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This is a how-to for folks who joined the Membership in February 2021, via our “SendOwl” cart.


Can I Upgrade Or Downgrade My Monthly Membership Account?

Absolutely. Just drop us a line at and we’ll get it sorted for you starting with your next payment.
You can up or downgrade anytime in the Marketing for Hippies Membership, even if new memberships happen to be closed.
If you’re a Foundations Member and you think you want to take an upcoming 30-Day Online Course, and you want five eBooks, it might actually be cheaper to upgrade to a Pro Membership.
Or maybe you start as a Pro Member, but find yourself entering a busy personal time where you know you want to stay connected to Tad’s Marketing for Hippies work and the warm, helpful community here, but you won’t have time for any of the bonus Pro calls or online programs. Then perhaps it’s wise to downgrade to a Foundations Membership.
You can always check out the Membership Sales page for a side-by-side list of the differences between the Pro and Foundations Memberships, just scroll about a third of the way down the sales page and you’ll find a box with a grey background, there are two columns in it that detail the differences. It looks like this:

How Do I Cancel My Monthly Membership?

You can then cancel, or manage your subscription at any time!

PLEASE NOTE: the moment you cancel your subscription, your Membership access is revoked. This means if you want to use the entire month you’ve paid for, you should set a calendar reminder for the day before your next scheduled recurring payment, and cancel your account then. We do not provide pro-rated refunds except in extenuating circumstances.

If you wish to cancel your Membership subscription:

1. Search for your original email you received which has a link to manage your order. If you search “SendOwl” this email should pop up, unless you deleted it, in which case you can send an email to and we’ll be able to send your management link.

2. Once you click the link you’ll be taken to this page:

You can manage your subscription on this page. You can update card info and/or cancel your subscription. Choose to “cancel your subscription” and that’s that!

3. Your subscription is cancelled! And we thank you for spending some time with us in the Marketing for Hippies Membership Program.

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