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Don't Market Yourself, Market your Message Webinar

Distill Your Sprawling Point of View Down To A Single, Elegant, Pithy, Punchy Sentence That Has People Say, "Wow. Tell Me More..."

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

11:30am-1:30pm Pacific

COST: $25 USD (Replay will be sent to those who can’t make it)

This webinar is included in the membership.

A NOTE ABOUT AI BOT ATTENDANCE: Please note that we do not allow bot attendance on your behalf. You can either attend the webinar in person, and/or watch the replay when we provide that link after the webinar. If you send an AI bot please note that we will remove that bot from the webinar.We

Most people hate self promotion.

They hate receiving it from others. 

And, even more so, they hate doing it. 

We have been taught that we need to market ourselves (and we have to be good at it).

What if that’s not true?

What if it’s more powerful to market your message?

What if it’s more powerful to share your ideas and point of view than selling ourselves?

What if the case we need to make is for our perspective, not our products, our concepts not the courses we’re selling?

After all, if they don’t buy the concept, they sure won’t buy the course.

And so here is the message of this webinar: Don’t market yourself. Market your message.

That was a phrase I heard from my colleague Morgana Rae (who’s message is: “make money by putting love first”). Something in it made sense to me.

And then I was looking at my colleague Mark Silver’s website where it stated his core message so clearly: “every act of business can be an act of love.” So clear. So evocative. So meaningful.

For the past year, I’ve been beginning to talk about the message that “marketing can feel good” and noticing the resonance that has with people far beyond talking about marketing tactics and tools.

I’ve noticed that when I share the message that “marketing is a vital part of doing good in the world” it resonates with people. When people understand that marketing can actually feel wonderful, warm and be a force for building community and an expression of our values, they light up. 

And… what a relief. What a light feeling to walk in front of a group of people ready to make the case for a way of seeing things rather than trying to convince them to buy (while, somehow seeming cool, totally not desperate, smooth – but not too smooth) as you do it. 

(huge exhale)

This Webinar Might Be A Perfect Fit For You IF:

  • The notion of sharing your perspective and point of view feels more natural than ‘selling yourself’
  • You like the idea of Point of View Marketing but you have so many ideas and don’t know how to distill it down
  • You feel like your philosophy and approach is unique and compelling but you can’t figure out how to sum it up

This Webinar Might NOT Be A Good Fit For You If:

  • You have no notion of what your niche is (and no interest in honing it)
  • You don’t have strong opinions about your work, business and industry

Ten Reasons to Identify Your Core Message:

REASON #1: Speaking about your message is more comfortable and inspiring for everyone than being pitched to.

REASON #2: Your message is more relevant to people than your best pitch.

REASON #3: People are more likely to share (and discuss) a message than a product or a service.

REASON #4: It builds trust.

REASON #5: It gives you more attractive things to share (by being a thread that weaves all of your content together).

REASON #6: Your message is a good “client filter.”

REASON #7: A message will get you invited to speak whereas a compellingly laid out ‘pitch’ for your high end services won’t. 

REASON #8: A message is something you can become known for.

REASON #9: A clear message makes you more flexible. It gives you a center of gravity. 

REASON #10: A clear message helps you get found. As Seth Godin put it, “Al Gore started leading his tribe when he didn’t know who they were. He stated his message and people found him.”

In This Two-Hour Webinar, You Will:

  • Hear many examples of real-world messages from businesses
  • Learn about the six kinds of messages
  • Be guided in exercises to identify your own message
  • Get direct feedback from myself and others on your message
  • Learn five ways you can apply your message that will build trust and credibility between you and your clients
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