Building and Growing Mighty Markets

Building and Growing Online Community and Memberships

Friday, June 19th, 2020

@ 2:30-3:45pm MST (1:30pm PST / 4:30pm EST)

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A personal note from Tad Hargrave:

I won’t belabour the point here. I love Bradley Morris. I stand behind his work. Many of my clients have raved about the experience of working with him and thanked me for connecting them to his work. He can be trusted. 
So here are the formal goods:

Bradley Morris from Majik Media, the creator of The Great eCourse Adventure and Going Mighty: the ultimate guide for building and growing your Mighty Network, for a deep-dive webinar into the wonderful world of Mighty Networks. Bradley will:

  • Let you peak under the hood of their Majik Media Membership site
  • Talk about his client’s $300K Mighty Network launch, which is still making $20K+ per month
  • Share best practices for building your online community or memberships
  • Highlight the features and expansive possibilities inside of Mighty Networks
  • Answer all your questions about Mighty Networks, membership sites, course creation & whatever else you want to talk about
To help make this the best experience possible for you, Bradley is asking you to pre-ask your questions ahead of time so he can focus on the things you all want to learn about, when you register there will be a link where you can send those questions. But here it is now too.

To learn more about Bradley or the Going Mighty course he produced, visit

Hope you’ll join us!
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Bradley Morris helps purpose-driven creators produce highly engaging, transformational media & build thriving, profitable communities that transform lives, educate audiences and turn messages into movements. Learn more about Bradley and his work at
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