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Welcome to the Marketing for Hippies Mentorship Program!

I am so looking forward to our work together.

Our “office hours” group calls are held every Tuesday at Noon PST.

Please take 20 minutes right now to review this page in detail.





  1. Join the private Facebook Group.
  2. Note where to find the Tuesday call info and recordings.
  3. Book your initial, 60-minute one-on-one call with Tad. We will be in touch asap to set that up.
  4. Send us your bio and head shot info via the form provided.
  5. Set up your remaining payments.
  6. Watch the MfH 101 Workshop Video and do the Workbook (unless you’ve attended this workshop live in the past 12 months).
  7. Familiarize yourselves with Voxer and get your own account – used for our “Quick Response Hotline”.
  8. Take note of the Annual Retreat dates and add it to your calendar – we really hope you can make it to Edmonton for this one!
  9. Download all of your complimentary MfH resources – eBooks and videos and workbooks.



Be sure to join our private Facebook Group, this is where you can connect with other folks in the Mentorship program and we’ll also be using it during our weekly calls.



All call info is listed on this FB document – both upcoming calls and call recordings in 2019, go HERE.

For the 2018 recordings log, go HERE.

For the 2017 recordings log, go HERE.

Sometimes people wonder it it’s possible to download the recordings, and it certainly is, you just hit the “download” button (I’ve circled it here) and it’ll save to your computer’s or phone’s music service. Then you can replay it whenever and wherever you like.










All members of the Mentorship Program should book a 60-minute, on-boarding one-on-one session with Tad within their first month of joining the program (or starting another 6 month session in the program). Tad or Susan will be in touch with you to book your session.



Check out your fellow Mentorship cohort on the Participant Page. We’ll post the bio and headshot you provided us on your application to the program.



**Please note** you ONLY do this once, it sets up all your monthly payments. These payments will reoccur until you wish conclude your participation (after your initial 6-month commitment).

After your six-month initial commitment, you are welcome to stay as long as is right for you. Maybe that’s three more months, maybe it’s eight. All we ask is that you provide 30 days notice before your final day of participation in the program. And if you you’re able to offer two months notice, that would great.

Please travel to this link and set your payments up at the start of your second month in the program. We’ll send you an email reminder about this when it’s time.

MfH Mentorship Program: Recurring Payments
MfH Mentorship Program: Recurring Payments
This payment will schedule your month payments of $400 each.

Please note: price in USD
Price: $400.00


6. Watch the MfH 101 Workshop Video and do the MfH 101 Workbook:

To access it, go to:
Password: mfh101-iwanttowatch
Please Note: I am asking you to review this video and workbook in full before you come (unless you’ve attended the workshop live in the past twelve months). This means that we’ll all have a similar language to use when talking about marketing.


It sometimes takes me weeks to get back to people. I get a lot of emails. You’ll have access to me via a “quick response hotline” app called Voxer where you will be able to send me and my assistant Susan text or voice messages for issues where you need five minutes or less of help. I’ll usually be able to reply within  an hour or so.

Please take a moment to set up your own Voxer account and get it set up on your computer, phone, tablet – whatever devices you’ll want to use it from.

  • You can find Tad under his user name of “tadlington” or by searching his full name: “Tad Hargrave”.
  • You can find Susan under her user name of “sku22” or by searching her full name “Susan Kendal Urbach”.


8. FREE BIANNUAL RETREAT  – at my home in Edmonton

Next Retreat: TBA

Times: 10am-5pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday
10am-1pm Sunday

LOCATION: The retreat will take place at Tad’s house, here’s the address:

LODGING: Here are some suggestions for out-of-towners if you’re looking for a place to stay that’s convenient to Tad’s home. We’re not endorsing any of these, please do your own research and find the best fit for you, but they’re certainly a handful of places to start.

    • Airbnb – probably your best option. Look for something near Tad’s address (listed above).
    • Couchsurfing – similar to Airbnb but more intimate. Check it out if you feel comfortable with the concept – it’s very hippy!
    • University of Alberta housing – you could try this and see if they have anything for short-term stays, the university is very close (walkable) to Tad’s place.
    • Commercial Hotel on Whyte Avenue. Walkable to Tad’s, or a short bus ride. This is an affordable hotel option nearby. It is probably more rough/rustic side of things, but is a viable, affordable option.
    • Last thought is to just search “hotels near Whyte Ave” and you’ll find some options close to Tad’s place.

CONTACT: Tad’s cell, should you need to be in touch with him urgently about being a little late or anything last minute, is: 1-780-885-8891.

