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Core Administrator


The Contract:

We are looking to fill our Core Administrator position. This is a part-time, remote, contract position.

 You would work remotely, set your own hours and invoice for your work monthly. You will need to be available for this work on at least four of the five weekdays (Monday-Friday).

You will need to be available for 20 hours of paid training in the second half of February 2024, and the position starts formally as an 80 hours/month (20 hours/week) job on Monday, March 4th, 2024 with the possibility to increase in hours as needed.

We are able to offer $28-32 CAD per hour, commensurate with experience, for this work. There are opportunities for this to increase over time.

We are looking for someone who:

    • Is systems minded. You’re passionate about details, administration, project management, and creating and managing simple, sustainable systems. A love of spreadsheets and checklists will serve you well. 
    • Loves our work. You’re familiar with and love the work of Marketing for Hippies around ethical and effective marketing.
    • Loves hippy entrepreneurs. You love the thought of supporting hippy entrepreneurs from around the world to grow their beautiful wee businesses into things that actually sustain them.
    • Is looking for a steady gig. You like the thought of this role being a significant part of your life for the coming three years at least (not just a few months), maybe even more!
    • Has a hard-working yet chill vibe. 

Why it matters: 

This role is the central pillar for my business. This is the glue that holds it all together and makes sure that all of the systems are working steadily and sustainably to carry Marketing for Hippies into the next level of its growth (and we do expect to grow). 

  • 2024 will see us stabilizing the contractor roles and Membership. Stability is our word for this year. We will also be getting the financial books in order and, possibly, moving to incorporate our business as well. In our last year, we’ve taken on more and more contractors and we are in need of help to coordinate and support them in their efforts. 
  • 2025-2027 will see us continuing to grow the Membership and rolling out an Apprenticeship Program where business coaches can dig deep into Tad’s approach to ethical marketing. It will likely see Tad publishing his bookstore-book with a publisher and hitting the virtual road heavily in promotion of it. During these years, we expect to see the size of our following grow significantly. 
  • 2028 and beyond will see the shift into Tad stepping back from Marketing for Hippies and into his cultural work. This may include the selling or passing on of Marketing for Hippies into other hands. Your role will be central in setting the stage to make this transition smooth and easy. 

Core things you’ll need:

  • Tech: 
    • A strong, reliable internet connection
    • a laptop that isn’t too slow
  • Time: 
    • The ability to regularly be in touch with someone in the Pacific time zone
    • A willingness to participate in regular phone and/or Zoom meetings to stay in touch with staff and on top of tasks and projects (there will regularly be 3-5 meetings per week, at 1-2.5 hours per meeting). As systems improve, the need for these meetings may decrease. 

It would be fantastic if you already had experience and skill in:

  • Team Management: Experience with small business/arts/non-profit administration and managment, supporting and working within a team of 4+ people. 
  • Project Management: Managing a production schedule and moving with ease between multiple projects and contractors.
  • Managing Communication: An aptitude for written correspondence when managing client questions, requests, and issues. Communicating clearly, kindly, firmly and with professionalism between contractors, clients, and the public. 
  • Spreadsheet & Finance Savvy: Comfort working on financial projections and interpreting financial data along with a bookkeeper and an accountant and tracking and interpreting Key Performance Indicators.
  • App, Program & Tech Skills: The following apps and bits of online tech: WordPress (ideally with the Elementor plugin), Canva, Google Docs/Drive, Word (and/or Pages), Excel (and/or Numbers), Eventbrite, ConvertKit, WooCommerce, ThriveCart, Zoom, PayPal, Stripe, QuickBooks Online, and Zapier.
  • Growing Projects: If you’ve had experience in growing projects in their scale, taking on larger teams and more impact, this would be a help. 
  • Incorporating a Business: If you’ve gone through the process of incorporation before that would be a boon.

What you will get from Marketing for Hippies:

  • A three-month trial period
  • 20 hours of paid onboarding and orientation at your hourly rate
  • A robust and clear set-up for your position with practical details describing all aspects of the Core Administrator’s tasks 

General Tasks: What is expected of you (systems for all of these will be provided): 

  • Email Response Time: 
    • Aim for 24 business hours response times to messages from founder/director Tad Hargrave and other team members (not always possible, but we’ll both commit to doing our best)
    • Aim for responses to client emails within 48 business hours
  • Core Admin Work: 
    • You’ll independently review your weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual task checklists that have been developed for your position and keep them up to date on the tasks you’ve completed, adding or subtracting tasks as needed
    • You’ll keep how-tos for the different tasks at Marketing for Hippies up to date
    • Updating content on web pages, sales pages, sale buttons, etc

Project Management: 

  • Action any immediate tasks for active and upcoming programs that need to be done by you 
  • Regularly review the weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual task checklists for the other contractors and check in with them (via email/phone/zoom as needed) to be sure they’re on task and whether they need any support 
  • Set up Affiliate programs where appropriate and manage the affiliate client needs, resources, and payouts

Staff Coordination and Communication:


  • Weekly meetings with the Marketing and Production Coordinator 


  • Bi-Weekly meeting with Tad (twice per month)

Monthly Meetings With: 

  • Tech Support person to review where things are at, and fix any bugs. They are also available for emergencies
  • Membership Coordinator 
  • Core Team (Tad, Marketing and Production Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, and yourself)
    • You’ll prepare a monthly staff meeting agenda for the core contractors 
    • You’ll create a recap and list of actions for everyone from that staff meeting

As Needed:

  • Bookkeeper/Accountant: 
    • Usually a monthly check-in with the Bookkeeper
    • One-off emails/meetings when they have questions about income or expenses you’ll help them understand and interpret 
  • Contractors: 
    • Assist Tad with the practical onboarding and offboarding of contractors
    • Regular check-ins and management of contractors and their tasks to keep everyone connected and on track

General Client Support:

  • Client Emails: Replying to client emails and solving their questions or issues on the days you work (at least four workdays of the week)
  • Payment Management: Issuing receipts as requested, process refunds and cancellations, and follow up on failed billings
  • Client Program Enrollment and Management: Supporting participant registrations and needs in the MfH Membership, in live and online workshops, in webinars, and in retreats (these programs are managed by other contractors but a bird’s eye view of things will be important in this role, having a sense of what’s happening and where things are at, and the ability to answer simple client questions and direct them accurately)

Application Process:

  1. Until Feb 6th (at midnight Pacific): Fill in the application form.
  2. Feb 9th: We will review and select a short list and ask them to do a brief self assessment and do a brief assignment.
  3. Feb 12th- Feb 14th: There will be some interviews over zoom.
  4. Feb 16th: The selection will be made.

To Apply:

Please fill out our thorough application form, link in the yellow button below.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you if you think this could be a good fit for you. 

Please note that we may ask for three references if we follow up with you.


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