Membership: Are you sure?

The MfH Membership might be a fine fit for you if you:

Are familiar with my work.
Are craving community around these ideas and approaches.
Have “entrepreneurial loneliness”.
Are committed to growing your business and willing to put in the  needed time.
Feel like something is missing.
Crave a simple, sustainable, satisfying business model.
Want a beautiful business you are proud of.
See room for growth: when you look at your business you see enough potential to justify the expense of this membership.
Are willing to spend an hour per week supporting others in the group.
Are willing to spend an hour per week supporting others in the group.
Would love access to all of my eBooks, courses, live programs and group coaching.
Are willing to actively commit for three months.
Are willing to be a human being with me.

The Membership may not be a fit for you if:

  You need instant results

 You don’t have the time to engage in this. Consider three hours per week the bare minimum commitment to make this worthwhile.

  You’re expecting 1:1 coaching or handholding.

  You have a habit of signing up for these things and not using them.

  If you’re a fundamentalist of any persuasion.

  You are overly punctilious.

Reminder: Here's What You Get


Still Not 100% Sure About $100 USD/Month?

All good. 

Here are some free or low cost, risk and commitment ways to dig in:

That’s all. If you have any questions, please email us at

Stay human,


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