TRANSIT: The closest bus stop is by the Garneau Theatre, at the top of the Walterdale Hill. Or you can take the LRT to University Station, it’s 3-blocks from Tad’s house. You can find Edmonton Transit System info HERE. Cabs and Uber are also fine options in Edmonton.

PARKING — AN IMPORTANT NOTE: There is street parking near Tad’s house but it can be tough to find right on his street. If you’re driving, come early enough to find a spot that may be a few blocks away. A lot of the surrounding parking spaces are metred, so be sure to bring change.

Usually you can find parking at Hub Mall on the University of Alberta Campus, which is walking distance to Tad’s house. Here’s a link to university lots nearby:

FOOD: At lunch time you can make your own food arrangements. You can bring your own food, or there are lots of great little places to eat near Tad’s house to choose from.

KEY LOCATIONS: I’ve pinned Tad’s house here, some parking and transit points, and some grocery stores:



As promised, you get ALL of my products as a part of this program! The links for the eBooks are below, you can download the files to your own computer. If you like reading or working from paper, send some or all for coil-bound printing at your local print shop.


You can read about it here.

Or go directly to the registration page here.

Use this coupon code to get the program for free: Mentorship

Password: mfh101-iwanttowatch
You’ll each be receiving a personal login and lifetime access to my 90-Day Niching Spiral Homestudy program. You can read the sales letter to get a sense of it here:
The Art of Relevance
The Art of Relevance Workbook
Who am I to Teach and Charge for it?
The Art of the Full House
Point of View Marketing
POV Workbook
How to Start
Don’t Market Yourself. Market Your Message.
The Niching Nest
Crystal Clear: Five Simple & Proven Ways to Describe What You Do So That People Get it (Even if it Seems Hopeless)
The Heart of Selling: An Interview with Mark Silver
22 Myths About Building Your Practice: Learn Almost Two Dozen Ways You Might Be Unwittingly Sabotaging Your Own Success
Grow Your Email List with The Free Gift Workbook
The Top Ten Blunders Holistic Practitioners & Life Coaches Make


These five eBooks include over 200 pages of easy to apply tactics designed to get you cash-flow immediately. They’re tailored for my online 30-day program called The Meantime. But go ahead and give them a read, they’re self explanatory for the most part. 

The Meantime: Part 1 – Getting Ready
This is the workbook we use before The Meantime gets started to help people orient and get ready.

The Meantime: Part 2 – Physical Space
Your short workbook for the first week where we’re focusing 100% on getting your physical space in order. Many people find this one of the most impactful weeks of the whole course.

The Meantime: Part 3 – More Space
The Week Two workbook focuses in on creating emotional, social and financial space as well as more space in your calendar.

The Meantime: Part 4 – Low Hanging Fruit
At 130 pages, the Week Three workbook is packed with 35 or so specific, actionable, fast-acting and profit-producing tactics you can apply immediately in your business to bring in more money.

The Meantime: Part 5 – Planting Seeds
The Week Four workbook takes a look at some of the core ideas you can integrate long term to make sure The Meantime is something you won’t have to re-visit for a long time.




I normally charge $300/hour for my coaching, but if you’re in this program and want some focused time with me outside of the calls, you get it for a third of the price. Please just drop my assistant Susan a line if you’d like to book a session:



ADDITIONAL THING #1 – Recordings:

There will, of course, be recordings of all of the calls in case you have to miss them.

ADDITIONAL THING #2 – Weekly Work Party Every Friday at Noon PST (Optional but Available):

Each week, for two hours, people are invited to work on their business and be available in the Facebook group to give and receive immediate feedback from each other. I’ll be there for some but not all of these. Sometimes it makes a big difference to be able to get immediate feedback from colleagues on something rather than waiting even one hour.

ADDITIONAL THING #3 – Online Bios:

I’ll be sending everyone who’s accepted into the program a series of questions to answer. Those answers will be posted in the Facebook group – one file per person. This will be a way you can get to know the others in the group. I’ll encourage you to print these off and read them over carefully so you know who’s in the group. Note: that means everyone will be reading over yours as well.

We’ve also made a bios page HERE. Check back soon to learn a bit about your fellow participants listed.

ADDITIONAL THING #4 – Guest Hosts:

From time to time, I’ll be bringing in my favourite colleagues to share the best of what they know with you.

ADDITIONAL THING #5: Grandfathered-In Pricing.

If you join in this round of this program, then you will be offered this same price of $400/month for the Marketing Mentorship Program, even if I raise the price.


There are eBooks I plan to write in the next 18 months. As long as you’re in the program, you’ll continue to get all of the eBooks and workbooks I create for free.