Your Mini Meantime

Step Three: Create More Space

We begin with creating physical space. 

But the next step is creating more emotional space: space in your calendar (oh blessed free time) and financial space so that the Meantime is not such an urgent issue.

And that space does not just happen.

That feeling of no extra money or space? This is The Meantime. The Meantime = immense, unwanted, sustained constriction. 

The mistake is to try to jump into money making tactics directly before getting organized. This will only add to your overwhelm and usually ends badly.

So, here’s your challenge today: set a timer for sixty minutes and do everything you can to create more space in your life (beyond your physical environment).

This could mean: 

  • getting organized and planning your week
  • finally polishing up that system you need in place for your business
  • creating that checklist you know you need to make
  • getting out of every commitment you can possibly get out of for the next month (e.g engagements you’re not 100% jazzed about, volunteer boards you no longer want to be on)
  • identify expenses you can reduce
  • go for a long walk with a friend to let yourself vent about how stressed you are so you can get it off your chest.
  • follow up with everyone who owes you money
  • go on a social media fast for thirty days

Pick ONE of the above (or something better) and do it.

Don’t under-estimate this. 

Want To Join The Meantime 30-Day Program?

If you want some hand holding and help to translate and implement this all into your situation and a structure to support you in this consider joining in for our annual Meantime Program.

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