mini case study – slow marketing really works

How would you like it if clients loved you so much they drove three or four hours to see you?

They will if it feels like it’s a fit.

I just got this note from a client of mine, Tim Emerson. And it reminded me of the importance of the slow marketing approach and how effective it can be in building trust with people over time. And how, even when Tim is clear that his website needs work, it is still helping him get clients. Sometimes, marketing can feel overwhelming and like if you don’t do it all then it won’t help. To me the best part of building your website is that, once it’s up, it’s basically good for the next year or so (and is working for you while you sleep).

“As much as my web site needs (and will get) a redesign (as I have time…in progress), I got a lesson from a client this morning. She drove here yesterday from her home town (got a room for the night) for a $333.00 Reconnection (she has been a distance healing client for a while), even though there’s someone in her town who could do this for her. “Her web site is all about her, and then just ‘here’s the session information.’ Your web site isn’t about you really–it’s about the experience. You give credit to Eric Pearl for developing it, and post his and Lynn McTaggart’s books; I watched all the videos–and I like to travel, so it was worth the extra money to come and do this with you.”

Bam. Yay for the journey, and yay for pink spoons, even when I can’t see that people are using them. Clients who pass local practitioners by to work with me, via distance or four-hour drive. Yay for starting to make my web site a hub for people, even with all of its current faults (“sometimes the perfect is the enemy of the good”). Guess where I learned all that, Tad Hargrave???? 🙂 In other terms — ONE CLIENT alone (not to mention all the others) more than covered the cost of “Marketing 101 for Holistic Practitioners.” I’m a happy client.”

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