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Host: Tad Hargrave


Twitter: @TadHargrave

About Tad: Tad Hargrave is a hippy who developed a knack for marketing (and then learned how to be a hippy again).

Despite years in the non-profit and activist world, he finally had to admit he was a marketing nerd and, in the end, he became a marketing coach for hippies. Maybe it was because he couldn’t stand seeing his hippy friends struggle to promote their amazing, green and holistic projects. Maybe it was because he couldn’t keep a 9-5 job to save his life.

Whatever the reason, for almost a decade, he has been touring his marketing workshops around Canada, bringing refreshing and unorthodox ideas to conscious entrepreneurs and green businesses that help them grow their organizations and businesses (without selling their souls). 

This all feels like a minor miracle as Tad spent his early marketing days learning and applying some very inauthentic, high pressure, extremely gross and pushy marketing approaches. This has made him suuuuper allergic to these kinds of approaches because he discovered they made him feel slimy (even in personal friendships), he didn’t sleep well and he’s very sorry to all those people he spoke with back in the day. After a decade of unlearning and unpacking that whole scene – he now feels ready and able to help other people find ways to market that feel wonderful.


Guest & Co-Host: Mark Silver (aka Mr. X)


Twitter: @MarkHeartofBiz

About Mark: Mark is a fourth-generation entrepreneur who has run a distribution business, turned around a struggling non-profit magazine, and worked as a paramedic in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He is the author of seven different in-depth programs and a number of other smaller teachings and classes for entrepreneurs. Together they form a comprehensive entrepreneurial wisdom academy curriculum.

A designated Master Teacher (“muqaddam murrabi“) in his Shaddhilliyya Sufi lineage, Mark is currently studying for his Masters of Divinity with a speciality in Ministry and Sufi Studies.

As a coach, consultant, mentor and spiritual healer, he has facilitated more than 2000 individual sessions with entrepreneurs and has led hundreds of classes, seminars, groups and retreats. His weekly writings and teachings are followed by thousands of people around the globe.

He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Holly, twin sons Sam and David, two cats Rafi and Kira, and all the rain you care to soak up.

From Mark: I was raised on a variety of other small businesses my mother couldn’t help herself but start while she and my dad ran a retail wine store that was my grandfather’s dating back to U.S. Prohibition in 1933.



 Confirmed Participants:


Anna Beaumont


 Twitter: n/a

About Anna: I am a singer, songwriter, facilitator and voice teacher. I have been developing my Voice Connection teaching methods and practices of connecting to the body & spirit with sound for around 15 years. 

It is the study of the human being and how we do one thing we do everything. It is a re-learning of new pathways inside of us to transform and grown using singing as one of the vehicles. 

I teach what it is that I need to learn, that is changing, I would like to grow my business, and also know from this work that my ability to receive is key to this.

Ladies and gentlemen start your engines!!


Cassandra Carswell


Twitter: @zjivka

About Cassandra: I believe that we humans are truly capable of acting as ecological stewards – this is our niche in ecology! With thumbs, a neo-frontal cortex, and the capacity to plan & nurture, we are suited for ecological interventions that benefit nature and our own ends.

Helping humanity realize this, and move towards sustainability in a balanced and holistic manner is what I feel called to do. 

Towards this goal, I am co-conspiring roles for myself to help humanity wake-up to our inherent capacity to live in ways more aligned with principles of sustainability and balance. 

Mostly I collaborate with others from the emerging matrix of inspiration, and I base myself in both Peru and Canada. Together we are mixing ecological and social sustainability with personal and spiritual development in synergistic simbiosis. 

My professional profile can be found


Marlene Chapman


Twitter: @Marlene_Chapman

About Marlene: My career as a psychic started out as a passionate interest in metaphysics and over time evolved into a busy practice. I often describe myself as a brilliant mystic and shitty businessperson. I love my job, but I know my lack of expertise in many areas of my business is hurting me financially. My marketing has been mainly word of mouth from other satisfied clients and some free advertising through local television appearances. And it has worked great. But I am tired. Seeing people one on one is tremendously rewarding, yet extremely time consuming and greatly limits my bottom line. 

