What are your best quick, cash-flow strategies?

I’m working on a new product called the meantime: 36 Short Term Solutions for Entrepreneurs To Deal With a Tight Times (While You’re Working on the Long Term Fix).
I started working on it after so many clients came to me saying things like,
‘I need to fill my workshop that’s coming up in two weeks and no one’s signed up yet!’
‘My coaching program that I was counting on to pay rent for the next six months is a total bust. Only one person has signed up!’
‘That ebook I just launched… no one is buying it. I was counting on that for money.’
‘I just graduated from coaching/holistic school and I quit my job. I thought I’d be making enough money to get by by now but I’m totally broke. I’m so embarrassed. I don’t want to move back in with my parents.’
‘My partner has been paying all the bills while I worked on building up my career and they’re getting impatient and needing me to bring in money soon but I have no idea how that’s going to happen.’
And the truth is that there is no strategy to fill up workshops last minutes (outside of a crazy amount of hustle). There’s no answer for filling your coaching program next week. There’s no short term fix for a long term problem. The real answer is to develop a strategy that works. Panic is not a sustainable strategy. 
But, when you’re in that moment of crisis, hearing, ‘You need to think long term!’ isn’t the most helpful advice. The Slow Marketing approach isn’t what you need. What you’re craving in that moment is something you can do right now, to make things better in the meantime, while you’re working on a more sustainable solution.
So, here’s my ask: will share a story of a time when you needed a lot of money fast and you made it happen? What are the best short term, cash flow tactics you’ve ever used or heard of. We’re not looking for theory, we’re looking for real stories. 
We all know that the real answer is to clarify your platform, develop a solid business model and work on becoming a hub. But, sometimes you’ve got to fight fires and I’d love to come up with a resource that could help people in those moments.
Please share you story in a comment below. 
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