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If you’re reading this, then you’ve just gotten an email from one of my colleagues about my upcoming, six week, online Niching for Hippies coaching program and the free 90 minute webinars I’m doing.

I know that $600 is a lot to spend.

So I went through my blog archives and handpicked the seventeen blog posts that I thought gave the clearest overview about my point of view on niche marketing. I thought these blog posts might help you figure out if it’s a fit for you (or not).

You can read them below.

If you have any questions about the program, feel free to drop me an email –





NICHE TOPIC #1 – Is niching an issue for you?

There are sixteen common symptoms of businesses with weak, fuzzy or non-existent niches – you can give yourself a check up here.


NICHE TOPIC #2 – Why Does Niching Matter? If you’re wanting to hear some more perspectives on why niching is so important . . .

Three reasons why niching can heal you:

Why niching can freak us out so much:

Don’t ignore your niching fears:

Specialization: The next step for chinese medicine in the west

Marketing Bears talk about niches

Video: The Power of Who

The Pink Elephant talks niching

Five reasons why heart led, passionate people resist niching

Why it’s worth overcoming resistance to niching


NICHE TOPIC #3 – Niching Case Studies:

Nancy Juetten realizes she loves introverts:

Burned Our Doctor Becomes ‘The Happy MD’

Yoga for Round Bodies


NICHE TOPIC #4 – Finessing Your Niche

If you’re stuck with who, go back to what – 7 thoughts on niching from the inside out

Four Steps to Choosing a Niche

The three elements that make for a profitable niche

Is yours a niche? Or a pigeon hole?


Want Help?

If you’d like some more direct guidance and hand holding on figuring out your niche then go and check out my six week Niching for Hippies coaching program or one of the free 90 minute webinars.

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