MfH Mentorship Participants: Cohort Two
(Sept 2017-Feb 2018)

Tad Hargrave – Your host and facilitator:

Tad is a hippy who developed a knack for marketing (and then learned how to be a hippy again). For almost a decade, he has been touring his marketing workshops around Canada bringing refreshing and unorthodox ideas to conscious entrepreneurs and green businesses that help them grow their organizations and businesses (without selling their souls). 

He does improv comedy semi-professionally, co-runs Edmonton’s progressive community building network, founded,,, and the Jams program of He speaks Scottish Gaelic and helps to run and is also a huge Doctor Who nerd. 

Tad currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta (traditionally known, in the local indigenous language of the Cree, as Amiskwaciy (Beaver Hill) and later Amiskwaciwaskihegan (Beaver Hill House) and his ancestors come primarily from Scotland with some from the Ukraine as well. He is drawn to conversations around politics, history, ancestry, healing and how those all intersect.

You can learn more about Tad and his work at and


Lisa Baker‘s dream is to end homelessness, racism, and climate change (not necessarily in that order). She’s a marketing consultant for small businesses who works on saving the world as a side gig. She’d like to change that.





Melanie Christner: As a certified nutritional therapy & GAPS™ Practitioner in Vermont, Melanie’s goal is to help families simplify the GAPS Diet so they can hear their honest bodies, and have the health to do what they’re meant to do in the world.

Having four children of her own, she loves working with children and families, and she endeavours to pair nourishing healing with the practical day-to-day workings of her client’s lives.

Melanie works one-on-one with clients long distance, as well as leading families through her online GAPS Class.

For fun you can find Melanie creating in her kitchen, Nordic skiing, or swimming in the Green Mountain ponds & rivers with her family. You can find her online home at


“Sexuality is not only what we do in bed, but our entire creative aliveness.”

Kimaya Crolla-Younger‘s early life was the catalyst for deep soul mining and birthed her dedication to the awakening of deep truth. Exploring and questioning the foundations of mainstream society, psychology and human development. An embodiment of what it takes to live a life beyond what we are taught, told or experience. She is especially gifted in her spontaneous ability to apply her wisdom, creativity and therapeutic gifts to a group dynamic in aid of transformation and awakening.

Founder of Transpersonal Somatics, a 5 pillared approach to trauma resolution and sexual/spiritual awakening that slowly emerged from her 15 years as a Transpersonal psychotherapist. She is a founding member of the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists in London, dedicated to the field of embodiment and human potential, also working with practitioners looking to awaken mind/body/non-duality in their client work.

She works passionately and intensely guiding individuals, couples and groups in living an embodied life of awakening and self-leadership.

She injects her abundant creative energy into the art of DJing, and can be seen at festivals and conscious events in London and further afield!


Angie Evans completed her Honours Bachelor of Science Degree (Pre-med) in 1995, a three-year Master Herbalist program in 2003, and completed three years of Midwifery studies at Midwives College of Utah. She has worked professionally in the field of holistic health since 2000 and as a doula since 2002.

Her services include birth support, placenta encapsulation, and education for parents-to-be and birth professionals (new and experienced). Angie co-teaches the popular Couples’ Labour Prep workshop and the Prenatal Wisdom series of prenatal classes, and created Childbirth Prep for Men, a one-evening session just for dads-to-be. Other classes include Postpartum Survival, Healthy Babies Naturally, Holistic First Aid for Home & Travel, and Fertility Awareness Method.

In 2012 Angie’s article Neonatal Resuscitation with Intact Umbilical Cord was published in Midwifery Today and received feedback from around the world.

Currently Angie enjoys working in a shared-care model of birth support and teaching.


Jana Jane Hexter is the author of Grant Writing Revealed: 25 Experts Share Their Art, Science, and Secretsand founder of GrantsChampion, a grant development and training business. She has written well over 150 successful proposals and raised over $60 million for her clients.

Jana is also an intuitive. As a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds, Jana provides a fresh perspective by accessing universal consciousness at a deep level during remote sessions with her clients – with life-changing results. Her gift has been described as “one of the most moving and incredible experiences I have ever had when balancing between current reality and the grand energy of the universe.”


