Stop Overcomplicating your Business Model.

The more you teach, the more lives you change.

The more lives you change, the more referrals you get.

The more referrals you get, the more money you earn.

Teaching all the time is your greatest marketing strategy!

Make 2024 your Year of Teaching A Lot of Workshops!

Watch the Video to Learn More.

Join Bradley T. Morris for a 2.5 Hour Motivational, Inspirational, Interactive, Get-Shit-Done Workshop Experience, where you:

1. Get creatively activated around the many workshop ideas you could design & deliver in 2024.

2. Get real-time feedback from a group of incredible coaches and educators around your workshop ideas, so you know which ideas to run with and take action on.

3. Take time to map out the curriculum and transformational results you intend to deliver in your top 5+ workshop ideas, so you move on to landing page design.

4. Adopt the "Teach 2024" philosophy and map out your teaching schedule for the new year.

5. Learn a ridiculously fun & creative marketing strategy that you can implement to fill all your new workshops up with happy, paying students. (Hint: It's not just Signature Workshops.).

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Wednesday, December 20th, 2023.

9:30am - 12:00pm Pacific

Recording & Resources Provided if you Can't Attend Live ~ This is the Must-Attend Event of 2023!

*Workshop Included in Majik Mind Membership*

Your Coach

Bradley T. Morris

Creative Director, Executive Producer, Coach & Author

Bradley has had a long and winding entrepreneurial journey. In the last 17 years, he has produced viral videos, toured as a speaker, led adventure retreats around the world, taught 500+ meditation workshops, shared his online meditations with millions of people, taught hundreds of teachers to teach better online, launched dozens of courses & communities – collectively generating millions of dollars in revenue and has written & produced hundreds of entertainment-based educational videos and audio experiences. He is a multimedia artist, writer, educator, entertainer and entrepreneur through-and-through. Bradley is incredibly passionate about supporting other ambitious creators & leaders to leverage their life’s work and bring their best work forward into the world – this is where he shows up inside the Creators Club, as well as Majik Media’s strategic partnership projects.

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