Your Mini Meantime

Step Two: Create Physical Space

Over the years, it’s my firm belief that, the most important step in getting through the Meantime is creating space. 

And that starts with our physical and virtual environment. 

When there is order on the outside, it is much easier to have order on the inside. 

When people try to skip this, they only seem to compound the overwhelm they feel. 

So, here’s the simple exercise for today: pick one area of your home or office that needs to be tidied. It could be your desk, your laptop desktop, your phone, your closet, a cabinet in the kitchen – something finite. Don’t choose ‘your whole house’ or ‘my whole garage’. Pick one thing. Set a timer for an hour. Put your phone of airplane mode. Crank up the tunes and go. Give it your entire focus for one hour. 

You might be amazed at what this does for you.

Want To Join The Meantime 30-Day Program?

If you want some hand holding and help to translate and implement this all into your situation and a structure to support you in this consider joining in for our annual Meantime Program.

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