Your Mini Meantime

Step Four: Low Hanging Fruit

Once you’ve created a bit of space, the key is to identify a piece lowest hanging fruit you can pick. 

You just want to pick one which one is the easiest possible source of windfall profits in your business.

You pick just one tactic. One thing upon which you will focus. Focus is one of the most important secret to making it through the Meantime.

Even if it’s true that strategy is more powerful than tactics (and it is), it doesn’t matter when you’re in the midst of needing to make a lot of money fast. 

Then you need the fast marketing approach.

Caveat: If you over-rely on fast-marketing and never really hone your platform, develop a strong sales funnel or marketing strategy, you can end up in a perpetual state of crisis (which I’ve seen many times). 

These approaches aren’t the long term fix but, in The Meantime, they mighty be just what the doctor ordered.

What kinds of tactics are we talking about?

See below…

To the left you’ll see an interview I did with the good Bari Tessler of Conscious Bookkeeping. 

In it, I shared nine of my favourite tactics from The Meantime Program. These are proven, tactical approaches to generating money quickly.

Below are four ‘fast-cash’ videos and an article.

I recommend going for a walk (or doing some tidying and creating space) while listening to this and then pick ONE and do it as soon as you possibly can.

Note: In the full Meantime 30-Day Program you will get a 140 page PDF jam packed with over thirty six of the best, fast-acting marketing tactics I know of. And you’ll have the chance to ask me questions about how to translate them to your own situation. The entire program is worth it for this one PDF alone. Over the years, I’ve thought of selling it for $100 USD with a clean conscience.

Want To Join The Meantime 30-Day Program?

If you want some hand holding and help to translate and implement this all into your situation and a structure to support you in this consider joining in for our annual Meantime Program.

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