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The Mr. X Experience

a one time only, three part experience for conscious entrepreneurs serious about growing their businesses


Hey there,

On Sept 23-24th, 2014 in Edmonton, I will be hosting the most unusual marketing workshop I’ve ever hosted.

And, before you decide if you want to come, I’m going to ask you to carefully read this whole letter. It’s long, but I want to avoid you signing up if it isn’t just right as a fit.

One of the unusual things is that I will be co-leading the workshop with a colleague. I have done this maybe three times in my entire career.

But that’s not very unusual.

What makes it more unusual, is that this is someone who I’ve known and worked with as a colleague for years and yet we’ve never met in person.

But, in this modern world, perhaps that still isn’t very unusual.

Perhaps what makes it most unusual and mysterious is that, I am not going to tell you who it is. You’ll just have to trust me when I say that there is no one else in my industry with whom I’d be more excited to lead a workshop. There are a few people in Edmonton who know. If you ask around you might find out. But I’ll tell you a bit more about him in a minute.


The Basics

When: Sept 23-24 (10am – 5pm)

Where: Healing Connections – 10548 115 St NW

Cost: $100 deposit + Pay what you want at the end. Refunds only til 30 days before the event.

Capacity: Only 30 spaces available.


Why am I being so mysterious?

Partly as a fun marketing idea. But there is another reason (you’ll agree it is 100% legitimate once you hear it) which we’ll reveal at the workshop to those who are there.

So, we’ll call my guest ‘Mr. X’ so at least he has a name.

Let me tell you a bit about him…


The story of how I met Mr. X

Years ago (and I can’t remember how long but at least five years ago), a colleague of mine forwarded me a link to some audio of a talk the Mr. X had given. It was only 10 minutes long and so I set aside all my busyness and listened to it. When he spoke I felt like I was hearing a much more articulate version of myself speaking – articulating things about marketing I knew or suspected so eloquently, simply and beautifully. I immediately emailed him and, soon thereafter, a skype call was set. That skype call lasted one hour (which included glorious bitching about the movie The Secret) and we both realized we’d found a kindred spirit.

The years passed, many conversations were had and a problem emerged. We’d never worked together and kept meaning to. And thus this workshop.

But who is this fellow exactly?


A bit about Mr. X

Mr X. grew up in a family of entrepreneurs (normally, this is a French words meaning ‘failure’). But, as good fortune would have it, they were in the retail wine business and actually quite successful. Turned off by big corporate business, he turned activist in high school, and was involved in social justice efforts for years, eventually running a non-profit magazine.

He also worked as a paramedic, where he learned that rarely is something truly an emergency, and how a grounded, compassionate presence combined with a clear action plan can quickly turn a chaotic, scary situation into success.

Between his magazine experience, his activism and fundraising, and his time in his family’s retail business, he had learned more about business than he thought. He started helping friends who were self-employed create tri-fold brochures and business cards (it was the 1990s), and ended up helping them with their business. Healers, organic gardeners, craftspeople– they all started making more money and getting more clients.

But he still needed a way to help people process the intense emotions that come up in being self-employed. His wife, who had been chronically ill for a few years, had introduced him to Sufi spiritual healing that arose out of her own journey for health.

The two of them then went into an intense, 3 year training program, where he found a gift at combining spiritual healing and business practices. He even received a certification in “Business and Organizational Healing.” He went on to become a master teacher in his spiritual lineage and earning his Masters of Divinity.


But why should you trust Mr. X for advice on your business?

In short, because Mr. X is a rare example amongst my colleagues – he has actually built a solid and profitable business. He hasn’t just launched a telesummit or run some big workshops. He’s built a business. He doesn’t just have a big list of facebook following. He has built a business. Those are two different things. His approach has been slow and steady. He has consistently under promised and over delivered. His clients adore him. His colleagues respect him immensely. He’s the real deal.

