naked dragon interview – free 20 minute video

When I went to England I did a number of afternoon and evening workshops. For a limited time you can watch the entire thing – no charge, no need to give your email, no catch – just click here (it wasn’t working for some of you the other day but should be working now).

After my workshop in Chertsey (which the video above was taken from), I sat down with my host – the wonderful Julie of Naked Dragon events and we had a conversation about it. We ended up talking about . . .

  • Slow Marketing a bit
  • a new idea I’ve never shared before around niche theory called – Niche Projects.
  • why I do what I do
  • some ‘real talk’ about money, financial sustainability and quality of life
  • a bit of the inside scoop on my ‘pay what you can‘ model

You can watch it below.



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  • Daphne

    Brilliant as always Tad !!!! I am so honored to share your work with others !!!! Loved both video’s and am  looking forward to seeing you at Indigo Drinks #5.  I have a feeling this one is going to be a shaker :o)

  • JeannineTidwell

    I appreciate your poise in this Naked Dragon video. Your focus on the content you shared moved effectively past the energy of the surface veneer that I initially experienced in the video. Thank you!