I am a single parent, and am starting to realize how important balance is in my life. Up until now, I have been quite content running my ass off because it’s the only way I’ve known. In order to accommodate all the moving parts of my life, online classes and programs could help me deliver quality work without running me ragged.

I think this workshop can help.


Patrick Danielson


Twitter: n/a

About Patrick: Started a design company in Edmonton with two colleagues.

We believe architecture is the complex art of balance. Within every project, our collective aspirations are many, yet we negotiate with the associated implications. Sensitivity is required to cultivate each project within the spectrums of social, political, material, financial, cultural and creative realities to satisfy our collective definition of a holistic architecture..

The three of us collectively inform this company as a whole however I am personally drawn towards materiality and the integration of natural with technological architecture. From intricate details to structural systems I believe all materials are ‘a part to the whole’. This network of woven, scalar relationships that comprises the whole is tied to our sustainable wellbeing and healthier living. I am originally from Sudbury, Ontario and have been influenced by the juxtaposition of the industry within the natural environment.


Erin Georgopoulos

Website: n/a

Twitter: n/a

About Erin: I am a ReikiMaster, Reflexologist, Meditation Coach & psychic/medium. I have recently changed careers and put up my sign as a healer.



 Lola Goski

Website: n/a

Twitter: n/a

About Lola: I have been in the healing/helping realm for over 40 years. I initially trained as a physical therapist and then moved toward integrating complementary medicine midstream. Practising acupuncture for 22 years and crania sacral therapy for about the same has encouraged/nudged/compelled me into the world of energy and spiritual healing. There is now no separation in my western and eastern healing practice. There has never been a problem generating income and I have always enjoyed a very full practice, mostly working solo.

Lately, I find myself wanting to move toward a more collaborative, cooperative experience … perhaps a mentorship role and yet stay actively engaged (to a lesser degree) in the practice I have created. I want to teach, share, mentor, learn and always expand myself towards healthy inward and outward experience. I am well and vibrantly alive … a seeker of truth and sometimes other virtues … and have a wicked sense of humour.


 Catherine Green

Website: to come …

Twitter: to come …

About Catherine: to come …




Robert Halley



Twitter: @RobertExpression

About Robert: Robert Halley is a Dance Artist originally from Toronto who has lived, studied, performed around the world and has been in Edmonton for the last 2 years. He has been a company member with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre (NYC) teaching Horton and the world-altering Ailey choreography in various schools and universities as well as performing in such prestigious venues as The Apollo Theatre, The Kennedy Centre and The Radio City Music Hall. He then made history by performing the floor ballet duet alongside his sister in The Lion King on The West End in London, England, a first for any siblings in this musical. Other career highlights include Cats (Drayton Festival), Wicked (Osaka, Japan), Iphaginie En Tauride (Canadian Opera Company), and Chicago (Mayfield Dinner Theatre). Robert can be seen alongside Mike Myers in the closing dance sequence of the feature film, “The Love Guru.” in Lizz Wrights’ music video for “My Heart.”

Robert is invested in the exploration and collaboration of ideas in Queer, Indigenous and Afro Centric aesthetics of art and Spirituality. In 2013 he founded ‘House of D.A.M.’, Diverse Art Movement. An Edmonton-based contemporary vogue collective inspired and structured to celebrate the history and inclusivity of Vogue Culture, yet adapting to these fast moving times and to the individuals that come together.

With dance requiring optimal health, and Robert always appreciating quiet reflective time since a child, he naturally connected with Yoga. He became certified in Kundalini Yoga with Sat Dharam Kaur through KRI Toronto and Yin & Restorative Yoga with Bernie Clark and Tianne Allan through Semperviva Vancouver. With a strong creative, meditative and compassionate approach, Robert instantly was taken by the ancient art of (Thai Yoga Massage) and became a Registered Thai Therapist through various Master Teachers/Courses in the USA, Canada and Thailand.

He is excited to launch and share with others a newly unique fusion modality,”Thai Yin Yoga” (students in Yin postures with supportive Thai body work to enhance the experience) as a small class or one-on-one session.

Teaching and Choreographing has always been a complimentary role and employment to Robert’s performing arts projects. He would like to get to the next level with teaching more guest workshops in his unique offerings around the world as well as provide choreography for Weddings. To personalize the couple’s first dance or for Bridal party.

