The Meme-Time Contest – 2014



MfHCherryPickingSubmit your best piece of advice on making it through The Meantime.

Make your advice into a meme with a maximum of 200 characters, submit it to this contest and boom — you’re part of The Meme-Time!

What is “The Meantime”?

It’s that in-between bit in your entrepreneurial life where you’re cash-crunched and things are urgent. It’s that panicky place where you feel desperate for a magic bullet to get you through to a place of thriving and sustainability. That’s The Meantime.

Tell us: how do you get though The Meantime? Share your advice and get tips from other contestants!

1st Place: The Top Meme-Time meme wins a spot in my upcoming The Meantime 30 Day Challenge + One Coaching Call valued at $300 (starts Sept.4th, 2014). Contest closes at midnight MST on August 26th, 2014.

2nd & 3rd Place submissions win a spot in The Meantime 30 Day Challenge to use or pass onto others (valued at $100).

4th – 10th Place win any product you like on my product page. For real.

Best Comments: If you are one of the five best commenters, you will also win any product on my products page. A good comment would be anything that expands on the idea in the meme and gives practical ideas of how it might be best applied to generate clients or revenue quickly. Real life stories are always welcome.


All memes will be posted in this facebook album.

May the odds ever be in your favour.

Warmest, Tad