Grace Howlett trained in CranioSacral Therapy, Reflexology and is a Reiki Master. She is working on certification as a Counseling Hypnotherapist. Grace has worked on and with people since 2004 (lucky 13 years). Before that she farmed before that. Due to a tumultuous and disastrous personal and farming relationship, she fled to Manitoba and set up a studio there in 2008, which was very successful once word of mouth got going. Working there 2 weeks of each month and facing stress at home led to a burnout condition which has taken her over 2 years to recover from. Now on her own again and working only a minimum, she feels nearly completely recovered and ready to move in a focused direction. This is not a move out of desperation, she loves her work. Grace also writes, teaches Reiki (and wants to grow into teaching other workshops) and does some psychic work. Her real desire is to help people awaken and own their power to create their lives.


Some of Nan Krueger‘s favourite toys to play with as a kid were her parents’ furniture templates. She remembers tracing the shapes of chairs, tables, door-swings, and of course, the piano. Nan drew floor plans of countless imaginary houses, while watching her parents design their actual houses. She must have been the only kid in her neighbourhood who thought that space-planning was a fun playtime activity.

Not surprisingly, Nan chose to earn degrees in art history and interior design. She has worked at design firms in Michigan and Massachusetts, and also as an independent draftsperson. All of that high-end experience taught Nan a valuable lesson, which is that she really wants to practice interior design for the rest of us.

Since moving to Maynard in 1994, Nan has also taught community education classes in interior design, jewelry making, and ESL. The latter was inspired by her three-month family adventure in Ecuador, where she and her family volunteered at elementary schools in Quito and Otavalo.

Nan started groovyhome because she loves helping people improve their living spaces. Even small adjustments can positively affect your quality of life. Your home needs to function properly and make you happy, and Nan want to guide you there in a friendly, fun and affordable way.


Kellita16Kellita Maloof is the creator of Showgirl Awakening. She is an artist, dancer, director, teacher, and mentor.  For over 20 years, Kellita has performed, designed and curated shows, and midwifed Awakening Showgirls all over the world. Kellita helps kind, smart, soulful, sensitive women who’ve been over-editing, over-managing and over-giving — and are attracted to dance performance and glitter — to trust themselves and express themselves with confidence, presence and radiance.


Lev Natan bio to come …


ElizabethScholtzElizabeth Scholtz was born in Edmonton to German/Austrian parents in the 1970s. Her family moved to Stony Plain when she was a teenager and she very quickly got a job working for the local shoemaker. Elizabeth worked there (summers, holidays, and weekends) for the next 19 years serving customers and hand-sewing leather. She loved every moment of her job (except for the swathers and the hockey equipment. They’re just nasty). While all this was happening, Elizabeth earned her Undergraduate from the University of Alberta and later moved to Vienna to continue her musical studies. Upon returning home, she established a private teaching studio and accompanied (ahem! collaborated) with both students and colleagues. Over the next 15 years, Elizabeth managed to study with some of the most important musicians in Europe and North America. Then her life changed. In November of 2009 her daughter got sick with the Flu. She was 18 months old. After a long and sleepless night, Elizabeth brought her daughter to the Grey Nuns Hospital, thinking naïvely they would help her. After waiting over 12 hours in Emergency, her daughter was finally admitted and spent the next 5 days fighting for her life because of the appalling quality of care she received.

Elizabeth’s opinion of the medical profession changed forever. She asked for for guidance, strength, and courage to follow the path of forgiveness and healing. That path led her to Pure Homeopathy. Elizabeth was accepted into the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy in September 2011 and is currently in the Fellowship program. Normally, the Academy only allows board-certified physicians, nurses, and other health-care professionals into their program, but they made a very rare exception in her case.

Elizabeth is a fanatical sock knitter, although she’s been known to knit sweaters too. She loves beautiful things. She want to pilgrimage to see all Chagall’s stained glass windows. In fact,Elizabeth’s dream is to have stained glass windows in her office (someday . . .). Her favourite opera is Wozzeck (surprised?). She think David Cronenberg is a Canadian treasure. She loves listening to people’s stories, and her highest ambition is to remain in perpetual awe of our innate capacity to heal.


allegrasteinAllegra Stein spent her twenties traveling around having adventures – after college she was in the Peace Corps (Bulgaria, 2000-02), and then moved on her own from her home town of Los Angeles to New York City to join Teach For America. Allegra was a teacher for 5 years and then retired to have her kids. A few years into motherhood she started to explore next steps, discovered coaching, found a mentor whose work really resonated with her, and got her first certification. Since then it’s been a journey of learning, working on building her practice, experimentation, becoming a better coach, trial and error. Allegra’s current focus is in helping driven women slow down so that they can do their greatest work and her preferred way of working with someone is 1:1. “I’m great at coaching — I’d like to be consistently great at the business of coaching.”


