Mission & Vision


We help coaches, healers, and entrepreneurs create profitable and sustainable businesses through marketing that is effective (it works), ethical (it feels genuinely good to all involved) and beautiful (it touches the soul and feeds life) based on our Five Fundamentals approach.

We help coaches, healers, and entrepreneurs to:

Create profitable and sustainable businesses with less effort so that eventually they can have the money they want to achieve those dreams they’ve been sitting on (e.g. buying property, saving, paying off debt etc.)

Articulate what they do, even when it seems very weird and woo woo. We get people to know what they do so they can feel good about having something to say when they’re marketing.

Enjoy marketing because they know who they are, what they do, and whom they serve and how to market in a way that is effective (it works) and ethical (it feels genuinely good to all involved).

Get back to basics by laying down the solid foundations and fundamentals of their business


“Being beautiful on the way to the answer is the answer.”
- Martin Prechtel

Profitable business, ethically grown, even in uncertain times.

To set up a little ‘Ethical Marketing’ tent, full of heart-centred, sane marketing advice, in a corner of the global marketplace where disillusioned, radical and trouble-making coaches, healers and entrepreneurs can gather for wee, hot cups of advice, camaraderie, encouragement and commiseration to help them offer up their gifts to the world, grow a profitable business, step out of outdated, manipulative sales tactics, and stay human while they sell their beautiful things in a way that feels genuinely good to all involved. All willing this creates ripples we won’t live to see.

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