Did you win? – ‘So You Think You Can Niche’ Contest Results & Prizes

I can’t even begin to share how blown away I was with the level of participation in the ‘So You Think You Can Niche‘ contest. 

Over 1500 comments.

119 submissions (and still growing).


But, far more than the numbers, was the incredible amount of thoughtfulness, care and insight shown in the feedback and comments. Some people got the equivalent of a $200 coaching session for their niche just from people’s comments and questions on what they had posted. I saw people’s niche statements evolve with the help and feedback of others. Really incredible to see. If you haven’t taken a look at it yet, you can do that here.

And, given what a community endeavour it was, it didn’t feel right to only have a few winners.

So, I’ve expanded the prizes considerably.

Did you win? 

Check below for your name and find out . . . 

Note: If you’re listed below and have won a prize – please contact me as I may or may not have your current contact info.


1st Place:

The top rated niche wins $100 cash (for real) + a free spot in my six week, $600, Niching for Hippies program (to use for themselves or give to a friend). And the prize goes to . . .

Kathy Whitham “I help parents who are at the end of their rope successfully stop the power struggles, connect with their kids and restore peace at home.” www.parentingbeyondwords.com 


2nd, 3rd & 4th Place:

Second, third and fourth place will get access to the homestudy version of my Niching for Hippies program (which I haven’t even released yet but will likely charge $400 or so for) + $200 off my six week Niching for Hippies coaching program. To read more about these winners, check out their niche statement in the Top 40 Winners page here.

  • Leslie Singer 
  • Lisa Mcloughlin
  • Monique Lallemang


5th – 15th Place:

All of the people listed below win $200 off my Niching for Hippies program (a discount you may use or pass onto others). To read more about these winners, check out their niche statement in the Top 40 Winners page here.

  • Sven the Tantric Barbarian
  • Alison Downey
  • Paula Blundell 
  • Jennifer Fedd
  • Claudia Neely
  • Tanja Gardner
  • Dawn Trautman
  • Elinor Predota
  • Joanne Diepenheim
  • Katherine Pike
  • Peter


Best Nomination:

Nancy Juetten of www.authenticvisibility.com wins $100 off my Niching for Hippies program (to pass onto one of her clients).


The Best Comments Prize:

This one was particularly hard as the calibre and volume of comments was so incredible. But there were four people who I felt were the most incredible team players you could ask for who, between them, wrote over 320 comments with no compensation of any kind, just to help out their fellow conscious entrepreneurial friends. They made the whole experience so much more useful and fun for everyone involved.

They will each get $300 off my Niching for Hippies program to use or pass onto a friend.

  • Carla Golden with 109 comments
  • Nicole with 92 comments
  • Tanya Nash with 70 comments.
  • Jackie MacMillan with 50 comments


Good Comments Award:

While the people above certainly won the promised prizes, I think we all won in this experience for the sheer amount of learning and content that was generated. And I’m incredibly grateful to you all for playing so full out. So, if your name is on the list below (listed alphabetically by first name), I’d like to offer you $100 off my six week, Niching for Hippies coaching program to use or pass onto a friend.

  • Alina Leang
  • Allegra Stein 
  • Andrei Armeanu
  • Andrei Armeanu
  • Anne
  • arhithenahealing 
  • Arndt Aschenbeck 
  • Barbara Greenhouse 
  • Barbara M Smith 
  • Betsy Arntzen 
  • Brandy
  • Camilla Freeman
  • Carla Golden
  • Carol Ann MacArthur 
  • Carolien Oosterhoff 
  • CarolinevanKimmenade
  • Cate
  • Chelsea Coghill 
  • Claire
  • Claire Zarb
  • David
  • David Jan Jurasek 
  • Diana Van Eyk
  • Dillena 
  • Durga Holzhauser 
  • Emily Matweow 
  • Geneviève Côté
  • Gwen & Angela Alston
  • Heather Firth
  • Henriette Glant
  • Henriette Glant
  • Henriette Glant
  • Jackie MacMillan
  • Jackie MacMillan
  • Jacquie Robertson
  • Jana Lynne Whyte
  • Janina Na
  • Janina Na
  • Jessica Baker
  • Jessica Marie
  • Jessica Serran
  • John Paul Kelly
  • Joseph Coats 
  • Judith Weiler
  • Kat
  • Kathy Bibby
  • Kay Neal 
  • KC Schwarz
  • Khorsian Blanc-Ridings
  • Kim McNeil
  • KlaraBowPie
  • Lauren
  • Lesia Zablockij
  • Linda Jennings
  • Line Marie Brunet 
  • Lisa McLoughlin
  • Lisa Snow
  • LisaReinhardt 
  • Lishui Springford
  • Lori Kirstein 
  • Lori RN(a.k.a.Minky)
  • Lori RN(a.k.a.Minky) 
  • Louise Crooks
  • Lucy Lambriex
  • Mark Berger
  • Mark Zlochin 
  • Marta Boyett
  • Meadow Leigh
  • Michael Bloom
  • Michael Martion
  • Miki
  • Missy 
  • monique lallemang
  • Nancy Boyd
  • Nancy Smeltzer 
  • Nicole
  • Olivia DeMoss
  • Pat Gullett
  • Paul Keetch
  • Penny
  • Rebecca Allen
  • Renee Stotz
  • Rob Helmer
  • Sarah
  • Sarah Lee Elter 
  • Sarah Wiltshire 
  • Sean Balint
  • Sherwood Botsford
  • Sherwood Botsford
  • Sian Delaney 
  • Successful Vaisnavas
  • Suzanne Connolly
  • Tamara
  • Tanager Clinic
  • Tanja Gardner 
  • Tanya Nash
  • Tanya Nash
  • Tim Emerson
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