Your Mini Meantime

Step Five: Planting Seeds & Starting On The Long Term Fix

Once you’ve created a bit of space, and picked a piece of low hanging fruit  you want to start thinking more strategically about your business.

We want to look at how we even got to be in The Meantime in the first place and make sure we visit it as seldom as possible. 

The secret here is to use the space and momentum afforded to you by the first steps to invest more deeply in the long term fix. 

Investing in the short term fix gets you maybe ten units of reward for every unit of effort in the beginning, but then the returns rapidly begin to diminish. 

However, investing in the long term fix is the opposite. 

At first you put in ten units of effort and get only one unit of reward but, in time, it flips and your one unit of effort yields ten units of reward. 

This is the importance and beauty of a good strategy.

EXERCISE #1: Set side a couple of hours of focused time to listen to the following Last Year Review & Intention Setting video. This will do wonders for your long view in your business.

EXERCISE #2: Below that video are nine other, hand selected videos for you to help you ponder your long term strategy in business and making the case as to why it matters so much. Listen to them while going on a walk or doing some deeper cleaning in your house. 

NOTE: For a deeper cut on my overall, strategic view of what ethical marketing is and how to do it sign up for my Starter Kit if you haven’t already. You’ll get the entire footage of my signature, day-long Marketing for Hippies 101 workshop. 

Want To Join The Meantime 30-Day Program?

If you want some hand holding and help to translate and implement this all into your situation and a structure to support you in this consider joining in for our annual Meantime Program.

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