Marcel the Shell (with shoes on)

Quirk is important in marketing.

The world is full of sterile, boring marketing with no personality. It’s full of corporate branding and flashy ads. But it’s not full of unique personality. And personality matters.

An example: nobody goes to Houston as a tourist. Why? It’s full of box stores. There’s not much local, distinct culture there. Where do people go in Texas? Austin. It’s got a thriving tourist business. Why? They have a slogan, ‘keep Austin weird’. It’s got quirk. And a quirk it embraces.

Thomas Leonard points out that even our weaknesses can be part of what makes us unique and stand out. Your particular pecadilos and things that make you a bit freaky are actually the very things that make you attractive. Don’t ‘tone yourself down’.

I used to wear a utilikilt all the time. And then I’d wear it at my workshops. I didn’t ‘suit up’ when I went to my workshops.

Increasingly, the marketplace doesn’t want gurus – they want real people. They want the common person. Someone just like them, who’s maybe a few steps ahead of them.

Make sure that you write a bio that captures your quirk. Make sure it’s in your photo.

Don’t be sterile. Don’t be ‘professional’. Be you.

Just like Marcel the Shell in this video.


[vsw id=”VF9-sEbqDvU” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

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