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Welcome the Membership Guide v. 2.0

If you’re on this page, then there are two possibilities.

Possibility #1: you are a member.

You’re already in the Marketing for Hippies Membership and maybe feeling a bit overwhelmed with the sheer volume of content.

This guide might help. Just keep answering the questions until you get to the page with links on it. There’s no form to submit. Nothing will be emailed to you.

And keep breathing.

Just take it one question at a time.

There’s a lot of content here. You’ll get there.

Note: If you’re doing this on your phone, make sure you have your login info handy as you may need to login to see the content suggested to you.

Possibility #2: you are not a member.

As a non-member, you’ll be able to go through the entire form, just like members but, when it comes to accessing the content, you won’t be able to. But if you are curious to check out what kind of content there is, and if there might be anything for you were you to join, this is likely the best way to do it. Note: Just click ‘Yes’ for the first two questions.

Plus, by going through this, it may help you identify and hone the nature of your sticking point in your business which is helpful.

If you’d like more info about the Membership, just click here.

If you have any feedback on this Membership Guide and how we could make it more useful for you, or other resources we should add to it that we’ve missed, please send it to

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