Welcome to Your Mini-Meantime

A Six-Day, DIY Taste Of My 30-Day Meantime Program

Good to have you here.

If you’re reading this, then you’re interested in my 30-Day Meantime Program (or at least the content involved).

Maybe the timing doesn’t work or it’s a bit too much money or you just wanted to dip your toe in right away.

This Mini-Meantime is designed to give you a wee taste of the thing (and some results right away) for a fraction of the price.

I’ve designed this package to give you a high level view on how you can get out of your cashflow dip and begin to turn things around quickly. If you’re a self-starter, this may be just what you’re looking for.

Here’s the general structure I’d suggest. Right away, read Dig into What Is The Meantime & Why Does It Matter and then consider the next day your first day.

Day 1 = Step 1

Day 2 = Step 2

Day 3 = Step 3

Day 4 = Step 4

Day 5 = Step 5

Day 6 = Step 6

Do this over six days. Give yourself one hour a day. Schedule that into your calendar NOW. 

One hour a day over this next week should be enough for you to see some good shifts. 

Stay human,


p.s. The Mini Meantime not the same as the full, 30-Day Meantime Program which will also offer you:

  • weekly, 90 minute calls for accountability, encouragement and to actually do work on 
  • the momentum of a 30-day program (it’s too easy to have the information and do nothing with it – there’s a magic to a group of people coming together at regular intervals with shared intentions)
  • four content rich eBooks to guide you through the material and give you more ideas
  • the chance to connect with other, like minded entrepreneurs (and maybe get a Meantime buddy)
  • you have no opportunity to ask questions and get my thoughts on how to translate these ideas into your own situation

p.ps. Just go through the content below. The Meantime Inspiration is an old collection of inspiring quotes and videos that are all, solidly worth checking out. It might take a few minutes to load but, if you’re feeling the need for a shot in the arm of inspiration and goodness, I recommend diving in. 

Want To Get Ongoing Support?

If your Puttering Session was useful and you’d like to delve more deeply into my work and be in touch with me and like-minded entrepreneurs on a more regular basis, I hope you might consider checking out my Membership Program.

At the Pro Level, you’ll get $25 discounts on any future Puttering Sessions, get all of my eBooks for free plus weekly, group coaching calls with me (plus a lot more).

If you have any questions about it after checking out the write up on it, please just drop us an email and we’ll do our best to answer your questions. 

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