His freelance offerings are niche, but many. He is looking forward for this workshop to focus on gaining some skills, tools and approaches to get to the next level of efficiency, abundance, purpose and happiness. 


Maren Hasse


Twitter: @marenhasse

About Maren: Writing “copy” about myself is one of my many marketing challenges, and normally I would just go digging around for some old bio and stick it up here… but I’m not going to do that this time. No, this time I am going to stretch…

Who am I and why am I signing up for this workshop? Well, this is actually the second time that I have signed up for the Marketing for Hippies workshop and the first time around it got cancelled. I know that this is all perfect and that this is actually the time/space for this workshop to take place in my life. Currently, I run three businesses, with a fourth that is present, lurking in the shadows. My “big girl job that pays the bills but doesn’t feel like my life’s work” is that of an educational consultant — I work with students who are blind/visually impaired and their families/teachers/support people. Recently, this “big girl job” has had to play more of a starring role in my financial life because I am going through a divorce. I am grateful that this “big girl job” is present in my life (I work just over half-time) so that I can eat/pay rent/buy stuff.

My other businesses feel like my true life’s work – my passion, my calling. I am a life coach, facilitator of spiritual/healing workshops and retreats, and the author of a book called FIERCE Integrity. I also teach yoga and co-run a small yoga business. Lastly, about a year ago I invested in a digital magazine called RAD (Roots and Dreams) Magazine (the magazine is the aforementioned shadow-lurker). My intention is that all of this “beautiful mess” somehow ties together and becomes a successful business that can financially sustain me and simultaneously serve the planet! I am hoping that this workshop will assist me in tying it all together and moving it forward. 


Caroline Haverkort

Website: to come …

Twitter: to come …

About Caroline: to come …





Christina Ignacio-Deines

ChristinaIgnacio-Deines _WebWebsite:

Twitter: @idbohemia

About Christina: Christina Ignacio-Deines is a Partner, Designer and Artist in I-D BOHEMIA Lif
estyle, Events and Interiors, where she creates captivating experiences and spaces for businesses, organizations and people. 

An expert at bridging ideas, objects, cultures and communities within an intriguingly unified and beautiful whole, her skill at translating a compelling story into vibrant, luminous reality has won her national attention and ardent praise. 

In a diverse portfolio spanning events, weddings, homes and commercial interiors, Christmas and floral décor, fashion, editorial, fine art and custom jewellery, connection is the heartbeat of everything she does. Christina’s art imagines life as Art.


Krystal Jewell



Twitter: n/a

About Krystal: My name is Krystal, I’m a 21 year old woman who practices psychosomatic therapy. Everything can be a meditation: preparing a meal, walking, petting a cat; and it is my aim to incorporate mindfulness into how I do things and speak with people. I began learning about my energetic talents with Reiki in fall of 2013 and continued on the pathless path, reaping many benefits from my psychosomatic therapy training course and I want to share my excitement with others about their own uniqueness and gifts. My business is very fresh, a little underripe, and I look forward to being around holistic type practitioners who have more experience, and to grow into a leading professional in this field.


Janice Kalyta

Website: n/a

Twitter: n/a

About Janice: I work with humans and K-9’s as a therapeutic therapist, using various modalities to assist in their healing, and growth on their journey through this life. I have been working for approx 5 years now, and am looking to expand my be-ing in business so I can expand the number of human’s and k-9’s that I reach. 


Liandrah Hardnail Macklem

LiandrahMacklem_WebWebsite: n/a

Twitter: n/a

About Liandrah: My life has revolved around learning. Learning excites me, invigorates and inspires me! Sharing what I’ve learned in ways that excite, invigorate and inspire others is the frosting on the cake for me.

Once upon a time I was an elementary school French, English and art teacher to 150 students per day. However, I didn’t feel like I was reaching everyone I was meant to connect with and so I journeyed beyond the standard classroom, where I found so many other communication modalities to explore. I created programs for families to explore how to help kids get the most out of their time in school, and wrote and published a bi-monthly infoletter with articles to encourage families to be involved in all aspects of education, especially embracing outside the box opportunities.

