Meantime Teleseminar Discount: 25% Off for The Meantime 30 Day Challenge

If you find yourself here on this page, then you were a part of Tad Hargrave’s The Meantime Teleseminar on January 9th, 2019. If you are interested in joining The Meantime 30 Day Challenge, you can register here for 25% off the full program rate of $100.

For details on The Meantime 30 Day Challenge program, go HERE.

The Meantime 30 Day Challenge: Meantime Teleseminar Rate 25% off
The Meantime 30 Day Challenge: Meantime Teleseminar Rate 25% off

What's Included In Your 30 Day Challenge?

Five Group Coaching Calls + Recordings: Each call will last 90 minutes and be heavily focused on answering your questions directly. Expect these calls to be low in theory and high in hand holding. The more your prepare for these calls the more you will get out of them. These calls will happen on Wednesdays: January 9th, 16th, 23rd, 39th, and February 6th.

The Meantime Readings: Each week, you will get a PDF of readings related to the topics of that week to help you move smoothly and effortlessly through the process while you build a solid momentum. In total there will be over 150 pages of readings (but broken up over the month).

Private Facebook Group: During and in between calls you'll have a chance to connect with the other participants in a private forum where you can let it all hang out and get the honest and direct feedback you're craving. You'll be able to share your wins (which may inspire others) and your struggles (for which I can promise you there will be both emotional and tactical support).

George Huang Interview Bonus: Years ago, I did a powerful interview with George Huang about the important of hustle and fast marketing for times like this. He laid out, step by step, how he created a six figure income in less that 80 days.

The Meantime Inspiration Page: I have curated a special page full of the most inspiration quotes and youtubes that I've ever found so that, when you find yourself in the dumps and losing motivation, you'll have this page to turn to to lift up your spirits.

Please Note: Price in USD
Price: $75.00