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‘So You Think You Can Niche?’ Contest – Win $100 Cash + A Spot in My ‘Niching for Hippies’ program ($600) for Less Effort than a Tweet

15279911-vote--election-concept--isolated-word-in-vintage-letterpress-wood-typeDo you have a clear niche?

Are you sure?

Many entrepreneurs I work with believe they do, indeed, have a clear, solid and effective niche for their business.

Until I begin to ask a few questions.

arrowIn my experience, 90% of entrepreneurs have an extremely fuzzy niche (and don’t realize it). But that’s just my opinion. And it occurred to me that you might be curious about how clear your niche is. So, I’ve arranged a quick and fun way for you to get some quick, direct and candid feedback from me but also dozens of other people. In my experience, honest feedback can be hard to get.

One way to get some general theory and perspective on niching is to check out my six week coaching program and the free webinars I’m running.

But here’s an even more direct way – and it’s totally free. But it’s only for the brave . . .

Submitting Your Niche:

In the comments area below I want you to write out your best description of your niche. But here are the rules:

  • you must write it in 120 characters or less (say wha?). Smaller than a tweet. If it’s more than that, I’ll delete it. I’m a hard ass.
  • if you submit one, you must rate at least five other people (it’s only fair) but do more if you can.
  • you are welcome to include your website for folks to check you out (and make sure to leave a way for me to contact you if you win).

You are totally welcome to email your friends and rope them into voting for you as long as you ask them to be honest. In fact, here’s a facebook post and a tweet below:

fbFACEBOOK: 30 second favour – Give me an honest rating from 1-10 on how clear my niche is to you in the ‘So You Think You Can Niche’ contest?

new_twitter_logoTWITTER: 30 second favour – Give me an honest rating from 1-10 on how clear my niche is to you in the #sytycncontest? @tadhargrave


Rating Niches:

I invite you to read the comments below and give your most honest rating of the niches there from 1-10 on how clear you think it is.

1 = Not clear at all. I have no idea what they’re talking about or what problem they solve for people.

10 = I can totally picture specific people I could send to them and I know for sure whether I’m in their niche or not. I clearly understand the problem they are solving.

You’re welcome to write some feedback too – and let’s remember to be gentle – uncompromising truth but also unconditional love – as this is a vulnerable thing for people. There is a prize for the person who gives the best and most insightful comments (read more at the bottom).

Examples of Niches I’d Rate a ’10’ in Clarity:

  • I help holistic practitioners attract more of their kinds of clients they want without doing anything that feels pushy.
  • I lead yoga classes for people with ’round bodies’ who don’t enjoy going to regular yoga classes.
  • Therapists who need an outlet to anonymously share all the secrets they have to keep from sessions with clients.
  • MD’s who are burning out or can see they’re heading to burn out if they don’t slow down and make changes.

Your Twelve Chances to Win a Prizes: What’s in it for you . . .

How to win: the winner will be the person with the highest total score and, in case of a tie, the most people rating them. So, get your friends involved if you want to be sure to win.

1st Place: The top rated niche (given the averages of the ratings) will win $100 cash (for real) + a free spot in my six week, $600, Niching for Hippies program (to use for themselves or give to a friend).

2nd & 3rd Place: Second and third place will get access to the homestudy version of my Niching for Hippies program (which I haven’t even released yet but will likely charge $400 or so for) + $200 off my Niching for Hippies program.

4th – 10th Place: Win $100 off my Niching for Hippies program (a discount you can use or pass onto others).

Best Nomination: Maybe you aren’t a niched business but you know one? You can nominate them here using the same rules. If your nomination is chosen, you will win $100 off my Niching for Hippies program (to use or pass onto someone else).

The Best Comments Prize: the person who gives the best feedback to others gets $300 off my Niching for Hippies program because that’s the kind of person I want in it.

Good Comments Award: Anyone who gives at least five quality pieces of feedback (beyond just a number) will get $100 off.

But, every person who enters will receive a rating from me personally (from 1-10) and, potentially, some direct feedback and questions to help you dig a bit deeper.

And every person gets to see a tonne of examples of how others articulate their niches in clear and fuzzy ways. And you’ll get feedback from, hopefully, dozens of others.

Contest Ends Jan 20th at 9pm MT.

And, if you want more help, check out my six week coaching program and the free webinars that are coming up this month.

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