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Niching Clinic

A chance to have your niche worked on by me (and learn about niching in the process)

Friday, August 25, 2023

8 – 9:30 am Pacific **Tad would like this to be 2 hrs next time (as per email on Aug 25th)

COST: $25 USD (Replay will be sent to those who can’t make it)


Why is niching so hard? 

There are so many reasons but, in the end, the question isn’t so helpful.

Here’s a better question: 

Why am I holding a nest-like basket in the photo above? Because the word ‘niche’ comes from the old French verb ‘nicher’ which means ‘to make a nest’. Your niche is the place you belong in the community. It’s the role you are known for.

Here’s a better question still: 

how can you clarify your niche?

The answers to that are easy: 1) get candid feedback and direction from a niching expert on what you’ve got 2) take time to reflect on that feedback. 

Whether you get feedback from myself or someone else—this is often the decisive turning point in people’s niches. 

This 90-minute, interactive, feedback-based webinar helps conscious entrepreneurs start to answer that question and figure out their niches.

For the past decade I’ve been working with hundreds of people like you from around the world in helping them to figure out what their niche is. This webinar is the culmination of those efforts. 

This Webinar Might Be A Perfect Fit For You IF:

  • You already understand that niching matters.
  • You’d like my honest feedback on what you’ve got.
  • You’re willing to show up with your niche summed up into 280 characters to be reviewed. 

This Webinar Might NOT Be A Good Fit For You If:

  • You don’t have a business yet.
  • Your primary concern right now is getting cashflow quickly.

In This 90-Minute Webinar, You Will Likely:

  • get real time, meaningful feedback on your niche

  • learn why it’s crucial to understand the different between the Artist’s and Entrepreneur’s approach to niching

  • learn the two biggest places you can get stuck in your niche

  • learn the three core elements that come together in creating any lasting niche

  • learn the three key criteria for a profitable niche

  • the four levels of an ideal client

The content will vary based on who shows up and what I’m seeing in their niches but, generally, the above is the content we’ll get into. There won’t be a ‘content’ section of the webinar. The content will arise organically through the coaching. 

"I feel much more excited about marketing now than I have done in the past."

“By the time I dove into Tad’s offerings, I had heard good things about him from a number of people I respect. I guess I saw his offering as ethical and practical and these things appealed to me. When I first bought in, I had already spent money with another provider and this had helped me to get to a certain point. I knew I needed to go further, so I started to dip my toes in the waters of Tad’s offering.  

I really loved the general ‘vibe’ of what Tad was offering via MfH; I took the message that I didn’t have to sell anything–especially not to someone who didn’t really want that thing–to be successful. This was about finding the sweet spot where I am making it easy for people to find me who really want what I have to offer. This really appeals to me.  I feel much more excited about marketing now than I have done in the past, because I know it’s about finding the ‘win, win’ and this really appeals to me. 

The main thing I would say about other businesses is that I’ve been targeted, many times, by the kind of ‘win, lose’ sales approach that prioritises the gain of the seller over any real benefit to me as a potential buyer – dresses it up, disguises it, and still has no care for the value to me of an offering. I’m so over buying via that kind of approach.”

Dorothy Nesbit, learningforlifeconsulting.co.uk

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