Anne Vastel is a 43 years old who always wanted to help and heal people as long as she can remember. Anne started her studies to be a doctor but soon dropped out because it was not how she wanted to practice, too impersonal. She stumbled on herbalism by chance in 2000 and hasn’t stopped studying and loving it since. Anne graduated in 2003 from Flora Medicina school of herbalism in Montreal, QC, and added continuing education on cancer treatment with medicinal plants with Donald Yance in Oregon. Recently Anne studied traditional Chinese medicine, which greatly helps her understand the body and it’s imbalances, and better choose the plants she recommend.

Anne has been practicing (private consultations in herbalism) for 15 years and slowly growing her business. She is very proud of where it is today :)

Anne practices one day a week in Rimouski, the local “big” town, and the rest of the week from home (skype or facetime consults). She teach medicinal plants and traditional Chinese medicine weekends 2-3 times per year in Quebec or in France.

Personally, Anne loves reading, knitting (she’s obsessed!) and she plays the violin – studied in high school but occasionally now. Anne volunteers for the Quebec provincial association guilde des herboristes, and has volunteered (until she moved in another part of Quebec two years ago) at a municipal level and in local associations in her community.

Anne is very perseverant, hard working, committed and very able to take constructive criticism. She knows my stregths and weaknesses, and is willing and curious to know more.


Rachel Warrington: I didn’t set out to be a healer, but I was fascinated by my own life. I wrote, “An unexamined life is not worth living” (Socrates?) at the beginning of my journals. At 19 I started working with active, intentional creation. At 26 I learned shamanic journeying techniques and began developing my inner seeing landscape. All through that time I was also studying French literature, living in French-speaking places, learning archetype and human nature and experience through language and story. And I was cleaning up my life, learning what it feels like to live with integrity and to be kind, not “nice”. At the end of my 20s I thought I was doing pretty well: married to a good man (finally able to choose a good one!) and starting a PhD in Medieval French literature. I had my shit together, and believed that I saw clearly how everyone else should get their shit together.
Turns out I was wrong, and sometimes I was a jerk.
At 31 and 33, my babies were born. I did not cope well. I know now that I had intense postpartum depression. I didn’t know that then. All I knew was overwhelm, core exhaustion, shame, self-loathing, rage and a desire so strong to hide my struggle that I could not ask for help. What I could not know was that this period of intense breakdown would be my greatest teacher and would wring the arrogance out of me. I didn’t know that I was overwhelmed with feelings that I was not letting myself feel. I was not even aware that I was stopping myself from feeling. I didn’t know that I had no love for myself. I didn’t know I was deep in a family pattern of making the child responsible for the emotional expression of the parent. I learned all of these things, and more, by engaging in the ways of inquiry that I had already put in place in my life and by adding others. Slowly, slowly I crawled out of my depression, humbled and scarred, having learned that grieving the big and little things opens the heart, that even the most together-looking human has a story of pain, and that my heart falls softly in love with anyone once I hear their story.
I’m still more than a bit of a rascal. I still swear a lot. I learned that part of my work in this world is to stand as a doorway and a witness for another to step through deeper into their own juicy life.


KathyWhithamKathy Whitham is an RN, a Parenting Coach who believes connection matters more than perfection. When a parent is at the end of their rope, she lends a solid hand to hold. Using her No-Yell Parenting™ model, Kathy provides step by step guidance to effectively handle difficult behaviors with positive, loving solutions that nourish relationship. Her coaching integrates 30 years of experience as a nurse, holistic practitioner, yoga instructor, and artist, as well as a mom who imperfectly raised three kids, including one transgender son, to happy, successful adulthood.

Parenting Beyond Words celebrates diversity and supports LGBTQ parents.