Seven Reasons to Sign Up for The Meantime Today

meantime-336x280Just a brief courtesy reminder that my 30 Day Cashflow Challenge – The Meantime is launching in two days on February 3rd.
If you’re thinking of signing up, selfishly, I’d love it if you did it as soon as possible.
Last September, we had 70 people sign up in one day. That was wonderful from a financial standpoint but, frankly, hellish from an administrative standpoint – to try and process 70 people in less than 24 hours so we could be ready for the program. And I’d rather not put my assistant Susan through that again.
But, that’s about me.
Here are seven reasons that might be relevant to you
Seven Reasons to Sign Up Today:
REASON #1: It’s Super Affordable.
This program is only $300 and I can promise you it’s worth much more than that.
If this content helps you get even one new client, just one, you will have likely immediately made back your money for the program. If they come back more than one time, you will have made a handsome profit. My guess is that the combination of the material you’ll be learning in this program and your intensive focus on applying it for thirty days will get you much more than one client.
REASON #2: I Won’t Be Doing it Again Until September, 2015.
‘Nuf said.
REASON #3: Fast Acting Content.
Of all my programs, it’s the one designed to bring in new income and clients the fastest. You’ll be learning more than 30 proven approaches that bring in clients and money fast.
And a lot more.
If you’ve been struggling to get out of the vicious downward spiral and start bringing in some income fast, you could be starting on that path in just a few days.
I suspect you may make more immediate, financial profit on this program than any other you’ve taken.
REASON #4: Get Meaningful Support.
For thirty days you’ll have my support and the support of peers from around the world to not only encourage and cheer you on but to give you meaningful feedback on your ideas and strategies. From my heart to yours, doing things solo is likely what’s gotten you into whatever pickle you might be in. Whether it’s this program or another, consider opening yourself up to help.
REASON #5: $100 Profit Guaranteed.
Finally, and perhaps most compellingly, I’m offering a double your money back guarantee on this event. Meaning, you’ll make at least $100 in profit on this event, guaranteed. Really, actually.
REASON #6: A Chance to Make Big Changes in Your Business Life You’ve Been Putting Off.
Many of the people who’ve been in this program have commented to me that one of the biggest blessings of being in The Meantime (the program and the cash flow crisis) is that it opens up the opportunity to make big and bold changes to their business. Changes they have known they’ve needed to make for a long time.
REASON #7: Three Pay – Just $100/month for Three Months.
$300 isn’t a lot, but, when you’re in a crunch, it might be more than you have. So, I’ve set up a payment plan option where you can do it in instalments.
I hope you’ll consider joining us, or at least check it out to see if it’s a fit for you.
p.s. I won’t be leading this program again until September, 2015.
p.p.s. You are guaranteed to make at least $100 profit on it. If you do your part but, at the end of the 30 days you aren’t satisfied, I’ll refund everything you paid plus $100 out of my own pocket. Actually.
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