Marketing, Framing and the Environment

Let’s talk about marketing from another angle: the environment.

We’ve got a problem. And the problem is that no one wants to admit there’s a problem.

To make it worse: there are many who actively don’t want us to see that there’s a problem. And if you try to speak up to say that there is, indeed, a problem – they will call you unpatriotic, negative, a whiner and pessimistic.

They will frame your concerns and critiques as pathetic and cowardly. As, against progress.

Case in point, a few months ago Greenpeace campaigner and old friend Mike Hudema was on the air on Alberta Prime Time with columnist (and apparent oil industry apologist) Ezra Levant.

Ezra came out fighting. And framing.

He argued that Alberta’s oil was the most ethical oil in the world. And, to be fair, made some excellent points.

To quote the Globe and Mail: “On four fundamental criteria – the environment, peace and conflict, economic justice and treatment of minorities, the industry operating in Canada is heads above other crude producers like Saudi Arabia, Libya, Nigeria and Venezuela, Mr. Levant argues.”

So, let’s give him this. He’s likely right.

But we need to step back a bit and look at this frame of comparison.

Almost anyone looks good standing next to Hitler.

It’s the easy way out to say, ‘We’re not as bad as ______.’ There’s always someone worse than us. Always.

But what if we started comparing things to where we want them to be?


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