As I journeyed outside the box of my own life, I discovered some of the secrets to living with more connection. I have become a professional diviner, using pendulums, rods and charts to assist people in successfully presenting themselves at their highest and best in job interviews, relationships, and court proceedings.  I also create and offer many workshops on subjects like allowing more abundance in your life, accessing your highest calling and purpose, living your most connected life. I have just completed a very intense course of sound healing therapy and feel that it is the key to everything.
In my ‘real life’, my heart belongs to Indigo Drinks, a community building endeavour aimed at bringing the Edmonton holistic and alternative spiritual, health and fitness practitioners and enthusiasts together in supportive camaraderie.  Indigo Drinks is a Tad Hargrave creation, which he nominated me to run.  After a year of creating monthly events all by my lonesome, I was joined by enthusiastic, talented co-host, Kim Tanasichuk.  Together we have been presenting all kinds of themes to get the community talking.


Lynn Marie Mah

Twitter: n/a

About Lynn Marie: I have been a registered massage therapist for 14 years. Four months into my career I was given the opportunity to buy an existing massage business and I was off and running. Over the years I have expanded my services to include Reiki, Hypnotherapy and Intuitive readings. I also teach workshops in Reiki, Intuition and Manifestation.

I am extremely busy and have hit my plateau on what I can earn with private sessions. I am ready to transition my practice to the next level.


Darlene Mitansky


Twitter: n/a

About Darlene: I am an artist, a healer and a graphic designer and I am interested in refocusing myself as I reboot my creative service business.



 Ciara Moynihan

Website: to come …

Twitter: to come …

About Ciara: to come …




Jackie Pearce


Twitter: @TheGoldenLady06

About Jackie: I love nature, adventures and fun at large. I am also at times rather quiet and introverted (I know, it’s weird). A compassionate vegan gal (no angry vegan syndrome here).

As a young business woman I am exceptionally proud of my accomplishments and success. I own and operate a very successful home based Wholistic business specializing in Energy Work. I also teach courses and workshops.

My business is growing and I need help to grow and transition smoothly. I also need to learn to say “no”.


DeeAnne Riendeau


Twitter: @yourholisticea

About DeeAnne: From a young age DeeAnne wanted to help others. She worked in various western medical fields nurturing and comforting patients. She quickly learned that teaching was a strength and began teaching in colleges throughout Alberta. She continued onto a Health Administration degree where she discovered a gap between holistic care and existing western medical care as well as an absence of spiritual health. Suffering with numerous illness and injury throughout her life, she turned to holistic methods of healing to enhance the quality of her life. The amazing results she has experienced enabled her to have a family and fulfill her passions in life. She is drawn to share her knowledge and experiences with others to help them lead happy, healthy fulfilled lives.


Krista Robb 


Twitter: @__kristalee

About Krista: I am a recent graduate of the RHN Holistic Nutrition program at CSNN. I am beginning to build a business and I am so absolutely passionate about it all — but. theres so much more to learn, and fortunately I have been guided to all of the mentors – except one little last thing – marketing!

I love to travel, I’ve worked for an airline for the past 5 years. I enjoy seeing the beautiful sights and enjoying the culinary wonders of our world. I Love people, and animals, and even little insects. Simply put, i’m a bit of a buddhist and I am just hoping with my heart of hearts to do my bit to improve our planet. Love!


Michelle Schultz

Website: n/a

Twitter: n/a

About Michelle: My name is Michelle Schultz, I have been a hair designer for over 30 years . I have owned 2 salons which I have sold and recently just gone into private practice . I have an idea that I’m very excited about for new business in my field and am looking forward to learning all I can to benefit this endeavour . 
I am a very spiritual individual . I love to Douse and am very energy sensitive . I do a bit of conjuring on the side and very much go with ” what you believe you receive” as my Moto. And I use How does it get better than this ? and What else is possible and out there for me ? As my daily Mantra .


Kim Tanasichuk


Twitter: n/a

About Kim: I am a web and graphic designer for wholistic, eco and heart-based
businesses and individuals. I’m also a community event organizer, namely Indigo Drinks, which is a gathering for wholistic practitioners, healers and those interested in personal growth, wholistic health, and alternative spirituality.

This is how I love to live my life – my heart and soul leads.  I follow inclings, my emotions,  and visions, dreams and just knowings. My connections to this has never been turned off and only gets stronger.  I live with strong purpose and vision, and when I decide I want to do something, I jump right in and approach it like a life-meditation – learning what I need to learn, studying it, working on inward things, and create personal projects for myself because I like to work on myself and I like to do things well.  I’m passionate and persistent.

