Your Mini Meantime

Step Six: Sticking Points

So, where is it that people get stuck in this process?

Basically, it always comes back to the same five sticking points.

  1. Marketing 101: For some people, marketing just feels gross. They can’t imagine a way to do it that would not only work but that might also feel good. If you can’t picture yourself marketing in a way that doesn’t ask you to sell your soul, you won’t. 
  2. Niching: This is where 90% of people struggle that keeps them coming back to The Meantime. They’re trying to be everything to everybody. Below are some videos that speak to this.
  3. Point of View Marketing: Some people aren’t credible in the eyes of their ideal clients because they’re not candid about their perspective or, because they’re trying to reach the whole world, they have no particular perspective. 
  4. Business Model: If your business model involves only seeing one person at a time and never inviting them to rebook, this will make it almost impossible to ever leave The Meantime.
  5. Hub Marketing: Trying to reach potential clients by ‘cold approaching’ strangers is a dead end.

But, again, this almost always begins with niching.

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