Over the past decade or so, Mr. X has built an email list of 10,000 subscribers without ever holding a  telesummit or having any real focus on strategic alliances or affiliates. He has more than 2000 likes on his facebook page and over 7000 followers on Twitter. Not bad. In terms of actual clients, between himself and his team they’ve worked with thousands of clients over the years, many of whom have stuck around receiving coaching and training from them for years.

His business is a team of 8 people, including 5 on the payroll and 3 additional contractors, most of whom work with clients in addition to their work inside the business. Most of my colleagues have maybe an assistant or two. They haven’t built up a whole team of people.

Mr. X is a hidden gem in the conscious business scene. Somehow most of my colleagues barely know him. He is not on most of the telesummits you may have seen.

But, more to the point and to put this in context, he has been doing five figures a month in revenue since 2006. And he’s doubled a few times since then. And is poised for another big leap. And he’s done that with a list of less than 10,000 people.

To be clear: I have a list of 10,000 and do nowhere near that kind of business. And most of my colleagues have lists many times that size and yet don’t do as well.

Mr. X is a genius about building a business and marketing strategy that is lean, effective and heart-based.


This workshop could be a great fit for you if:

  • you’re a conscious entrepreneur, likely a solo-preneur, service provider (e.g. holisitic practitioner, life coach or permaculture practitioner type).
  • You’re eager to invest the time to get a comprehensive grounding before our weekend together (about 6 hours – we promise it will be worth it). This isn’t required but will honestly make the workshop at least four times as valuable for you. We will give preference to those who commit to doing this.
  • you’re able to commit to attending the entire two days
  • you really want to know who Mr. X is.


This workshop might not be so great for you if:

  • you run a retail business or sell products. This workshop is tailored to those running a service based business.
  • you’re totally averse to spiritual topics and conversa
    tions that include words like, ‘heart centered’, ‘conscious’ and ‘being present’. This won’t be a woo woo event but those conversations will be a part of it.
  • if your business is really just a side hobby for you and you’re not serious about turning it into a more sustainable business.


What’s so unique about this workshop? Three things.


1) You Get All The Content In Advance and Profit Before You Pay in Full: 

In most workshops, you’re paying for the content which you learn at the workshop.

We’re flipping that idea on its head by sending you all of the core content the second you get in your deposit.

Seconds after pressing the ‘submit’ button to get in your deposit, you’ll be getting an email that gives you access to the following…

From Marketing for Hippies you’ll get…

  • my full Marketing for Hippies 101 product (which I sell on my website for the bargain price of $40). You can learn more about it here but the short version is that you’ll be getting 3.5 hours of video from my live workshops and 122 pages of content (including workbooks, transcripts and bonus reading). This the core content you would normally get to explore in my 3.5 day workshop (for which I have often received well over  $1000 when it was still offered on a pay what you can basis and they were choosing how much to give).

And you’ll also get the following from Mr X.

  • The workbook and audios from a 6 week course on building business momentum, which has sold for years at $300. The workbook is 282 pages, but is laid out very spaciously, with clear examples and worksheets and supplemental materials, and each class has an “at a glance” so it’s not as overwhelming as that many pages sounds. People have raved about this course, calling it “life-changing,” “worth 5x what I paid,” and “a crazy-perfect investment.”
  • An additional 90 minute audio and workbook which introduces you to a simple, heart-centered spiritual practice that anyone from any spiritual perspective can use to deepen their connection to heart and love in business. It also teaches a transformational exercise that opens you powerfully to the Divine gift within you… in a surprising way. People from many different spiritual traditions and none at all, including rabbis, priests, Buddhist monks, pagans, Muslims, Hindus, even Zoraostrians and those without any set path at all have found this approach complementary, profound and supportive.

Note: This is a lot of stuff! We don’t expect you to master it, or even read every single page before you come. In fact, Mr. X will give you a guide to the 4 things you will most want to review of his material before you arrive.


