The Niching Arc 101 Webinar

A Two-Hour Webinar On The Basics
Of An Effective Niche.

Wednesday, Feb 28th, 2024

10am-12pm Pacific

COST: $25 USD (Replay will be sent to those who can’t make it)

This webinar is included in the membership.

A NOTE ABOUT AI BOT ATTENDANCE: Please note that we do not allow bot attendance on your behalf. You can either attend the webinar in person, and/or watch the replay when we provide that link after the webinar. If you send an AI bot please note that we will remove that bot from the webinar.


Why is niching so hard? 

There are so many reasons but, in the end, the question isn’t so helpful.

Here’s a better question:

How can you clarify your niche?

This 120-minute webinar will help you start to answer that question and figure out your niche.

For the past decade, I’ve been working with hundreds of people like you from around the world in helping them to figure out what their niche is. This webinar is a culmination of those efforts.

This Webinar Might Be A Perfect Fit For You If You:

  • Are a service provider (especially a coach, healer, Yoga teacher, holistic practitioner etc).
  • Struggle to articulate what you do (and secretly dread people asking you).
  • Understand that niching is vital to your business success and want to finally nail it.
  • Have been struggling with your niche for a long time and don’t know what to do next.

This Webinar Might NOT Be A Good Fit For You If:

  • Your primary concern right now is getting cashflow quickly.
  • You already understand the intellectual basics of niching and what you’re really needing is one on one coaching to dig in.
  • What you have is a hobby not a business. You’re not serious about this ever being a full-time situation.

In This Webinar You Will Get:

  • 18 examples of weird niches

  • 2 Meme & Music Meditations

  • One sweet five-minute visualization

  • the Four Pillars of Honing Your Niche

  • nine ways to know if you’ve got the right niche

  • six of my favourite poems on niching

  • 14 reasons why niching matters

  • Learn the twelve step process I most recommend to working through your thinking on your niche on your own (or with the help of your colleagues) + a simple exercise you can do for each step

  • Learn my favourite questions that helps coaches and those in the healing arts to, finally, make progress on their niche.

  • Be guided through a brief version of my Living Room Meditation

  • Learn a bit about my year-long Niching Arc program (no big, heavy pitch but I will take five minutes or so to talk about it).

  • + (if we have time at the end) a chance to ask me your toughest questions on niching

Stay human,


PS Make sure you confirm time zones for the date of the call. 

“Extraordinarily valuable... I have been trying to figure out how to explain what I do since 2006.”

 I have been trying to figure out how to explain what I do since 2006. I have worked with more than one online marketing person (whose names you might recognize) on how to describe my niche, but none have come as close as you did in your 90 minute workshop to giving me the depth of understanding that I got from you.

The concept of ‘little circles’ was a blinding epiphany. I’d been trying to combine all my little circles (intuitive development, spiritual development, house blessings, business blessings, emotional overwhelm) into one little circle statement. Made me go in circles (haha) for years. The ‘little circles’ concept alone was worth the teleseminar. But there was something else you gave me that was even more important: Your matter-of-fact acceptance of metaphysical businesses.

Everyone else I’ve worked with has wanted to hide, minimize or disguise the metaphysical nature of my business. One even chastised me for calling myself a healer (she said I was opening up myself to everyone’s projections of what a healer is). But hello, the metaphysical aspect of what I do IS my uniqueness. I mediate between the physical and non-physical worlds. That’s who I am, that’s how I do my work, that’s what is unique about me. Let’s not cover it up. Thank you again for your help, Tad. I wasn’t sure I would like working with you because I’ve had so many experiences with marketing that didn’t work out. But you approach marketing with intelligence. I like that.”

Alice Brock

“Since engaging with Tad, I see that marketing can be an activity that feels good - like making good friends.”

“The most important thing Tad has shared for me is to NICHE! Be comfortable with not being ‘for all’. Figure out your niche and then find its ‘hubs.’ Tad’s content always reminds me to keep it human-scaled, keep it focused on being of service and to remember that marketing is more useful as a ‘filter’ to exclude those that I am not right for (and that are not right for me).  

Since engaging with Tad, I see that marketing can be an activity that feels good – like making good friends. But this will require more time and attention than the ‘5-Secret Tips’ and ‘Hurry, buy now!’ type of marketing.  I know that I haven’t been too ‘helpful’ to you because I’ve not purchased a course/coaching etc. – but I do mention you and your ideas to every small business person I know who is feeling that they have to sell their souls in order to get customers!”

Rachel Davidson,

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