementer to help me get my own things done but when it comes to strategy, especially for others, I rock, if I do say so myself. Not always so humble . . .
I can’t stand anything that smacks of manipulation, inauthenticity and haha, intolerance. And I am a catalyst for change for those who crave it. Sending out the love to you all and looking forward to getting to know you as I figure out who and what to focus on this year.
Tanya Nash

I am here taking the first steps in sharing my passions as a sacred relationship ‘coach’ for yoginis; hoping to find a way to express this work that honours the deep longing I am hearing from the women in my tribe for such work and the feminine journey that this work will invite them into.  I am consciously creating a safe virtual space for yoginis to gather, find their sacred voices, own their sexuality, tell their stories and align themselves with the Love they want to give and receive.
As an initiate of the esoteric traditions of India, Tibet, Egypt and beyond,  I studied and taught with some of the best yogic, ayurvedic and sound healing teachers in the world (but made barely enough for my gypsy ways).  Then, a year ago on Christmas, I was reborn with the birth of my daughter.  Now  13 months old, it is she who keeps me dancing with the Goddess everyday, sharing my love of ecstatic chant, dancing with silk scarves, all things devotional and playful, herbal teas and raw chocolate.
Looking forward to journeying with you all!

Teresa Trapani
I am an American transplanted to Oslo Norway 17 years ago. My job as an accounting university professor brought me to Norway, and now 4 jobs in accounting/finance later I am unemployed and wanting to re-invent myself with a niche service on the side of a full-time job. So the plan is to find a new accounting job, but to also start my own business that will grow and continue into “retirement”.
I have taken courses with Caroline Myss, Eric Pearl and others, and am now being called to offer spiritual direction/healings/archetypal/ clairvoyant consultations. This is work done one-to-one with individuals but can be conducted over skype, so physical presence is not a requirement. I need a way to find my clients and to connect to the right individuals. Right now I have one client, and struggle with the strong difference between this work and being in the corporate world.

Tracie Nichols
My passion is helping earth-loving changemaking women believe in themselves by reconnecting with their fierce sacred feminine.  I’m an advocate and changemaker for women and the earth; serving through private intuitive mentoring sessions, classes and gatherings (virtual and in person), public speaking and my (nearly) daily blog posts. (I LOVE when a lively conversation springs up under a post!)
A bit about me: I’m a woman dancing gleefully into my crone years, spending my life intuitively communicating with the unseen world — particularly the energies of the earth. I have an M.A. in Human and Organizational Transformation which I draw on for tools to help people make significant life changes, and I’ve developed my intuition for over 20+ years. Through the rest of my very eclectic life I’ve also sold car parts, electronic components, 35 mm film to photojournalists, worked in a metaphysical bookstore (fun!) and developed adult programming for a community library (also fun!). I’m mom to three remarkable children (of course I’m a little biased), partner to a wonderful Renaissance man, and companion to Elrond, the magical cat (who is currently giving me the cold shoulder because I’m typing this and not holding him.)

Yolanda (Pritam Hari) Marie Vazquez
I began Quiet Mind Healing in the 80’s, with a vision and passion to get people out of pain, and have been doing that through therapeutic Yoga and bodywork for 25 years. Unknown to my clients, I battled severe disabling pain myself for most of those years, and that daily struggle toward recovery fueled both my yearning, and ability to help them.  I’ve done Yoga seriously now for 40 years, through life’s numerous challenges, and only gave up teaching public classes two years ago when i moved to the country – something I didn’t believe i’d ever actually do. So now, I live in a beautiful place, but can’t seem to get going, and commute regularly over 400 miles roundtrip to see the clients and students I left behind. The work I do, like the yogic path, has transitioned over the years to be much more subtle, connected, and refined. At some point, people started coming to me for spiritual and emotional clearing and reconnection, which I term “SoulWork Through the Body”. I am ready for my rebirth, and in fact long overdue, and look forward to the gift of packaging myself perfectly for the times, and finding my new clients.

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