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Semestered Programs & The Niching Arc:
Join the Membership to Participate

Thanks for your interest in joining one of my Quarterly Semestered Programs, and/or The Niching Arc.

The semester programs and Niching Arc are part of my membership, to join one of those you must join the membership.

Details below.

How To Make This Happen:

Here are the logistical steps needed to join this program as a member of my Marketing for Hippies Membership Program:

Note: you don’t have to read the long Membership Program sales letter.

We get that you may just want to take this quarter’s program with Tad, and that is fine with us.

You’ll pay the monthly Membership fee for the duration of the Semester you want to participate in. At the end of that time, if you want to stay in the Membership, great! We’d love to have you around! But if you need to focus on other things, you can cancel it until you’re ready to return, and we totally understand if that’s your circumstance.

You can (if you like) skip the Membership sales letter by using one of the green buttons below to pay directly for your Membership.

Or! If you want to read the full Membership Program sales letter first, by all means, please do. 

There Are Four Steps To Get Registered:

Yup, more than one step, but not by many. It’ll take about 5-10 minutes. 

You’ll also receive a series of welcome emails that outline these details really clearly once you register. But I wanted to give you an idea of how easy it is to get into my Membership and find your program.

Here are the steps. 

Step One:

If this is your first time joining the membership, click on the yellow “Sign Up” button under this text. You’ll be sent to a cart area where you choose your payment type and checkout. Then complete the other steps below on this page.

If you’re a returning member, please choose the blue “Click Here” button under this text, a new page will open up, please follow the steps on that page. 

Step Two:

Next, you’ll watch for a confirmation email with the info on setting up your Membership Account. 

You click on the link in that email and set up your Membership account. 

NOTE: No need to add a headshot and bio and such if you’re on the mission to get yourself registered for your program. You can back up and do that later in order to connect with other program participants.

Step Three:

Within the Membership platform you choose your activity from the left-hand contents bar (pictured at left so you can easily locate it once you’re logged into your Membership account).

Click on the course that you’re interesting in joining, your options are: 

  • WINTER SEMESTER: The Meantime Program
  • SPRING SEMESTER: POV Marketing Program
  • SUMMER SEMESTER: Business Model Program 
  • AUTUMN SEMESTER: Hub Marketing Program
  • THE NICHING ARC: Year-long Program

… and you’ll find all the prep material and call info for your program there.

If you get lost just message or tag “@mfh team” and someone will reach out to assist you! 

Step Four:

That’s it! 

You take a breath, and then dive into the course preparation instructions and materials when you’re ready. 

Go For It!

Join the Membership by pressing the yellow button below and following the four steps above.

We’ll see you on the other side in the Membership and, most importantly for you, in the program of your choice.

Still Have Questions?

Please don’t hesitate to email us at admin@marketingforhippies.com

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