Someone referred to me as becoming an introverted hub in the community, and I’m starting to identify what my toolkit is.  I’ve got a pretty decent right/left brain balance: My background is plants – a degree in Plant Biology (Botany) and background in plants (landscaping, greenhouse work, plant ID, etc.), and I’ve also delved a lot into a more intuitive and spiritual connection with Nature as these kinds of experiences come natural to me and expose me to a wisdom most ignore.  When working with clients or on events, having a great tool kit of intuition, observation and communication skills,
while k
nowing how to focus all of that with a business mind and out of abstract concept into form, definitely comes in handy.  I can see the bigger picture, I can see the details, and I can make things happen. So my work on community-level endeavours let’s me use and deepen all of these skills, and that just feels very satisfying.


Jane Lightbody Thomas



Twitter: n/a

About Jane: I am the owner of a wellness centre called healing connections. 

I am also the mother of 3 young adult children. 

I am a massage therapist and a cranioSacral therapist. 

I am currently passionate about learning how to simplify our lives and for all of us to learn the skill of tapping into nature and each other to learn this art of healing. 

Looking forward to connecting with other like minded entrepreneurs and to be facilitated by Mark and Tad.


Mercedes Treeter 


Twitter: n/a

About Mercedes: I have Bachelor of Commerce from University of Alberta. I feel lucky to have been educated around so many brilliant intellectual minds, and at the same time to have become aware of how dysfunctional societal systems can be at achieving their goals. 

Inspired by my journey through University, I have set out in life to transform systems and create greater benefit overall. I seek new innovative ways of being, and I love to experience as well as co-create as much bliss & empowerment as possible. 

For the past 5 years I have co-created a Wellness School and Society with many amazing women. Through this we taught new avenues of creating health, wealth and well-being. I am currently also developing my own wellness initiative, and therefore I am excited for this course and to connect with like minded individuals, or even opposite minded individuals, that will expand my own mind & heart, as well as the ways I give back to the world even more.


Elizabeth Troniak

ElizabethTroniak_WebWebsite: n/a

Twitter: n/a

About Elizabeth: Some people I have worked for and with over my 35 years in the corporate world, might say I am a nuisance, some might even say a rebel. Pain in the ass I am sure comes to the mind of others. I know that I have challenged the hypocrisy of many in power. I know I have a fierce passion for justice, and I cannot tolerate bullying. We learnt in the sand box as a child how to play with each other, how to share, play fair, and take care of one another, but we seem to have forgotten. If we could all leap to the conscious understanding that we are all one, and not just separate individuals on this earth, we would leave behind the idea of separateness, which leads to self interest, and leap to helping our fellow man. 

So, am I a Nuisance, a Rebel, or a pain in the ass? Probably all three, but I like to consider myself these days, an Elder, someone who would like to share her wisdom tactfully and with courage to those coming behind me in the Corporate world. 

Urban tribes and Aboriginals, have elders, churches have elders. Why not the Corporate world? We need people who after a natural progression of working their way up that proverbial corporate ladder, share their experiences of personal development, and accumulated knowledge and skills, with the newcomers so they don’t have to make the same mistakes or go through what we may have gone through. These people need to teach others about the corporate culture and its ways, and how to “be” within that environment without slipping into a Corporate Coma. They need to know how to be in the fire, and stay true to themselves regardless if heaven and earth are falling down around them. I feel it is now, more than ever, essential to facilitate the creation of corporate communities of likeminded individuals, who are willing to be personally accountable for their own wellbeing, and have the courage to allow love and compassion to be part of their everyday work life, and to birth a new way of “being” in the Corporate environment, where the current fear based way of managing must disappear, and be replaced with an environment where individuals seek to live their faith and or spiritual values within the workplace. We need to create companies where we feel it is ok to love our neighbor, and respect for others is expected. We need to create corporate communities where corporate politics are almost non-existent, where personal morals and integrity are not threatened, and where everyone is fully engaged so both.


Michael Westly

MichaelWestly_WebWebsite: to come …

Twitter: to come …

About Michael: to come …

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