Why would we send this all to you before you even come?

Here are our fiendishly selfish motives:

  • We want you to profit before you pay: We want you to take the content from the weekend and apply it to make more money and get more clients before you show up. If you apply the content in the weeks before the workshop and see that it works and makes sense, we hope you might be able to pay us more money which would make this workshop a more sustainable venture for us.
  • Investing in advance means more commitment: This workshop is only two days. We’d like it to be filled with the most committed people possible. More commitment = more focus, better conversations and better results.
  • More interesting for Mr. X and I: Also, if you ground yourself solidly in the content, Mr X and I get to avoid repeating things that we’ve repeated a thousand times and we can dive right into grittier, real world case studies and have more interesting, thoughtful conversations ourselves.


2) 90% Q&A based on what you’re most wanting to know 

Unlike most workshops where the content is all set out in advance, we only have a loose idea of what we want to cover. Much of this will be determined by you and your questions about your business.


3) Follow Up Call

One month after the workshop, Mr. X and I will be hosting a 90 minute follow up call to answer any questions that came up during the month that came up for you in implementing what you’ve learned.

So, we’ve done our best to make this not just a workshop, but a three part experience you get to participate in.


Part One: The Content – You get as soon as you sign up.

Part Two: The Workshop – September 23rd – 24th.

Part Three: The Follow Up call – October 22nd at 1pm MST.


This is a one time only offer…

Mr. X, realistically, will never come back to Edmonton. He is coming up because we’ve never met, we’ve wanted to collaborate for years and he wants to see where I live. But he has kids and travelling isn’t easy. He happens to be coming to Canada anyway around this time and seems to think that Canada is a very small country. Soooo… This is a one time deal. Not a marketing ploy, just the likely truth of it.


A bit about the whole pay what you can thing…

Pay what you can/want is not the usual way of running workshops. So a quick word on this because there are two wrinkles (which I think you’ll agree are more than fair).

Wrinkle #1: The $100 deposit. To confirm your space we require this because we have found that, without a financial deposit, there are too many no shows. This $100 is not refunded (unless you cancel before 30 days before the event) and is considered a part of your payment. 

Wrinkle #2: The Four Instalments. Most entrepreneurs are creativity rich but cashflow poor. So, to make it easier for people to pay an amount that feels good to them, we are encouraging people to spread out their payments for the workshop. The $100 acts as the first payment and then we invite you to spread the remainder out (which you will determine at the very end of the workshop based on your unique situation) over the next 12 months. Any amounts for any dates. No funny business. Genuinely up to you. Of course, if you feel clear that you can pay the amount that feels right in one payment at the end of the weekend, that is welcome too. But over the years and countless workshops experimenting, four payments (including the deposit) over a year seems to have landed as what works best for all involved. 


Will you join us?


Take a moment right now and see how this resonates with you. Three questions:

1. -> Do you need help/insight/support in making your business really work for you?

2. –> Are you free, or can make yourself free, September 23-24 and are willing to review some awesome and supportive business material before then?

3. —> Does this seem exciting, inspiring, fun?


If yes, join us! Let’s have fun! We’ll promise you:

1. -> You’re business will get real support and insights for moving it forward.

2. –>This workshop, based on the materials you get when you register alone, will have a very positive impact on your business over the next year.

3. —> You’ll have fun, because we’re committed to havin
g fun. What’s more, you’ll feel nourished in your heart and soul as well.




p.s. Remember: The second you sign up, you will get access to over 400 pages of content, 3.5 hours of video and 12 hours of audio that you can begin to apply right away to help you figure out a way to market your business that feels good and get more of the clients you want. Our goal is to help you profit before you pay. The sooner you sign up, the sooner you can start applying the content.

p.p.s. If you’re not sure if you can make it but want to kept in the loop, enter your email below with the ‘Sign Up Now’ button.

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p.p.s. If you’re sure you can make it sign up using the longer form below.


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